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Supplement Reviews - Weight Loss & Bodybuilding Supplements
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Following the footsteps of revolutionary Having had a relatively quiet in terms of product releases, BPI Sports are set to steamroll the competition in in terms of new supplements. One of the upcoming supplements from the BPI Sports are set to have a busy with a range of new releases ready to go.

Tribeca Skinny Protein Review. It would make sense for the fat and weight loss specialists, Tribeca Health, to develop a fat loss protein powder. Now with Skinny Protein available in stores, they have done exactly that. Pro Supps Vexxum Review. Pro Supps is a brand that has made a big impact in the relatively short time they have been around, finding a lot of success with their pair of supercharged pre-workouts, Jekyll and Hyde.

Isatori Hyper Gro Review. Over the last decade, Isatori has steadily grown their following thanks to an excellent range of product releases over the years. Cellucor are about to have a big having announced a complete overhaul of their packaging for their entire range as well as a few new products based in their C4 pre workout including C4 Sport Optimum Protein Energy Review.

MusclePharm Black Series Review. MusclePharm are a supplement company that always seems to be releasing products every couple of months. Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable Review. Dedicated Nutrition are one of the newest brands on the block, but are already making quite an impact in the industry. BPM labs has spent the past year or so refining and updating their range, and we have seen a number of new and reformulated products as a result of these efforts Select Protein is the latest addition to PEScience steadily growing product line up.

In a market overcrowded with blended whey proteins, Select Protein is a breath of fresh air with its whey and Cellucor C4 Ripped Review.

Cellucor C4 Mass Review. Cellucor are set to have a huge start to with the release of their G4 Series or Generation 4 Series of products. This series will include both old and new products, but all them will be One of their more popular Cellucor G4 Series Review. Cellucor G4 Series News Cellucor is one of the best known supplement manufacturers in the world. The company has scaled these heights with a top quality product range that includes C4, which could Platinum Labs AminoGrow Review.

Their range already includes the extremely popular fat burner OptiBurn Amped and PharmaFreak Vegan Freak Review. PharmaFreak Vegan Freak Facts Canada's PharmaFreak seemed to be having a quiet year until recently, when the news came to light that the company has been busy behind the scenes, developing an Giant Sports Muscle Maker Review.

Giant Sports have cemented their place in bodybuilding and sports nutrition by making some of the most delicious protein powders around. Beast Sports Nutrition 5: Beast Sports Nutrition is the latest company to go back to basics. Beast Sports Nutrition Glutamine Review. It looks like is going to go down as the year when big brands went back to basics. Muscletech and locals Gen Tec were amongst the first to kick off the trend, Pursuit Rx Whey Protein Review.

Dymatize have recently taken all-natural products to another level, with a new spin off brand, Pursuit Rx. The brand boasts a BSN have been advertising a brand new series of supplements for quite awhile now. Since the Olympia, they have advertised a DNA Series of supplements, which was going to include a range of Natural products are a section of the supplement market undergoing a big surge in popularity at the moment.

A growing number of people are turning away from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners Cellucor C4 50x Review. Cellucor are ready to hit with a huge new range of products based on their popular pre workout C4 Extreme. While many consider it to be a risky move, possibly diluting the renowned brand name PharmaFreak Gainer Freak Review.

Having been rather quiet in terms of new releases in , the Canadian company Giant Sports Giant Pump Review. It is suprising to realise that Giant Sports is such a young company, because it has rapidly established itself as a serious brand. The company started in late , and since then has gone from Quest Coconut Oil Powder Review. Since the announcement of Quest Protein Powder, Quest Nutrition has quickly followed through with a further announcement of three brand new products.

One of these will be the Quest Coconut Oil Cellucor C4 Sport Review. With so many supplement companies having made big moves in in terms of release of new products and reformulations of old products, it was strange to see a big company such as Cellucor stay so Pure Supps is a new brand set to storm the Aussie market with its refined range of protein and amino acid supplements. The key thing distinguishing the brand apart from its distinctive fluoro They only have a small number of products, but each Quest Protein Powder Review.

Quest Nutrition have completely dominated the protein bar and snack segment, and have recently decided to expand their product line into the bigger, more competitive protein powder category. Pure Supps is one of the latest breakout brands to storm the Australian supplement market. With a streamlined range of protein powders and single amino acids, Pure Supps aim to cater to the Pure Supps is a young Aussie company which is behind a new range of premium quality supplements, delivered without the premium price tag.

For their flagship range, the company has decided to go New Australian breakout brand Pure Supps have a complete range of protein powders positioned to impress. Pure Supps is a new brand that has made its entry onto the market with a range of simple supplements which have been formulated using top quality ingredients.

What is remarkable about the Pure As the name behind the world's number one whey protein, Optimum Gold Standard is easily one of the best known, and most recognisable brands in the supplement industry. Optimum Nutrition has made Giant Delicious Casein Review. Giant Sports have built a strong reputation for making some of the most effective and tasting supplements on the market today.

Recently, they have decided to build on their success from Delicious BSc have always been one of the biggest and most trusted names in Australian sports nutrition. They have made whey protein isolates WPIs in the past, but they have largely been unsuccessful The supplement industry is rife with innovation. Manufacturers know that consumers respond to new, exciting products that offer an advantage over the existing products on the market. No doubt you have seen their branding in many professional sporting events and teams in the BPM Labs have a reputation for making strong supplements.

This is particularly evident, even after reformulations of the black label versions being no weaker than the previous Jym Supplement Science is already becoming one of the most popular brands on the market.

As a supplement brand that puts science and results before profits Body War Mass War Review. Optimum Whey Protein Side Effects. Optimum Nutrition is one of the top sports nutrition brands on the market. Physique Enhancing Science or PES are a relatively new supplement company who have generated great interest thanks to their unique range of effective supplements. Their flagship product Alphamine Quest Bars have taken off out of nowhere to be one of the best selling protein bars on the market.

Since then, the folks at Quest Nutrition have been hard at work making a new product series called Fans of strong fat burners would instantly be familiar with the White Lightning name.

It had a reputation for being a very strong fat burner, but was taken off the market due to regulatory changes International Protein M-Casein Review. International Protein is an Aussie company known for producing solid range of high quality nutritional supplements, products which have been used and endorsed by professionals and amateurs alike Recently they have made some significant changes to their product like-up.

Among these includes a complete overhaul Six time Mr Olympia, Dorian Yates is known for making a line of supplements that are strong. This is no exception with GH Blast, his sleep, hGH and recovery formula, which is arguably the strongest Simply named The One 2.

Beetroot Boosts Swimming Performance. But of the three most popular endurance sports i. Platinum Labs is a relatively new player in the Australian supplement industry, but is already making waves with two of their initial supplements including their pre workout supplement DEFCON 1 and Optimum New Pro Complex Review.

Gaspari Real Mass Advanced. With such a comprehensive and high quality Best Tasting Diet Shake. There has been increasing focus on importance of protein in losing and maintaining weight over recent years. Increasing protein intake has a number of advantages for Max's Super Shred vs Horleys Ripped. Weight loss protein powders are extremely popular for good reason. Although the Americans are starting to come to the party recently, Australia and New Zealand make some of the best weight loss Dymatize is an internationally recognised US company who have been around for almost twenty years, forging a strong reputation supplying supplements to a varied clientele of athletes in a wide Triathletes have a reputation for being some of the most heavy supplement users among the vast realm of endurance athletes.

Best Tasting Mass Gainer Protein. Fat Burners are very popular supplements which are used by both men and women to help reach their weight loss goals. This class of supplement encompasses a huge range of ingredients, which can be Betancourt Nutrition have been around since and over the past decade have grown into a formidable sports supplement company producing popular products such as their pre workout D-Stunner and Amino Energy vs Xtend.

Intra-workout supplements are one of the newer supplement catergories on the market. These formulas are generally based on ingredients that fuel muscle growth, provide energy and support endurance Iron Pump vs C4. The Arnold Schwarzenegger range is relatively new, and caused quite a stir on its launch, as these are the first supplements that the world's most famous bodybuilder has put his name to.

Max's Supersize vs Serious Mass. Max's Supersize and Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass are two of the most popular mass gainers on the market. Optimum Nutrition are one of the top names in protein worldwide, and Max's is one of Best Flavour of Dymatize Elite Whey. Using high quality whey protein fractions including whey protein isolate Pro Complex Gainer vs Serious Mass. Optimum Nutrition is one of the most popular and well regarded supplement manufacturers out there.

BSN also known as Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition are one of the biggest names in the sports supplements world and have recently touted a move that will change the face of the sports Beast Creature vs Arnold Iron Cre3. Arnold Iron Cre3 vs. Best Tasting Pre Workout. Pre workout supplements are one of the most popular categories that bodybuilders and weight lifters like to reach for. With the highly variable list of ingredients that can be found in such Best Flavour of N. The pre-workout market has changed significantly over this time.

Gaspari MyoFusion Advanced Review. Gaspari is an innovative company that often takes customer feedback into consideration as well as following the latest industry trends. Their newest product is most likely going to be a replacement Canadian based Inner Amour have an extensive range of beginner friendly sports supplements. Their latest addition to the pre workout category is Impact NO, which is part of their Blue Line, a range We all know which supplements are the best and most popular, but what about those quiet achievers?

Quite often, a supplement comes long quietly with little to no marketing, yet provides genuine ben After reading our Organic Protein Powder article, you are probably well versed with what organic protein powders are and their benefits.

You are now probably wondering what are some of the best Best Gluten Free Protein Bar. There are many people out there trying to avoid gluten. Gluten sensitivity in some form or another is something that effects a significant proportion of the population, often seriously, and a Dymatize Amino Pro Review. Protein specialists Dymatize have always had a wide range of supplements. Isatori are an innovative company that continues to release new products unlike any other.

From the name, you can probably judge that it is a ProSupps, the makers of the intensely powerful pre workout Mr Hyde, have recently released a complete range of protein powders. After releasing some of the most goal focused pre workouts around, Pro Supps have taken the plunge into the protein powder market with the release of three new protein powders.

Of this bunch, TC-F Although a relatively young company, ProSupps have carved out a solid reputation for the manufacture of good quality, scientifically backed products. Mass Gainer Side Effects. Mass gainers are the most effective supplement for gaining weight and putting on size. Because of the complexity in ingredients used and large serving sizes people are often concerned about the The Paleo diet has increased in popularity over the years, especially among fitness minded individuals and athletes.

Because of the elevated protein requirements of this group of people, quite Optimum Nutrition has been a market leader for bodybuilding, sports, and fitness supplements for years. Best Lactose Free Protein. Lactose intolerance is something that affects a lot of people. It is estimated that as many as one in ten Australians have made at least some changes to their diet to accommodate an inability to Best Gluten Free Mass Gainer.

Gluten free protein powders are not too difficult to find, especially with growing demand for this type of product. However, gluten free mass gainers are extremely difficult to make and pickings Optimum Performance Energy Review. Recently, Optimum have quietly Syntha 6 vs Syntha 6 Isolate.

BSN Syntha 6 has been a top selling protein powder for years. It may not be the purest protein on the market but unlike some other products at the time, it was simply delicious. SciTec are like the Optimum Nutrition of the UK, specialising in high quality protein powders and continuing to provide innovation after innovation.

The latest additions to their already extensive MusclePharm Combat Crunch Review. One of these new supplements is a gluten free protein bar known as MusclePharm appear to be a company that just powers through with new releases.

Having already released the Arnold Schwarzenegger line of products in the second half of , the iconic supplement Although Isatori have been around since , their brand has effectively flown under the radar due to many of the bigger name brands such as Optimum, Muscletech and MusclePharm Whey Protein Side Effects. As arguably the most popular type of bodybuilding supplement, its invariable that individuals will run into some type of side effects from time to time when using a given whey protein supplement Carnitine is one of the oldest and best studied supplements on the market.

It is a natural substance which is synthesised in the liver and kidneys from amino acids lysine and methionine, and is Best Flavour of Oxyshred.

When OxyShred exploded onto the market, it immediately staked a claim as one of the top weight loss products, a position which it has held on to for a couple of years now. In an industry that can Best Flavour of Xtend. Scivation Xtend is one of the top selling intra workout supplements on the market.

With its basic yet effective ingredients, it is easy to see why Xtend is the go-to supplement if you need Intra workout supplements are important for helping to fuel your workouts and improve recovery. The current ruler of this domain is Scivation Xtend, which was the original intra workout supplement Fat Burner Side Effects. Fat burners come in all shapes and sizes and its seems there's a new one every week. But with fat loss being one of the.

Jym Shred Jym Review. Jym Supplement Science is the brand created by the experienced and trusted exercise sports science Dr Jim Stoppani. With popular supplements already Body War have recently stormed into the Australian market with their highly potent fat burner, Body Shred.

Known as one of the strongest fat burners around, Body War have carried across this USPLabs has been a company that has ebbed and flowed with the success of its supplements over the past few years. After reaching its pinnacle a few years back with the creation of the concentrated New MusclePharm Assault Review. MusclePharm Assault has been a household name in the pre-workout category for a number of years now and has consistently been one of the most reliable and popular pre-workouts around, even About Time Vegan Protein Review.

About Time have the ethos of delivering supplements for the utmost health conscious and those who care about what goes into their bodies. Originally known as LipoDrive, the new fat burner contains many of the same potent ingredients as the original, however Top 5 Natural Whey Proteins. Natural whey protein powders are a category of whey protein powders that have rapidly expanded in recent times.

Fish Oil Side Effects. Fish oil is extracted from oily fish like Salmon, Mackerel and Cod, and as is the case with many supplements which are derived directly from edible sources, it is widely known as a very safe and They are known best for making delicious high quality protein powders, and of course their muscle-bound mascot.

Known for their strong formulations, The Key is a secondary supplement to help support Fish Oil vs Krill Oil Benefits. Fish oil is one of the best known and most popular supplements on the market today. Best Natural Protein Bar.

Natural Protein Bars are those that have been made without the use of any artificial substances, including colours, flavours, additives, preservatives or sweeteners. There are many reasons that Branched-chain amino acids BCAAs are an incredibly popular category of supplements for both strength and endurance athletes. Best Type of Creatine. Creatine is one of the oldest and best known sports supplements on the market. Searching the scientific literature will uncover thousands upon thousands of articles attesting to the performance Best Protein Powder Australia.

Australia is home to such a versatile range of quality protein powders and it can be quite difficult to decide which is the best. This article would hopefully make things a little easier for you by Best Protein Powder for Women. Generally speaking, men and women want different things out of their health and fitness routines. The industry has been selling protein powder to men for many years to build muscle, but this is not Scitec Turbo Ripper Review.

Scitec Nutrition's latest supplement is a fat burner known as Turbo Ripper. Featuring tried and true ingredients, Turbo Ripper is truly innovative being the first supplement to include NewCaff Best Flavour of C4.

Cellucor C4 Extreme has risen to become one of, if not the most popular pre-workout supplements on the market, and it is not hard to see why. Suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced Top 5 Endurance Supplements. Endurance supplements are an ever growing category of sports supplements that are also seeing an increase in diversity.

Reports that 'cycling is the new golf' suggest increasing number of individuals. Best Natural Protein Powder. Natural Protein powders are exactly what they sound like — protein powders manufactured without artificial ingredients such as colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Supplement Guide for Endurance Athletes. Just like the world of protein Best Type of Protein. There are many types of protein enjoying success on the market, and they cover a wide array of properties, for example, some proteins have a better amino acid spectrum while others are easier to As detailed below, MuscleTech have worked hard to Whey Isolate vs Whey Concentrate.

Those who are new to using protein powders may be confused with all the various forms of whey protein around. Two of the most common are whey protein isolate WPI and whey protein concentrate Produced naturally within cells in the male testes and also in the female ovaries, in lesser amounts , in response to hormonal signals from the endocrine glands within the brain, testosterone is a This series eliminates many of the bells and whistles commonly associated with MuscleTech Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss.

Protein plays an essential role in growth and metabolism, and it also plays an essential part in weight loss, a role which is being increasingly realised, due in part to the runaway success of Best Vegan Protein Powder. The market for vegan protein powders might be larger than many people think. Whether it is due to the potential of a vegan diet to come up short on protein, intolerance to milk-based proteins, or Best Lean Mass Gainer.

Building muscle requires protein and energy, and for this reason, mass gainers contain a mix of protein and carbohydrates. Gaining is always a compromise between putting on fat and muscle, and just Cellucor Super HD Review. Cellucor Super HD powder as its name suggests is a powdered version of the US encapsulated Super HD; developed especially for international markets such as Australia who have tighter regulations Best High Calorie Mass Gainer.

Eating more sounds simple enough in theory. However, in practice, it can be quite difficult Natural Whey Protein Powders. Natural protein powders are simply protein powders formulated without the addition of any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavourings. Typically, protein powders include a variety of artifi.. Carbohydrate supplements are a valuable tool in the sport nutrition supplement tool box.

If used correctly, they can benefit both endurance and strength athletes alike. But there is an With a great reputation, high quality ingredients, and a clever, up to date Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim Review.

Winning Mr Olympia a record eight times was not enough for Ronnie Coleman, who has spent the past few years establishing himself as a winner in the supplement game.

Ronnie Coleman's range is Ronnie Coleman's unique and inventive range of bodybuilding supplements has deservedly brought further success and notoriety to the eight-time Mr Olympia winner. Reflex Instant Whey Pro Review. Unlike its sister product, Reload HGF; Maxs Nitetime Protein Review. In business for fifteen years, Max's have grown to become one of the most popular Australian sports nutrition brands. Keeping in step with the times is vital for a company that wants to maintain Expert Guide To Beta-Alanine.

But as is the nature of science, once a theory is proven on both a But which one is better for putting on Pro Supps Incredible Bulk Review. Pro Supps have just announced the future release of a mass gainer called Incredible Bulk. Let's look at what we know so far. Incredible Bulk Facts With their ever-increasing range of products and Iron Mass vs Serious Mass. Optimum Serious Mass has reigned supreme in the mass gainer category for quite a while. With its strong branding and extremely high number of calories, it is a favourite among hard gainers.

Maxs HydroLoad is one of the few Australian made and owned hydrolysed whey protein powders on the market. Hydrolysed whey proteins are generally the most expensive type of protein powders Muscletech Clear Muscle Review.

Muscletech are market leaders when it comes to the supplement industry. With one of the largest range of supplements around and with a substantial base of users, they know how to make great Best Stim-Free Pre Workout. Whether it be because you train late and night, are stimulant Creatine - Does It Work?

Creatine is often considered by the training and sports science community as one of the most powerful and effective supplements there are. Virgin coconut oil is the name given to oil extracted from fresh i. What is Coconut Oil? Coconut oil as its name suggests comes from coconut palms or Cocos nucifera. It is often referred to as copra oil, because copra is the name given to the dried meat, or One Mass Build Review.

One are the latest company from the Iovate Health Sciences Group, who are responsible for such big name brands as Muscletech, Hydroxycut and Xenadrine. One Whey Build Review. Slated for release in How To Burn More Fat. Whether you pound the pavement or pump iron, burning some extra fat during your workout is a desirably aim for almost anyone.

A bodybuilding supplement company is hardly complete without having a fat burner. For Myolabs, this would be Thermovol, an interesting product that is part fat burner and part pre workout. MyoLabs Musclefuse 10x Review. Myolabs is an American company that make supplements for serious bodybuilders and athletes. Recently rebranded and relaunched, Musclefusex is the recovery formula in their new product range, and Driven Sports Frenzy Review.

Read more about Frenzy, Driven Sports latest pre-workout and potential replacement of Craze. After a complicated , Driven Sports are back with a range of 3 new supplements including what is The options are literally endless Driven Sports Splyce Review. After their most famous product, the controversial pre-workout, Craze, disappeared from the shelves in amid allegations that it was adulterated with amphetamines, there was a lot of L-Carnitine vs Acetyl L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine is arguably one of the oldest and most popular single-ingredient supplements in the sport of bodybuilding, having been around for some 3 decades.

In contrast, its acetylated form, Optimum Nutrition Pro Booster Review. Learn more about the new supplement from Optimum Nutrition - Pro Booster. Part of their Pro Series of supplements, Pro Booster was designed as a muscle building supplement to help advanced trainers Having researched the response to the new fat loss supplement, Muscletech have decided to release a stimulant free version Jym Pro Jym Review.

Jym Pro Jym is a transparently dosed blended protein powder which contains a range of 4 types of protein including whey protein isolate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate and egg albumen protein.. Take a look at the latest concentrated pre-workout from Gaspari Nutrition; the newly updated SuperPump 3.

The third edition of the SuperPump series focuses on a small range of powerful ingredients.. Quite often, when an industry leader like Optimum Nutrition brings out a new product, they make sure everyone knows about it through fanfare, bells, and whistles.

One of us sat on a stool and went to Level while the others watched. The cat began looking at the person at Level intently, then walked over and jumped into his lap. I saw our kitten do it for my brother, and it did it for me. My father began experimenting with pyramid power. Pyramid energy is one of the more derided aspects of the New Age. My father bought some pyramids and began experimenting with them. He had one that he put his razor blades on, to keep them sharp.

I cannot speak for how effective such "uses" of that energy are. I have seen Kirlian photographs of an energy spike coming off the apex of pyramids, and even the Great Pyramid. Pyramid energy is apparently a subtle energy that is not very detectable by our modern instruments, but I saw that plants could recognize it.

My father built a pyramid with a wooden frame and clear plastic stretched between the frames, which formed its planes.

Such pyramids are usually built to the relative dimensions of the Great Pyramid at Giza, as my father did. My father made the pyramid about four feet wide at its base.

He designed it to be suspended from the ceiling over a chair, so that somebody could sit under it. Nobody in our family really used it, and my father eventually hung it from the ceiling in a corner of our enclosed, fiberglass roof patio, to get it out of the way. On the patio were pet cages my brothers and I raised rats and mice , bicycles and other assorted clutter.

My father hung the pyramid on the patio. The pyramid's base was about five feet off the ground. It was a couple feet above the table that held the plant, and a couple feet away horizontally. About a week later, I was sitting on the patio and noticed that plant.

It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. In botany, the phenomenon known as phototropism is how plants can grow toward a light. That plant was growing toward the center of the pyramid, about where the King's Chamber is in the Giza pyramid. The "skeptical" crowd derides pyramid energy as pure moonshine, while the scientific community also ignores "pyramid energy" as a fantasy. I once knew a houseplant that knew better or perhaps it read the National Enquirer. After witnessing that phenomenon, I have never laughed at theorizing about the Great Pyramid's purpose, although its primary purpose seems to be elite " display ," as with other ancient monumental architecture.

Aura reading became quite a pastime for us. We went to classes in which 20 of us took turns getting in front of the class, and we all looked at our auras. Reading auras requires the kind of training that meditation offers, although some can naturally see them.

Today, I cannot see auras anymore. I am "out of shape. After my friend took the Silva class, we worked cases together, and one of them was of his relative that I never met. Suddenly, I was hunched over, and each breath arched my back. It was strange, but I continued the reading. It felt like my upper body was being folded over my lower body. When the reading was finished, I asked my friend if he noticed how hunched over I was, and he said it was obvious and pronounced, and that his relative was hunched over just like that, as he was an old, frail man.

Somet imes there was a downside to being empathic. I have participated in plenty of "hands on" healing over the years. Once I worked with somebody who had severe back problems that resulted in volcanic migraine headaches. While laying my hand on his neck, suddenly the muscles in the back of my neck tightened up and my neck was sore for days.

He said that was what his neck felt like. One might say that it "backfired. I have attended dozens of "channelings," in which somebody lets another being come through their awareness.

The "skeptics" dismiss the phenomenon as bogus, either as a fraud, wishful thinking, or some other delusion. I had little idea what that entailed, and did not know what to expect, if anything. The channel is a friend of mine, and I did not expect her to try to convince me that something happened when it did not. As I sat there, she looked at me and said that my friends were trying to help me.

Just then, something strange happened. My awareness began "turning" in my body. It is difficult to describe. It felt as if my awareness was being twisted in my body, as though I was no longer "straight" in my body.

My head wanted to twist to the side, and I was straining to keep it pointed straight ahead. It was quite a trip. I had nothing to compare it to, although years later I heard that my experience was related to vertigo. I do not know if what my unseen friends attempted was successful, but it was strange. Those experiences and many others were part of a radical change in my worldview. The single biggest change was the first, when that woman held up Isaac Brown's severed finger.

After that, I was not quick to call anything "impossible," especially regarding the abilities of human consciousness. By a ge 21, I had five years of increasing study under my belt. In those days, a few books were highly influential to me; one was Illusions by Richard Bach, which was his follow-up to Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

I have read a vast array of spiritual material since Illusions , but it is still one of the greatest spiritual masterpieces that I have encountered. Perh aps the most influential book I ever read was the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ , first published in Levi Dowling, an American Christian minister, wrote it.

Dowling produced the book over a number of years while in a deep trance state. He was allegedly accessing the Akashic record, in which every thought and act of Creation is recorded. That is the theory, anyway. I read the Aquarian Gospel at age For the first time, I began to understand spirituality. For two years, that book was on my bedside table.

Every night as I went to bed, I picked up the book and read from it. Something happened when I took Silva Mind Control. It was a dual blessing. One effect was that my imagination became more vivid. In addition, my intuition and sense of truth was awakened. If I had read the Aquarian Gospel at age 15, it probably would have been largely meaningless, but with my intuition awakened the text leapt off the page.

The words sang to me. I had a sense that I was reading The Truth. By "truth," I do not mean the sense of right and wrong or what really happened two millennia ago when Jesus walked on Earth.

It bypassed the intellect. The words spoke to my soul. Perhaps the right and left halves of my brain were becoming integrated, or my head and heart were united. I realized that my linear, logical mind was not in charge of the process, but was along for the ride. I studied the life of Jesus as ardently as any fundamentalist Christian, but not the version that they did, and without their fundamentalist beliefs. The sense I received of Jesus's life was dramatically different from the typical Christian view of his life and work.

Jesus was a mystical master second to none. The feats I performed and witnessed on my journey with Silva Mind Control were baby steps compared to the mastery of Jesus. Walking on water, turning water to wine, raising the dead and doing the loaves-and-fishes trick seemed quite normal once I realized its nature.

Jesus said that those "feats" were part of human nature, and that once we had attained our own self-mastery, we could all do those things and greater still. Yet, all of those "feats" were merely ancillary to his primary message: Jesus demonstrated the power of love.

Love is such a peculiar word, yet the most important. The Beatles could sing about love in every song, but that word is not used in our Western world often. It seems to be the power of Creation, or God's real name. What we feel when we think of our spouses, children, parents, and friends is a pale reflection of God's love.

Our love is not unworthy, yet few of us have attained unconditional love: That is the love of God and the state that Jesus attained, his Christhood, as he asked the Creator to forgive his murderers, for they did not know what they did. From study ing the Aquarian Gospel I understood that Jesus did not want to be worshipped. Paul began corrupting it, turning the good news from Jesus into the good news about Jesus. That was where Christianity made the wrong turn, from which it has yet to recover.

Christianity is the cult of Jesus. Jesus lived to show us all our innate potential, and it is awesome. I have hardly picked up the book during the past 20 years, and as I wrote these words I leafed through the Aquarian Gospel , and it holds up well. Long ago, I realized that the only thing worth knowing about Jesus was love. It has been the true north of my spiritual compass ever since. The yardstick I have used ever since in assessing spiritual material, the motivation of others and myself is this: In the end, that is all that matters to me.

Love does not judge. Pure love is unconditional. When Jesus spoke of loving the enemy, he was talking about a level of love that few people in the past two millennia have even attempted.

He was far, far ahead of his time. His " love the enemy " is perhaps the most enlightened message ever delivered to humanity. At about the sa me time that I read the Aquarian Gospel and Illusions , my father introduced me to body of work that was creating a sensation in the spiritual community.

It was the work of a non-physical entity named Seth , who spoke through Jane Roberts, an American. There was little to compare it to at the time. Mystics and spiritualists across the globe studied the books. I did not care much about whom or what Seth was; it was what he said that got my attention. My awakened sense of truth was awed by Seth's perspective, which was loving and of unfailing good cheer. Even if he was Jane Roberts's alter ego, I had heard no mortal evince such an exalted and loving perspective.

Along with the loving attitude was an involved and challenging perspective of our physical dimension, why we are here, and what lies beyond this reality. The first book that Seth dictated was Seth Speaks , followed by what many, including me, feel is his magnum opus, The Nature of Personal Reality.

Two books followed that nearly broke my brain, titled the Unknown Reality. When Seth's books were published, there was nothing quite like it in Western culture, particularly a prominently published book bodies of work such as the Silver Birch and Theosophy material qualified, but were not widely known in the West in those days. Later, the term "channeling" came into vogue to describe the phenomenon. As a body of channeled work, I consider the Seth Material still one of the best.

If one's intuition is not awakened, the words of Seth can be seen as gibberish, and many have dismissed it as nothing but the alter ego of a deluded woman.

In the end, the mark of enlightened material such as Illusions , the Aquarian Gospel or the Seth Material is that its message leads people back to their own integrity, the value of the individual, the power of the self, and it is always loving. Those perspectives sought no acolytes and addressed each of us as equals. If cults sprang up around them, it was not because the masters encouraged it. I was attending college, becoming a staunch pacifist, becoming involved with women, being a collegiate track athlete, entering the working world, driving, and growing up.

At age 19, I prayed for guidance and was told that I might like studying business. That happened concurrently with girlfriends, track, work, and spiritual studies. A lot was happening, and I did not always handle events as well as I would have liked, but I have no regrets. We are all on our divine journeys, and all roads are there to be walked.

Every experience is an important part of the journey, and to regret any of it is to deny our divinity. That is my understanding today, and I doubt that it will change much. As I look back, a vital part of my journey was trying to integrate my spiritual and academic studies.

I tried wedding my spiritual studies with my studies of business and economics. I tried seeing how capitalism could be an ideal vehicle for enlightened spirituality.

I was in for some painful realizations. Yet, if I had not been that way, I would not have walked my path. I see a divine plan in my strange journey, and I am not sure where it will ultimately lead, but I trust the journey, although some days I whine and ask for Scotty to beam me up.

My " Easter Bunny " question evidenced the " cognitive dissonance " that I was undergoing. My spiritual training gave me the strength to question what I was seeing, because my capitalistic indoctrination was colliding with the real world. If I had no spiritual foundation, I may have quickly joined my comrades, easily dismissing the question of whether we were truly contributing to the world. I would not have really cared about the answer, as long as I was well paid.

If I had played the game as my peers did, I would probably be rich today, but my soul would be gnawing at me and I would wonder when I would do something important.

My dream of changing the world of energy and helping heal the planet, however grandiose that might seem, would probably have eaten at my soul like a cancer. Eventually, the my stical student realizes that spirituality is not really about other dimensions and arcane powers.

It is only valuable in how it is applied to this world in our daily lives. The old saying of being so heavenly bound that one is no earthly good applies richly to the spiritual journey.

Far more difficult and rewarding is living that enlightenment in society. In the end, there is only one Creation, one universe, and one place where we all exist. An important aspect of this plane of existence is that the path of truth abounds with paradox and dichotomy. As Niels Bohr once said, when scientists encountered a paradox, it was great news, because wrestling with paradoxes was where scientific progress was made.

As an analogy, suppose that I am a virtuoso violinist in this life. On the other side , I do not lay down my violin but join a great symphony and learn to participate in making music that I could not produce by myself. On the other side, we find ourselves playing music that we doubted was possible on this side. Resear ch and Activities — Notes from My Journey. The first ten seconds of the Isaac Brown case that my classmate worked opened my eyes in way that they could never close, and for the next decade I investigated the abilities of consciousness.

I cannot overemphasize that people need to seek their own experiences in these areas if they really want to know. Reading or listening to the experiences of others may provide hints and help people attain greater insights, but direct personal experience is where knowledge comes from.

A month after taking the Silva class, I convinced a close friend to take it. I have had many psychic readings in my lifetime, and many were startlingly accurate and prescient, such as one channel that stated that I had a contract in this lifetime for a once-in-a-lifetime event that unexpectedly happened later the same day.

I had a psychic reading in the early s by a Michael channel. She read me as being emotionally-centered in this lifetime, and that reading has been a touchstone ever since. We generally cannot read ourselves because our egos tend to distort the information, and I began that reading with no firm opinions about what my role, overleaves, and the like might be. I had my guesses, but they seem to have been mostly incorrect. After the reading, so much became obvious.

For instance, my soul role was a mystery. Before that Michael reading, I thought I might be a warrior, server, or priest. If anybody was the king in that situation, it was Dennis. I was more of a knight, or even a squire. The reading was done over the phone, and the only information that the channel had was a stack of photographs of people in my life, as asking about my relationships with them was my primary intent.

The reading was amazingly insightful and predictive. But readings of my personality and soul were the most impactful. When she said that I was an artisan, I was surprised, but later realized that my only possessions of note were my growing personal library, my music collection, prints of paintings, and other visual art.

It was all art. I had already been doing some writing that led to this website, which is artisan work, and I performed system design at my day job. It was all standard artisan behavior, but I could not see it until I was told. Probably in the back of my mind, I thought that I might be an Old Soul, given my adventures and how I fared in them, becoming a grizzled veteran by age 30, and that part of the reading did not surprise me.

My writings comprise a classic Old Soul pursuit. If nothing else, I have keenly felt that stress. There were too many accurate aspects of that reading to relate in this essay, but my earlier experiences showed how I was emotionally-centered. I could be somewhat melodramatic in my youth, and I have had psychic readings that puzzled over why that was, and being emotionally-centered can explain it, as well as explain why I used the empathic technique for performing cases. There are many other ways to do it, but that one worked for me, and was how I diagnosed the stroke condition in the first case that I ever performed.

The reason for performing cases is helping the person and sending them energy for their use. The Silva training had many conditioning statements, and one was that such abilities should only be used for the betterment of humanity, and any abuse of those abilities would see the abuser lose those abilities.

I since learned that if people abuse their psychic talents, the karmic impacts become far larger than otherwise. A soul can spend 50 lifetimes balancing the karma of one life of abusing their psychic abilities.

A person does not need to lay on their hands, and can perform long-distance healing, but being the room, mingling auras, and physically touching can intensify the experience and seems to make it more effective. The first time I tried it, that I can recall, was in college. My roommate got a lump on his arm. He had it examined at the health center, and the diagnosis was cat-scratch fever, which is an infection of the lymph nodes.

The prognosis was not good. The doctor was pessimistic, and told my roommate that they would likely have to surgically remove the lump. He sent my roommate home with some drugs in a last-ditch effort to help cure the condition, but the doctor was not optimistic.

My roommate told me his prognosis, and I decided to try out hands-on healing. For about ten minutes each day for the next week, I went to Level and laid my hands on the lump, and projected healing energy into his arm. When he saw the doctor a week later, the doctor was shocked to see that the lump was nearly gone.

Many might credit the drugs, but in the realm of hands-on healing, those kinds of miracle healings are common, medical treatment or not.

He took the Silva course the previous summer, and the instructor is our close friend today. At home, we began performing psychic experiments. The idea was to project energy into a fruit, which would slow its decay to where the fruit would mummify instead of rot. We performed the first experiment on tomatoes. I purchased several tomatoes and chose the two that seemed most identical.

I have not used tap water for drinking since I was a teenager, and we had bottled water at home. Our first experiment was set up this way: We left the tomatoes in their glasses overnight.

But for the experimental tomato, we went to Level with the glass between us on the kitchen table. We put our fingertips on the outsides of the glass and projected our energies we just imagined the energy flowing for about ten minutes into the tomato so that it would resist decay.

The next morning I removed both tomatoes from their glasses and put them on a paper towel sitting on our kitchen counter. That was all we did. As the days passed, we just observed those tomatoes.

In a few days, the control tomato began to shrink while the experimental tomato looked the same. Within about a week, the control tomato began to rot, and over the next week it grew mold, and when it began to weep at the end of two weeks, I threw it out.

The experimental tomato still looked about like it did the first day. It remained about the same for the first month. In the second month, that tomato began to slowly shrivel. It was the mummification phenomenon that I had heard about.

After two months, it became a tomato mummy, I finally threw it out, and I seem to recall that there was not any visible mold on it yet, or it had barely started. Not long after that, I d ecided to try it with a strawberry, by myself. That was during the summer in Los Angeles. Although we lived close to the coast in Culver City , it was anything but cool. I performed the same procedure that we did with the tomatoes, but left out the glass of water aspect. I picked two identical strawberries, held the experimental strawberry between my fingertips, and projected energy into it while at Level.

I then placed them on the plastic container that held our pure water. The next day when I returned home from work, the control strawberry had turned into a puddle, while the experimental strawberry looked as it did the day before. I threw out the puddled strawberry and planned to see how long the experimental strawberry would last, and how it would decay. The next day when I got home, the strawberry was missing and I thought that my roommate must have thrown it out or eaten it. We were both beginning our careers and working long hours, and were often like ships passing in the night.

I did not ask my roommate about the strawberry and forgot about it. A week later, that water container was empty and I picked it up to replace it, and behind it sat my experimental strawberry. My roommate apparently bumped it off the water container, and it sat there for a week. When I discovered the strawberry, it had been eight days since I began the experiment, and that strawberry still looked pretty good. There was no mold on it, and it was slowly shriveling like the tomato did.

Then biological materials brought into contact with the crystals would be transformed, and one effect was that food would not rot. The below image is from one of those experiments. In those LA days, a fellow Silva graduate befriended me and we are still friends. He came over to my apartment and we worked cases and the like.

I looked ancient one minute and like a child the next. I had no idea what to make of that, and had never heard of it before, but in subsequent years I heard that that phenomenon was common when somebody was inspired, as their greater selves began to manifest.

In those days, I we nt to Level and tried retrieving past life memories. I did that sporadically for several years, kind of dabbling, but visions that came to me are with me still.

They would often sneak up on me. I would be at Level, asking myself to remember part of a past life, and suddenly I was there. I often sought herbs and other plants in the forest, and one day, as a gray-haired old lady, I suddenly died in the forest, seemingly of a heart attack. Another time I was not really trying to retrieve a past life memory but I was lying in a trance on my back and arched it. Suddenly, I was an American Indian boy about ten years old, lying in the exact position with my back arched, on reddish sandstone in what seemed to be the Four Corners area of the American Southwest.

I had deeply brown skin, was thin, and only wore a loincloth, moccasins, and a headband that held my long, straight black hair. Somehow, I was able to gain a perspective from outside my body, and I watched that boy running along the sandstone, at some elevation where cliffs were above and below me. I got the sense that it was a lifetime from at least several centuries ago. I can still clearly remember moments like that.

A few y ears later, I was with Dennis in Ventura, when my life was wrecked. I met my future wife in those days, again via a larger-than-life experience in the moment we met. I was sure that we had met before and told her so, to quickly realize that I had never met her before in this lifetime.

Not long after those life-wrecking events in , I was sitting in front of a mirror, trying a technique in which I looked at my image while at Level, and saw how my face might look different. I had tried it several years earlier and did not notice anything, but that time, my face took on sharp features. I looked like an elf. I assumed that it was some kind off illusion and closed my eyes and reopened them, looked around the room, and then back at myself, but that strange image still stared back at me.

When people have such experiences, they are often mysterious but leave a deep emotional resonance which indelibly burns the memories into their minds. I eventually led group meditations and past-life regressions, and everybody easily recovered past life memories that, as with me, seared themselves into their memories with a deep emotional resonance.

I have experienced enough of it, and have helped others recover such memories, that I have no doubt of its validity. It is not just imagination. Also, a common experience is recovering memories that can be validated against historical information, such as people recalling where they lived in that lifetime, but the name they came up with was a political entity that they never heard of before.

They only discovered that the name was a real one for a political entity that vanished centuries or millennia ago, after they did a little digging. One close friend had a psychologist uncle who specialized in hypnosis to help people heal traumatic memories. The uncle did not believe in past lives, nor did he try to recover past-life memories, but one day he regressed a patient to early childhood and the person began speaking gibberish. The tape eventually was eventually heard by some linguists at UCLA, and they said that the person was speaking an ancient Egyptian dialect.

The chan neled entity that told me about that once-in-a-lifetime event that I unexpectedly had later that same day also told me that I was in a position of responsibility when Atlantis melted down, and that I have spent nearly every lifetime since then performing a spiritual penance to balance my karma.

When I was told that, I immediately had the vague sense that I was female in that lifetime. If Atlantis was a technologically-advanced civilization, it does not seem to have existed on this planet or this dimension of this planet. When I hear tales of Atlantis, I do not know what to make of them, but being told that I helped melt down Atlantis makes me think about it.

I may well be trying to get the global energy issue resolved in this lifetime to balance my karma, and the nearly universal fear that I have seen regarding the idea of free energy may be related to ancient memories of energy abuse. I have known some highly accomplished psychics and psychonauts, some of whom have brought back designs for viable technologies from their inter-dimensional adventures that are used in every American home today. Some of them have visited realities like these , so I do not regard them as imaginary, but valid realities that some on Earth today will eventually experience.

That second vision is one of the stars that I have steered by since the s. One psychonaut viewed a past life with me when I was a woman. My ambitious father used me to marry a rival and then assassinate him, in order to steal his realm. When I heard that, I recalled many times in this life when I would stare at a wall or ceiling and think that I could cope with being imprisoned. I thought that I would often be in a trance. Also, the only time in my life when I had fleeting thoughts of murder , one imagined method was the one I tried in the life that ended in a dungeon.

I have wondered if my possible experiences in a dungeon had something to do with sacrificing my life to break Dennis out of jail.

Other psychics have given me past-life readings, and they described several other moments that were way over-the-top and fit neatly into dynamics of my current lifetime. I have them all on tape. I broke into tears when hearing the story, which was highly unusual behavior for me.

Who knows where any of those former and current events stand in my karmic process? I sure do not, but the connections and resonances were often very dramatic, given to me by people who had never met me before. I have come to accept such events as coming with the territory of my adventures. I went to Level and essentially prayed for them and sent the request to that higher power, and the three times I did it, the person died almost exactly three days after my prayer. That was not my intended outcome.

I was trying to help heal them, but had to accept those outcomes, which apparently was also common. When people are near death, that energy can help them move on, as every soul leaves earthly life when it decides it is time, and such prayers can help make the transition easier.

That is what I heard, I do not know if it is true, but the last time I did that was nearly 30 years ago, and the last time the outcome was so painful that I stopped working with terminal patients, and that story follows. I was not sure of the plan, but another psychic began laying on hands, and the plan was that we would all do it, taking turns. This girl was obviously in late-stage leukemia, with a swollen spleen. To say that it was an emotionally-charged moment for me would be an understatement.

In a few minutes, it was my turn, and I laid my hands on her spleen, went to Level, and surrendered to the process. My imagination was focusing like I did with the strawberry and tomato, multiplied by a million or so. My body shook and I felt a tremendous heat passing through my hands.

After we finished, the girl said that she felt an intense heat enter her through my hands, so it was not just my perception. I came for the next three days, to lay my hands on her and be her friend, but whatever happened that first time did not happen again. On the second or third night, after laying on hands and as I was talking with her, that I realized she that was dying and that there was nothing more I could do.

The fourth day, about 70 hours since my first session, I went to her hospital room and her bed was empty. I went home in a sorrowful daze and called the friend who invited me to the healing. The girl died a couple hours before I arrived. I was devastated and decided that I was not qualified for such work.

I have not done that kind of work since, but I also have not been asked, and I am happy that no one has. I was four-for-four in praying or laying on hands, and the patient died within three days. I felt like an angel of death, not a healer. Her mother had a fractured vertebra from an automobile accident, which gave her great pain and a drug addiction, and I laid hands on her neck several times over the next few months, and many years later, she told me that her neck healed soon after that, and she believed that my healing sessions did it.

She replied that when we finished working on her that first night, the atmosphere in her hospital room dramatically changed. But the next three days were blessedly peaceful, as if a loving balm was in the air.

Since then, I have happily been around loved ones soon before their deaths, and the times have always been good, but I just tell them I love them and dispense with any attempts to help heal their conditions.

Intern et videos are available of John Chang , an Eastern spiritual practitioner, burning paper with his hands. I have also encountered the effect where an accomplished meditator can recharge batteries while holding them. The annals of science are full of unexplained phenomena that were measured, and only much later was a theory developed to explain them.

Dur ing my LA days, I was in several spiritual groups that were primarily comprised of Silva graduates. We performed many exercises, and I led some of them.

One night, we had a spoon-bending class. There were about 30 of us in a circle. Some kind of stressed their spoons with their hands, saying that that was how they bent. That did not seem quite right to me, and most of us closed our eyes and concentrated on the bending without the stressing part. I had my eyes closed and nothing happened for me, but opened my eyes when some began exclaiming, and an old lady, the oldest person there at nearly 70, had her spoon in her hand directly across from me in the circle, and it was bent nearly in half, drooping toward the ground from where she held it.

I had my eyes closed and did not see it bend, but others around me did. The woman was modest about it. When she was younger, she once took 42 units, nearly two years of courses, in one semester of college, using Silva techniques. When people bend a spoon, they often make it into a trophy and hang it on their wall or make it into a desk ornament. I had a friend who knew of a local LA diner where a woman bent the spoons of customers while they were stirring their drinks and the like.

I heard of many spoon-bending events from the participants, and children pick it up easier than adults, as with many skills, especially psychic ones. I did a great deal of hiking and backpacking in the eastern escarpment of the Sierras , from Mammoth Lakes down to Mount Whitney. During my short-lived career in Seattle in after college graduation , I attended a Silva class in Seattle. One day they could see rain in every direction except for the hole in the clouds above their heads.

Furthermore, in one study, only rats on alternate-day fasting diets survived to 30 months of age compared to a mean lifespan of months for rats fed ad libitum It is merely speculative if the effect on longevity is secondary to the above described effects such as decreased body weight, improved insulin sensitivity, improved cardiovascular health, decreased tumor growth and improved neuronal health, or if intermittent fasting might have some distinctive effect on the aging process.

No study to date has specifically studied the effect of intermittent fasting without calorie restriction on lifespan, although the effects that have been described are expected to increase life span. Some other interesting effects than the primary addressed in this review were observed in various studies. Many strains of laboratory rats develop spontaneous progressive kidney failure with development of proteinuria and glomerulosclerosis.

Rats fed on alternate days showed preserved kidney function as demonstrated by preserved glomerular filtration rate and renal plasma flow, compared to rats fed ad libitum Analgesia, which may be attributed to negative modulation of synaptic transmission in nociceptive neurons in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord, has also been reported in rats maintained on an alternate-day fasting diet This finding opens up the question whether intermittent fasting alone or in combination with a pharmacological agent could serve as a useful new therapeutic approach for treating pain.

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims restrain from fluid and food intake during daytime for the whole month. Worldwide, there are more than one billion Muslims, of whom the majority fast annually The holy month of Ramadan could thus potentially be a good period to study prolonged short term intermittent fasting in humans on a large scale.

A total of 17 studies were found. Conclusions are however very hard to draw from these studies. Apart from the obvious difficulties with doing randomized controlled trials there is a number of confounding factors 59, Such confounding variables include:. Furthermore, the studies were generally of poor study design with few participants and lack of control group. As a result the studies are highly inconclusive with the effects on body weight and blood lipids with some studies showing unchanged body weight 59,61 while others show weight loss Therefore, no objective conclusions could be made about this type of short term intermittent fasting and cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors, and further research of higher quality is warranted.

The fasting participants were compared to the non-fasting participants and all food was delivered from the same kitchen, thus eliminating some of the confounding factors above 60, Apart from a small difference in body weight 0,7 kg that could be explained by hydration status between the two groups, no differences were observed in blood glucose levels, hematocrit, cortisol levels, inflammation markers or physical performance.

In another study, fasting healthy men and women were compared to a matched non-fasting group with regard to inflammation markers and blood lipid status No differences were observed in body weight, total cholesterol, triglycerides or LDL levels.

There was however an increase in HDL levels and decreased inflammation — proposing a beneficial effect in the fasted subjects. Thus, there are some data suggesting altered health markers during the month of Ramadan, but more research is needed if any objective conclusions about this type of intermittent fasting and the factors studied in this review ought to be drawn.

To date, very few human intervention studies have tried to replicate the reported effects of alternate-day fasting seen in rodent studies.

Only six such studies were found, with somewhat disappointing study designs The sample size in these studies was rather small, ranging from eight to sixteen participants, and the study period was often very short. Only one trial included a control group. The results are summarized in Table 2. In both true alternate-day fasting trials, a decreased body weight was observed 66, In modified alternate-day fasting trials, maintained bodyweight was observed in lean 65,69 but not obese 64,68 subjects.

In obese subjects, a modified week alternate-day fasting regimen resulted in weight loss, reduced blood pressure and heart rate, and improved markers for cardiovascular health, such as decreased total cholesterol, decreased LDL and triglycerides, increased HDL concentrations and decreased oxidative stress and systemic inflammation, suggesting that alternate-day fasting might be a novel strategy for decreasing body weight and improving cardiovascular health in the obese population 64, To examine the effects of alternate-day fasting on glucose metabolism, eight healthy men were maintained on a 20h modified alternate-day fast for two weeks.

Despite unaltered body weight and habitual physical activity, insulin dependent glucose uptake increased, and increased adiponectin levels were observed In another trial, the insulin sensitizing effect of true alternate-day fasting was observed through reduced insulin response to a standardized meal in men, but not women — suggesting a potential sex difference in the effect of alternate-day fasting on glucose metabolism Although not demonstrated in all human studies 68,69 , these results indicate that alternate-day fasting might mimic the insulin sensitizing effects observed in rodents on alternate-day fasting diet, and that the effect might be due to increased adiponectin levels.

Sex differences were also observed in another study where healthy men and women were fasted on alternate days. In this study, HDL levels were increased in women only, and triglycerides were decreased in men but not women Increased insulin sensitivity was suggested by decreased insulin levels with unaltered glucose levels.

In this study, blood pressure was unaltered, but the study duration was merely 22 days. In contrast, one trial showed decreased blood pressure and resting heart rates in subjects on modified alternate-day fasting regimens for 10 weeks, suggesting that longer intervention periods might be needed for this effect to occur There is, however, conflicting data from another study that utilized a two week crossover study design and randomized eight healthy men to a modified alternate-day fasting diet or a standard diet.

No differences were observed in body weight, blood lipids, glucose metabolism or hormone levels, and there was a decrease in energy expenditure after the 2 week period in the alternate-day fasting group More controlled studies, with larger sample sizes and longer study durations are thus needed to bring clarification in this matter.

No human trial has directly examined intermittent fasting and tumor physiology. A single two day fast increases endogenous GH-production fivefold, reflecting the metabolic adaptation to fasting, including increased hepatic glucose production, lipolysis and nitrogen conservation However no significant changes in IGF-1 are seen after a single fast period in human subjects, suggesting that repeated fasts and longer intervention periods might be necessary to mimic the changes in IGF-1 and altered cancer growth observed in some rat studies.

Whether a prolonged alternate-day fasting regimen can alter IGF-1 levels in humans remains an area for future research. Furthermore, no human trials to date have examined the effects of intermittent fasting on neuronal health or life span. The exact mechanism by which calorie restriction and intermittent fasting exhibits its effects on various organ systems remains unknown. Alternating periods of anabolism and catabolism during intermittent fasting might further increase the cellular stress resistance.

Other displayed effects are increased production of neutrophilic factors and antioxidant enzymes, ketone body formation and altered metabolism enzyme production 5.

A variety of questions often arises when discussing intermittent fasting and human health. It is often believed that blood sugar levels will fall to pathological levels if prolonged fasts are implemented.

A characteristic decline in mood and energy levels before lunch among humans is often attributed to a drop in blood sugar. However when actually testing blood sugar levels in healthy subjects prone to this phenomena, no actual decline in blood sugar to pathologic levels was seen during a 24 hour fast Furthermore, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of two days of calorie deprivation showed no adverse effect on cognitive performance, activity, sleep, and mood, when the subjects were unaware of the calorie content of the treatments The homeostasis of body weight regulation and hunger signaling is composed of complex circuits of both central signals including orexin, neuropeptide Y, melanin concentrating hormone and alpha-melanocyte, and peripheral signals from the gut and adipose tissue, such as ghrelin, peptide YY and leptin The interplay between these and other endocrine signaling systems and its effect on body weight regulation and subjective feelings of hunger and satiety remains largely unknown.

The hunger response however seems to be highly adaptive in different meal patterns. Ghrelin, a gut derived hormone, is considered a meal-initiation signal. It increases during fasting and usually peaks in concentration before an anticipated meal, paired with increased feelings of hunger, and decreases after feeding.

Increases in subjective feelings of hunger might be the single most important factor to consider when discussing the applicability of intermittent fasting as a therapeutic or preventive intervention in human subjects. In obese patients, a 14 day total fast lead to strikingly decreased body weights and decreased blood pressure, without causing increased hunger sensations. Thus a hunger suppressing effect of prolonged fasting was demonstrated This anorexic effect might be attributed to the evolutionary purpose of seeking for nutrients in absence of food.

The experiment, dating back to , was effective and well tolerated. Only one study has directly examined the feelings of hunger and fullness in non-obese subjects on an intermittent fasting diet, by using a mm visual analog scale The subjects were fasted on alternate days and reported an increased feeling of hunger from 37 to 56 mm and decrease in feeling of fullness from 43 to 23 mm when the dietary intervention was initiated.

The magnitude of hunger did however not change during the intervention period as repeated measurements were taken, and feelings of fullness actually increased some over time. The duration of this study was only 22 days and it is still purely speculative whether and adaptation to the new meal pattern would occur in a longer time span. In contrast, modified alternate-day fasting in obese asthmatic patients did not significantly increase the subjective perception of hunger from baseline during the eight week long intervention period Whether repeated bouts of short term fasting can alter hunger hormone signaling or demonstrate the same anorexic effect as the long term fast described above is highly speculative and an interesting area for future research.

It is commonly believed that multiple small meals increase metabolism and lead to increased overall energy expenditure. Following every meal there is an increase in expenditure due to the processing of the nutrients, commonly referred to Thermic Effect of Food TEF A common belief therefore is that increased meal frequency leads to increased TEF and increased overall energy expenditure with multiple meals, and that intermittent fasting accordingly would decrease metabolic rate and lead to increased fat accumulation and possibly obesity.

According to current research though, TEF is proportional to the calorie content and vary with macronutrient composition with the highest increase in energy expenditure observed with a high protein diet and not meal frequency per se , as demonstrated by the equal TEF in different meal patterns under iso-caloric conditions 79, Furthermore, one study examined alterations in resting metabolic rate in human subjects on alternate-day fasting diets, and found no changes after a 22 day period According to these findings, any potential decreases in metabolic rate would be due to decreased total calorie intake and not fasting per se.

Increased levels of both ACTH and corticosteroids can be noted in rodents maintained on alternate-day fasting diets compared with rats fed ad libitum 28,29, Apart from the obvious notion that cortisol is one of the major hormones responsible for glucose utilization during fasting, the question arises whether the increased stress in any way could be harmful to the human organism.

The molecular stress response in intermittently fasted subjects seems markedly different from the one associated with uncontrolled stress.

In contrast, in uncontrolled stress, down regulation of the mineral corticoid receptor has been noted. Furthermore, deleterious stress responses are associated with a decrease in the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor BDNF , a response quite the opposite of calorie restriction and intermittent fasting, where increased concentrations of BDNF have been observed in numerous studies 4.

In conclusion, the controlled stress response from intermittent fasting seems fundamentally different from the one by uncontrolled physiological and psychological stress. Conversely, In line with the mechanisms described above, the increased stress might be one of the necessary factors for initiating molecular resistance for larger stressors, and thus promote some of the beneficial effects of intermittent fasting.

One potential serious side effect of intermittent fasting would be loss of muscle mass. Theoretically, food deprivation would result in depleted hepatic glycogen stores, leading to increased proteolysis and flux of amino acids from skeletal muscle for hepatic de novo gluconeogenesi s, to maintain healthy blood glucose concentrations.

As discussed previously though, a 24 hour short term fast is insufficient in duration to deplete liver glycogen stores in healthy subjects Up to 40 hours of total fasting does not stimulate catabolic processes and lead to skeletal muscle atrophy Modified alternate-day fasting and loss of lean body mass was investigated in only one study in the systematic search.

No loss of fat free mass in the absence of weight loss was observed compared to a control group fed a standardized diet Furthermore, an increase in ketone body concentrations has been observed in subjects on alternate-day fasting diets in both human and animal studies 17, Ketone bodies spare skeletal muscle from breakdown by providing non-glucose energy substrate for various tissues, of which the brain is the most important, and thus decrease the need for protein-derived substrates for gluconeogenetic conversion to maintain glucose homeostasis Available data thus suggests that short term fasting does not deplete hepatic glycogen stores to the extent that markedly increased proteolysis and gluconeogenesis becomes necessary to maintain healthy glucose concentrations.

Still this notion needs to be clarified in future research of longer duration. Intermittent fasting in the form of alternate day fasting in many instances reduces overall energy intake, with no obvious adverse effects, and thus becomes a model of calorie restriction in both human and animal subjects.

Secondary to reduced energy intake and weight loss, effects such as reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and improved glucose metabolism have been demonstrated in both animal and human subjects on true and modified alternate-day fasting diets.

In rats, protection against ischemic injury and improved survival has been demonstrated in both myocardial and cerebral ischemic events. Other beneficial effects, such as slowing the neuronal aging process and increasing cognitive functions and memory, have been observed.

Additionally, calorie restriction can reduce cancer risk and increase life span in rodent models on alternate-day fasting diets. Some effects occur even if the subject maintains body weight, suggesting that the reduced meal frequency or prolonged time in the fasted state might have some additional effects regardless of overall calorie restriction and weight loss.

In humans, modified alternate-day fasting diets might be easier to adhere to and they seemingly lead to less pronounced weight loss than true alternate-day fasting. Without causing weight loss, effects such as improved fasting insulin have been demonstrated in both animals and humans. In line with these findings, adiponectin increases in rats and humans on both true and modified alternate-day fasting diets in the absence of calorie restriction.

Additionally, in mice, fat redistribution from visceral to subcutaneous stores has been observed despite unaltered overall body weight. If this effect proves to be true in human subjects it could propose reduced disease risk despite unaltered body weight.

Animal data further indicate some beneficial effects of intermittent fasting diets even without calorie restriction. Neuronal health improvements such as resistance to excitotoxic injury have been observed. Alternate-day fasting in animals also leads to improved recovery after induced spinal cord injuries and progressive demyelinating disease of the peripheral nervous system, in the absence of calorie restriction.

Furthermore, in animal studies, changes associated with retareded tumorgenesis, such as decreased cell proliferation rates in various cell lines and decreased incidence of lymphoma, have been observed.

Whether these observations are valid in human subjects as well remains an interesting area for future research. Future research is warranted to test whether the health promoting effects described in animal studies have some validity in humans. We are in the very infancy of research on intermittent fasting in human subjects and future studies with larger sample sizes, longer durations and of better study design must be completed before any definite conclusions can be made regarding intermittent fasting and human health and the applicability to modern lifestyle.

My sincere gratitude to Staffan Lindeberg and Bengt Zöller for helping me set up the systematic search, for all the intellectually stimulating discussions and for the guidance in writing this review.

The complete search term used was: Alternate day fasting and body weight, glucose metabolism and cardiovascular health in humans. Very interesting stuff, I love that even though some of the references were a bit over my head the latin names for some illnessess and the implications of these, etc most of it was completely comprehensible eventhough it was made for medical purposes.

Great summary of some of the work that has been done to date. Some more recent studies showing timing i. Keep up the nice work. Appreciate you and Berkhan sharing your work with us!

Thanks for taking the time to write this up, Bojan. It was a very nice, in-depth look at the studies surrounding IF and written in a way that can appeal to the medical-savvy people, and the general public interested in health like myself.

There used to be a time when people were trained to write and communicate, and from the above article this time has clearly passed. I can see that you are using this article to try to bring people in and eventually sell them something.

The way you are approaching it wont work-unless you really think people are going to read 10, words of science crap instead of just closing your site and going elsewhere. While it may seem like jargon to you, it is the preferred lexicon for scholarly publications.

Do NOT presume their level of education. I once listened to an Immunology professor at a University complain that the only articles he could understand in Science the journal were the ones on Immunology. Trust me; if you were to pick up and try to read a scholarly academic article outside of your field, you would react the way Jeff is reacting. Oh dear Jeff, you have clearly shown that this level of academia is lost on you.

This is an excellent review of the available literature, written by a highly educated person. This is an extremely disrespectful comment that shows your lack of intelligence. Think things through before you comment in future. It is Your comment that is extremely disrespectful comment and shows a lack of intelligence and knowledge of how many different styles there are in the world.

I have an MS in Microbiology and have been employed as a programmer and technical writer for over 25 years. Both Jeff and Notjeff seriously? Notjeff is sadly also correct. However, Audience is Everything. If you want this information to be read and understood by people who are not your thesis committee or people with an MD or PhD in your field, you need to re-write it.

This study confirms much of the anecdotal evidence that I had already heard about the possible long-term effects of intermittent fasting. Interesting timing of this post as I was just talking with a co-worker about the benefits of intermittent fasting and the general practice of fasting. Although it has been a while many years since I have practiced fasting, it is a ritual that I have studied and used its healthy benefits in the past. I have used short fasts of less than 36 hours and longer fasts of 7 days for personal research,purposes and practice.

After having lived several years in an unhealthy way, I have re-tooled my lifestyle into a sustainable healthy way of living and have lost 55 pounds in the past year. The subject of intermittent fasting came up as I believe that I will begin a regular practice of IF as a part of this lifestyle.

I am looking forward the time when I can read your complete work as I have only scanned it this morning. Thanks for sharing your work with me.

Thank you for sharing your research. The popular models of IF being 5: Do you have any results on their benefits from your research? I need to leave a quick comment just as I started reading The best and biggest recource base for the IF is by far Martin Berkhan, and his website leangains. Now back to the reading…. It is a great summary and I do appreciate your work on this.

Thanks for sharing this. It seems like most of the research in this area has been done on type two Diabetics. Ori may in fact be the first well-known proponent of IF and Warrior Diet should be recognized as one of original mainstream publications advocating IF for general health and physique improvements…. I spend much of my time researching information on fasting from peer reviewed journals through my university. I find the health benefits of IF, especially autophagy, are profound but tend to be poorly understood.

I have the article you posted. What do you know about this topic? Lots of writing but I was conflicted.. You talked in the beginning about this being your baby.. You made it sound like you had stumbled on some gold nuggets of previously unknown information. Nice resource of information overall but I still fail to understand why so many people regard IF as some unique idea or think of it as a new way to solve an old problem.

I tried it for a full year before realizing that my results were identical to when I ate 6 meals a day for a decade. Is it staving off disease in me a little longer and giving me a future benefit in that respect?

Possibly but not conclusively. It matters little and this just seems to justify that. Eat 6 meals if you like or eat 1 or 2. I can see great benefit in people linking to the article as a place to find many important studies on fasting.

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