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Slow Cooker Pork for Tacos. Caramel snickers tart Upgrade your favorite candy bar with this tart that combines all of your favorite ingredients -- caramel, chocolate and peanuts! There are trends and cliques and a bajillion surveys. Fair Trade and Social Justice: Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies.

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Ice Cream Cake

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I'm kind of sad they're limited I've had the pink velvet bar and thought they tasted a bit like frosting. I really liked the Slimited Cherry and Chocolate cones though. I've not seen the Snickerdoodle flavor yet, but I can't wait to try them. I literally have to stop myself from eating 2.

I also didn't notice the molasses, but I love gingersnaps. I wouldn't be surprised if these come back next year but only time will tell. Cinnamon - No oats and I dont know why they added molasses, because neither one of those cookies call for that. It was probably used just for the shell of the ice cream sandwich. I dont know if I really want to try them when a kid says, they are "just okay" Thanks for the post still puzzled on what made you think this was oatmeal?

I know what a snickerdoodle is, you know what a snickerdoodle is, the box does not know what a snickerdoodle is. Amazing flavor anf for only cals. Could this surprise limited edition flavor from Skinny Cow do it? It's rare to see an oatmeal wafer, and then they are mixing it with a cinnamon light ice cream?

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