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Salad Recipes to Explore:

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Easy Chicken Salad Recipe Ingredients!!

Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe (VIDEO)

I passed on the eggs and bacon and added tomatoes and elbow pasta to make it into a pasta salad because that was what I had on hand; would have preferred rotini but what can ya do? Perfect for lunch all week! Will definitely come back and play around with this recipe in the future. Minus the corn and dill, plus blue cheese this is a classic Cobb salad. It can definitely be customized! Can I use dried dill instead of fresh one! You can use dry dill. Just make sure if you substitute with dried dill, you use considerably less.

Made this the second time and even doubled up everything. I ended up going to the grocery store and just bought a pack of chicken breasts because I honestly did not feel that I would have use for the dark meat chicken pieces if I bought a pack of rotisserie chicken so I got myself 3 chicken breasts, seasoned it with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika and sprinkled it on the breasts that I brushed with olive oil and roasted it for 25 minutes. Oh and I also brined the chicken for 15 minutes in warm water and salt too to make it even more tastier.

Well, I got enough chicken and was able to add it to the salad which was way more than enough but it turned out so good! I also added sweet red onion to the mix which goes really well with the lemon vinagrette dressing!

This salad is a major hit in our household! Thank you so much for sharing that with me: What is the best substitute for dill? Hi Lian, you could just omit the dill and the salad will still work. Thank you so much for subscribing Debbie! We are so happy to have you here! I appreciate the great review! Hoping you find many new favorites here! Made this salad today and I knew I would love it! Great summer lunch or dinner! Cannot wait to try this next week when my daughter and family are visiting!

Then tossed the chicken salad over a bed of lettuce and cucumbers with a splash of low fat honey mustard. So quick and easy to make! That sounds like a great combination!

Thank you for sharing that with me Rachel! Hi Sharon, Yes, the boiled eggs are optional and sometimes I make the salad with eggs for extra protein and sometimes I leave them out.

I do have that note in the recipe card: I hope this helps. I made this a few weeks ago, everyone loved it, including my very picky son! The avocado flavor really stood out, so yummy. OMG, this was so good!! Will be definitely making it again. Thank you for the great review, Edi! I made this yesterday for a get together and it was awesome! I doubled the recipe and it served 7 with a tiny bit leftover.

Did doubling it serve 7 as a meal? Ashley, this serves 6 as a side when making once batch. Doubling it should serve 12 as a side. I loved this recipe but more important my husband did too! I was leary about the dressing but it was perfect.

I followed the recipe exactly. Thank you for sharing your great review with us! THe picture show hard boiled egg, the recipe does not include it. Hi Janet, Yes, the boiled eggs are optional and sometimes I make the salad with eggs for extra protein and sometimes I leave them out. I just leave the avacodo out and add it daily. It lasts longer that way. But this recipe is so yummy. What a great idea! The lemon should help it from turning brown but this works to!

Ours is usually gone pretty quick! The whole family approved. That sounds like a happy accident! I did the the same it was thick bacon too. Doubled the recipe as well l. I made this last Monday and will be making again tonight for office pot luck tomorrow.

My husband and I loved it! Easy and so refreshing at degrees outside!! I made this last night, and it was fantastic. I made extra dressing and marinated some boneless chicken thighs in the extra before grilling them. I served the thighs on the side instead of adding the chicken into the salad, and it really tied the meal together nicely!

I also grilled some store-bought naan for a little carb extra, and it turned into an amazing meal. That sounds like a great meal! Thank you for sharing that with us Morgan! This time of year is perfect — One nite I added cherry tomatoes — tonight I seeded a zucchini from my garden and chopped it up. Got eggs from my lay-dees. I love that you are using all garden fresh ingredients!

Thank you for sharing your version with us, DeAnna! I made this recipe last night for my fiance and I…. This is such a great recipe that involves all of my absolute favorite things: We even did the extra protein by adding hard boiled eggs and it was such a delight!

Will be making it again this weekend. What an amazing review! Thanks for following and taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment, Kimberly! Thanks for the recipe. Thank you for sharing that with us, Chansenco!

Everything would be mushy and discolored after defrosting. Tried a different recipe you posted and it was awesome. I do have a question, the chicken, do you think this salad would do well with piached chicken breast? Thank you for making our recipes.

Is that precooked weight? The 6 oz of bacon is the weight of the bacon before it is cooked about half of a package of bacon. Roasted the corn under the broiler to bring out the sweetness of the corn. There was plenty and James and I ate all of it! My husband and I loved this! I left the egg out for him but added some fresh tomatoes.

Will make this again and again. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. Definitely going into my summer line up of quick light meals! Hi Trish, thank you so much for the amazing review!! I love the idea of adding tomato and onion. This was an awesome recipe. I added 2 cups of fresh spinach. Thank you for sharing that with us! I made this last night and it was incredible!

There was so much flavor, and the creaminess of the avacado and blend of lemon with the dill makes a perfectly light dressing. I will mark this as a favorite! The sweetness of the krab offset the tartness of the dressing and it was delicious. Thank you so much for sharing that with us! Such a yummy recipe! My family loved it! I did add a cup of canned chickpeas and finely chopped tomato too-they were great add-ins.

I served the whole thing over some fresh spinach could also used chopped romaine or bibb lettuce. Such a nice, easy summer meal! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Wow this is an awesome recipe! I deleted the egg and added a chopped mango for a little sweet addition. So good thank you Natasha! What a great review! Thank you for sharing your version with us, Melanie! Thank you so much for following our blog! Can we replace with pesto for the dressing?

How many eggs did you use for this recipe? Hi Pam, Yes, the boiled eggs are optional and sometimes I make the salad with eggs for extra protein and sometimes I leave them out.

This was sooooo delicious! Even my kids loved it. I did not have fresh dill, so I just eliminated it and it was still fantastic! Hi Melissa, they are optional.

It just adds extra protein. I have a note added about them in the print-friendly recipe card. And you are the best for following our blog and reading our recipes! I do not like the typical dressings with vinegar and normally just use lemon and olive oil on my salads.

This fits right in to my taste. This turned out great. Next time I am going to try it on a bed of fresh spinach! Thanks for the great recipe! I would cut the avocado last and sprinkle it with lemon juice or the dressing to keep it fresh longer.

Will be making this soon. A nice summer dinner. The lemon juice will keep it from turning brown! Great tip for everyone! I made this delicious salad today and I really enjoyed it. It is so hot here in California that this salad is so refreshing for me. I agree, this salad is so great for a hot summer day! We are experiencing degree weather this week ourselves!

Thank you for the wonderful review, Lisa! Thanks for all your hard work! That is a great question. I use the USDA food composition database to count nutrition information. According to it, 1 cup of yellow sweet corn off the cob is Net carbs would be 5. What a great salad!! Love the dressing that crisp taste.

How much is a serving? This recipe makes six servings. Thanks for the awesome review! Love this Avocado Chicken Salad, nok majo, which makes it perfect i dont like majo ind nu salad. My familie mand friends like it. Its perfect in lunchbox and to have when you to camping.

My cousin posted this recipe on Facebook and I brought it to a 4th of July party. After I made it I actually thought twice about bringing it because I wanted to keep it for myself! But I did bring it and it was the hit of the party! Everyone had to have the recipe.

Also, I am not a big dill lover but it really gives it a little extra pop. Thank you for the wonderful review, Tish! What is the sodium count if I leave out the bacon? Hi Joan, we are not nutritionists or registered dietitians. However we do use a free online nutritional calculator such as this and this one to figure out nutritional facts for you and try to be as accurate as possible. I leave the bacon out altogether and still tastes amazing!

The bacon adds to that greatly. Omitting the bacon will help that number a ton! Thank you for the recipe. I just found out I need to fix my cholesterol and lower my sugar and I think this is gonna be something I can use to help that. Once again Thank you. The baked eggs tastes Xs better than boiled eggs! Definitely one to do again! Thank you soooo much for this amazing recipe , so simple yet so flavorful. Could this be made ahead of time and stored in Refrigerator the night before? Hi Marie, yes that would work great!

Hi Marie, we have really enjoyed leftovers of this chicken salad and it does keep well refrigerated for the next day. I thought I saw boiled eggs in this salad? Yes, the boiled eggs are optional and sometimes I make the salad with eggs for extra protein and sometimes I leave them out. Wish you would state that in your recipe then.. I am a cook.. Help out your readers. Hi PA, I do have that note in the recipe card: In my opinion, the recipe was well crafted and well written and tasted good as well.

It feels great knowing for sure that our trip …. I am home alone again. Thanks for your comment Kalinda! Are you tired of all those bowl-in-hand pictures? I saw this recipe and was a bit concerned with the grapes in the recipe. But it seems it works. I think I will need to give it a try…after I replenish my cupboard with raw almonds.

Off to the market! This recipe sounds so wonderful and simple! I bet it is so flavorful! I love LOVE gazpacho and have never had a white one. You make it look so lovely and summery. Otherwise it does look quite delicious. Wow this is certainly a unique combination of flavours- sounds yummy. I try to eat my fruit alone so I might try some jicama in place of the grapes and sweeten with stevia or a little agave. Sounds so good I think I need to hit the market!

I always love the shots holding the bowl. I simply adore gazpacho but have never tried a white variation. I can just imagine the flavor from the almonds and how refreshing it all must be.

Nämen nu har jag suttit i över en timma och slukat er vackra och inspirerande blogg. Den hamnar direkt bland favoriterna. I love the almonds. I like putting nuts in my meals too. I like macadamia nuts for chicken and brazil notes on salad.

This recipe looks very delish. Love that white pepper and your response to Kalinda- haha. I wish I could find one in the US, but I would love to try this just the same!

This recipe sounds amazing. I love the use of grapes. I just went to SF Chefs over the weekend where there were multiple white gazpachos. We read about the SF Chefs on another blog, it sounded like a great event! I, too, thought it would be difficult to find a white pepper here.

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