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Sager, who has been battling leukemia since , had a successful procedure done last week and also celebrated a birthday. Scott was believed to be in his late 60s. Lamar Jackson may be the biggest sleeper in the whole draft. Hernandez, 62, has been a commentator on Mets telecasts on SNY for 10 seasons. In , Billboard named Dick the most cooperative music director, program director or music librarian in exposing new music.

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This load shoots at about fps and is very sensitive to how the rifle is held. This is due to the bullet being in the barrel longer because of the slower velocity. This group was shot at 50 yards with the shooter using the same exact hold and follow through every shot for ten shots.

Two shots were pulled high from the main group. This is very important with reduced charges to produce consistency. Some experimentation may be necessary to find the right powder charge in your rifle that will not push the bullet to fast to cause leading. It is important when switching to this load from a full power jacketed bullet load to clean the barrel completely; removing as much copper as possible.

It is then equally important than when you switch back to the full power load from the reduced cast bullet load that the barrel is cleaned again to remove any lead.

I have shot hundreds of reduced cast bullet loads out of my competition Savage rifle and have seen no problems. This group was shot using varying degrees of pressure and follow through to show how sensitive this load is to how the rifle is held as it goes off. I agree with follow through. There are at least guys at each of those positions that I would be happy with. Or, say, Payne, Wynn, Penny.

Or… you get the point. That was the thing McClue did so well. He spoke about football in a way that got people excited. His picks were mostly meh, but he talked a great game. Hopefully, DWill can pick and talk. He was constantly evaluating the roster, but I think players knew where they stood with him and respected that. I think players just see him as a dangerous suit in the front office. Listening to the podcast , Doug Williams most definitely puts forth a better vibe than anyone in recent memory.

They do have a serious PR problem and Williams is bit of fresh air. They need to keep him front and center as much and as long as they can , providing he is doing a good job , and I think he will.

I hope like hell he will at least. As I said a couple of times, the word I heard was that Barkley was the only real round 1 RB prospect in this draft, the rest of the pack all have some issue and project into round 2. Not only have some teams taken Hurst off their board, but McShay also believes that Hurst could slip in the draft all the way to day three on Saturday, which are rounds four-seven.

If I told you right now we would end up with Vea and Guice in the first two rounds, would you take that? Up until this morning, yes. How it shakes out, who knows. The truth of the matter is that, to me, the two mandatory acquisitions in some order or another, are LG and RB. Would we have a choice?. I have thought about sliding Trent Williams in the guard to extend his career and that would fix our guard problem in my opinion. I do agree Mister Steve, we need a left guard if you and I just disagree on the severity of the offense of line or defensive line.

Truth be told we need both. I think he will go late round 1 tho. Eugene Cole was shot and killed between a. For more than a year, Finland has been testing the proposition that the best way to lift economic fortunes may be the simplest: Hand out money without rules or restrictions on how people use it.

The experiment with so-called universal basic income has captured global attention as a potentially promising way to restore economic security at a time of worry about inequality and automation. Now, the experiment is ending. The Finnish government has opted not to continue financing it past this year, a reflection of public discomfort with the idea of dispensing government largess free of requirements that its recipients seek work.

Because you can compare Finland to the US, in anything. Round 1 Pick 19 DAL: So some dude in Phlly, his wife ambushed that lady he was having an affair with. Killed her and them killed herself. I think she texted her husband what she was going to do, so she was in disguise to avoid the police, but he did not call the police but instead drove over to the girlfriends place but was too late.

As soon as Chapman walked through the door, police said, Gerardot shot her. And what I mean by that is that Julio Jones is an elite 1 WR, a critical part of their offense, and still fairly young. Falling back 10 spots is crazy talk. The sort of thing that needs to be medicated with hardcore Rx drugs.

What if they were to move up for someone like Fitzpatrick though if he falls. Whats up with Hurst? Burst off the snap to shoot gaps or attack edges of interior offensive linemen. Hurst is so quick that he takes advantage of any error on the inside.

Late on a reach block? Hurst is in the backfield. Hesitate to fill for a pulling lineman? Hurst will make a play. Plays low, which helps carry the momentum he created. Plays with timing and vision to separate and make plays on the ball. Interior disruption is king, and Hurst offers it most consistently in this class.

Hurst was held out of the Combine with a heart concern, but he has since been cleared. There are plays where he ragdolls his opponent off the snap, using uncommon techniques. Almo sumo-like with his raw power and push, including using his arm as a club. I know his production was huge in , but I wonder if can be an upfield player consistently. He seems to mostly operate at the line of scrimmage. No, because as good as Gronk is, we already have a highly paid TE.

The true test of how the team chooses needs vs. The Redskins have needs on the defensive line, not so much at inside linebacker or in the secondary. Picking Payne at that point could be interpreted as reaching to fill a need while leaving more talented and more versatile players on the board. Going best available would almost surely mean choosing between Fitzpatrick and Edmunds. All I know is that A….. We might be in a position to trade back if a QB slips…and C…. I will be drinking beers enjoying the draft tomorrow night….

But, finding a trade partner is the difficult part. I gave you guys the numbers last night. And the entire defense fell apart one we lost Allen. And that will happen again if we lose Allen. The Greek is OK, but he was far more productive when Allen was in there. Round 1 Pick 15 ARI: Well I have been watching Washington vs Penn St this morning. Replay of the Fiesta Bowl and I gotta say , Vea not setting the world on fire.

Its just one game , but like I said , I gotta say it. If this bitch had said something like that about Michelle Obama and she be out faster than shit through a goose. Fuck that fatass bitch. She will probably get a raise from that university full of cowardly assholes. Wait until the money from donors dries up and we will see how they see her as exercising free speech.

What she said about Barbara was bad enough but when she starts bragging about her tenure it reflected on Fresno state. If there were no cameras around and no chance of any witnesses, I would gladly punch that fat bitch in the gut so hard she might literally end up dying of internal injuries.

I would be appalled if that were true. Posted on April 25, by Alex Zeese. April 26, at April 26, at 3: The looks on the FOX hosts are priceless. I heard it this morning. April 26, at 9: When Scot said he was going to do some damage, he was talking about his liver. See those empty water bottles….

Squinns hails from Missouri. DB not named Ward, please. Good Article about our drafts from Keim: Bye week Or…… Buy week — Squinns. Gotta keep that undefeated record intact. I laugh at myself all the time. Though admittedly, no cartwheels. I wanna see Vita do some cartwheels. Does rolling over the crown of your head count? Guice is a big reach at Dear Scot, Kindly go away. Signed, All of us. Well, he said he was going to do some damage…. Maybe he was talking about his liver.

McGlue has made it no secret that Baker is his favorite player in this draft. For the record, I think he did just fine. Docston, Jones, free agency…. Docston, wait and see what AS brings out of him…. Oh, he put it there! Back to the good ol daysBruce. You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Give us the clock, k0n.

I still think Guice is worth it at If not 44, where would you take him? Could be a smoke screen by a team hoping he drops. So, Derrius, anybody ever call you …. Not even a 5th round flier? Trusting the NFL to investigate it self is like trusting a drunk to run a liquor store. Yes, color me skeptical too. Coach says, You swinging for the other team, boy?

Listened to podcast on my way to work. Good stuff Steve, Rick and Chris. Top 5 is usually easier to guess. April 26, at 8: Caps lose to the Pens in how many games? But if it causes him to fall to 44, outstanding. Best and worst case scenario tonight?? Skins trade entire draft to take Josh Rosen at 1! Land a falling Vea or Payne or Hernandez. Or even Wynn Worst: Liz not doing TI anymore? I think she does both normal beat coverage and write bigger stories.

You should get her on the the show. The next step to the London Jaguars. I still think that would be a big mistake. I do, too, particularly with the time difference and distance. I watched that too. Later in the draft he has us taking Guice. That would be a very nice first two days. Na he has Philly taking Guice at It was a different one then. Peter Schlager, whoever that is. Have we signed Hankins yet? Unless they go punter. Some great punters in this draft. Ha I did a reverse rg trade. Rookie hazing is where it will hurt him.

Do 1st round rookie QBs get hazed? Like 20 minutes ago. April 26, at 7: You wanna be hip-hop, you gotta own it, son. Sounds like his dad had his shit together. No dad was out of the picture Super butch lesbian mom tho. I could do it again with just me, but with my family……fuck that. Never draft a Home Depot shed kid. Loews shed is my cut off. And to be sure…yo boys were a phenomenon, before Vanilla Ice broke.

But after him…it became a plague. Wigger with a mullet. There was no not laughing at that guy. Later, his mullet became a rat tail. That he dyed blonde. It had a 2nd wave in the mid to late 90s Fucking Limp Bizcuit. The Glenn Burnie style Yo-Boy. Would Kid Rock be in that group too? What I was thinking Josh Allen may have been. High school etrod may or may not have had a pencil thin moustache and a fade. I never went full yo boy.

I had the look but I still listened to Nirvana and Pearl jam. I was pretty much every early 90s stereotype rolled in to one.

Yeah, pretty much except my fade was way tighter. No chance Chubb falls to us. Well Allen fell when chances were slim. Slim chance no doubt. Happy Draft Day folks. MMW is babbage, these kids went all out. Zebrahead was the original, But not a comedy. You guys are McLean kids? Did he go to school in Wyoming? The PC term is Yo Boy. Got to be the worst thing about the 90s. In the DMV…they were frign everywhere. The answer to what does old pussy taste like. A word is a word is a word. Dude has a serious screen presence.

April 26, at 6: Picked up and released. Has a den in a bombed out building in Chester…. One for NPI… https: Nothing about Thursday says…. They have the Ranger. American cars have been disgraceful ever since they discontinued the Grand Am.

April 25, at I still have no idea what it is…. Aside from that , I know nothing. Since he killed his dad, yeah. A hot chick with a dragon. A hot naked chick, walking through fire. Lord Varys sells the deal. The novelty of that on tv wore off long ago…. Laura looking especially good tonight , April 25, at 9: Wonder how many people died in that.

Gotta be a way to get rid of that regime and save the people. That guy is enamored with the west… if you show him how truly rich he could really be… You never know what greed could produce. Those are the constructs they use to get in power. Never seen one episode either. Yea… me neither …but it looks like they have whole websites dedicated to nothing but spoilers.

It takes all types I guess. I thought WE offered him only a 1 year prove it deal. I thought the same thing when it went down.

I was one of them. He was all World in training camp. I remember reading that. That was the QB in him. Trying to stay healthy and get to FA.

He looks like a freak , plays like Nancy. He was offered a multi from Cleveland. I thought nobody beats the Wiz. Mike Mayock earlier on his televised mock draft had us picking Vita Vea.

Seems like everyone does. Wing suit not flight suit. Well he has not signed anywhere yet so…. I know I was just trying to be funny. G Dang , let DW deal with him. Had Josh Rosen sliding to Dude is that a high school gymnasium? It could be a Best Western. They had to wait till the masses were dumbed down to get in a froth about it LOL.

I remember them showing footage from like the pre-merger days big ballroom, lots of guys chain smoking, lasted 2 day and was like 20 rounds. George Michael and The Sports Machine!

Not one of these guys is proven at this level. Well… I just agreed to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with my sister… …what the fuck was I thinking? Unless you survive, then it will be a lifetime of misery.

Well thanks for that asshole. Lots of people do it and you rarely hear about problems. My sister has over jumps. The first female flight suit trainer in the US. Look up Squirrel Suit. Canelo takes razor-thin decision over Golovkin It went the distance again, but this time Canelo Alvarez came out on top, defeating Gennady Golovkin in a very close majority decision Saturday night to take the unified middleweight world championship.

Atlas calls Canelo's win 'a robbery' tephen A. GGG 'absolutely' wants third fight with Canelo Gennady Golovkin says he still feels like a champion after losing to Canelo Alvarez and is interested in a third fight.

Ohio State shines on Big Ten's rough day The Buckeyes moved up after a big win over TCU, but most of the conference's teams are heading in the opposite direction.

Full Week 3 scoreboard. Week 2 NFL score predictions: A guide to best games, more Winners for every matchup. Which new NFL coach will break through this week? MNF with a twist Betting guide: Best plays for every game NFL full scoreboard.

Expect a little of everything from the Jaguars The Jaguars say they have a "good game plan" to limit Rob Gronkowski, who had seven catches for yards and a touchdown in the opener. Was Ramsey right about Gronk? It's all about trust: Brady to Gronkowski in double coverage. Try a mock draft Mock Draft Now.