Obesity in Australia


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Through systematic review, these investigators analyzed the results of endoscopic dilation in patients with stenosis, including complication and success rates. It is meant to be temporary and should be removed 6 months after it is inserted. No significant differences between — and — were seen in either youth or adults. CRoyal court Hotel-Mombasa Period: The published evidence supporting the mini-gastric bypass comes from descriptive reports and case series; the potential biases inherent in reports of case series are well known in clinical epidemiology. Acacia premier Hotel Period:


Obesity in the United States

By partaking in this webinar, participants will be able to: Understand the rationale for using the simplified diet. Teach the simplified PKU diet to their patients. Share best practices around this approach to PKU management.

What Do We Know? Join us for a 1 hour educational webinar with Dr. At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: Understand the relationship between plasma levels and brain uptake of essential amino acids. Understand how medical food composition affects brain amino acid nutrition and development in disorders of intermediary metabolism.

We recommend you transition your patient to a product within our portfolio that will work for your patients. Below are tools that can be found in the Clinician Resources, Metabolics section: Calculation tool to help determine the amount of Nutricia product needed to achieve a desired amount of protein equivalent for individual patients.

Nutricia Metabolic Portfolio Guide: Please join our speaker, Manon Bouchard, Dt. Describe the most up-to-date nutritional management for tyrosinemia. Understand key learnings for successful transitions of your patients. Understand the biochemical pathways of fatty acid oxidation disorders. Describe the nutritional management of the disorders from infancy to adulthood. Engaging Dietitians in Research and Publications: It's Easier Than a Diet Calculation!

Understand how to initiate and participate in scientific research. Describe what is needed to successfully publish a paper or poster presentation. Join our speaker, Dr. By attending the webinar, participants will be able to understand: Newborn Screening and Expanded Access: Join our speaker, Kelly Tappenden, for an educational webinar on the role of prebiotics for infants with inborn errors of metabolism.

This webinar will cover topics such as microbiome and infant nutrition. Participants will be able to apply knowledge of prebiotics and gut health when caring for infants with metabolic disorders. Participants of the webinar will be able to: Identify the available body of evidence and experience in using prebiotic fiber in infants with inborn errors of metabolism. Understand latest research on the efficacy and acceptability of prebiotics in infants with metabolic disorders.

By attending the webinar participants will be able to: Learn about the published data relating to bone health issues in PKU. Gain understanding of how the new guidelines were developed. Describe the main recommendations of the new guidelines. Formulate implications for clinical practice. Eligible for one CEU credit. Omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fat for children. Omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fat and its function in individuals with PKU.

Join our speaker Dr. Kelly Tappenden, PhD, RD, for a one hour presentation on the importance of dietary fiber including prebiotics and recommendations for dietary intake. Definition of dietary fiber, prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics, and identifies available sources. Evidence supporting clinical use of dietary fiber and prebiotics. The importance of including formula with fiber added into the diet.

Learn about best practices for this patient population. Join our experts and Dr. This Webinar is a useful resource for all those not working with metabolic patients on a regular basis, but also experienced practitioners training others. Overview of dietary management of metabolic patients. Grant Mitchell and Manon Bouchard, Dt.

Understand the biochemical background of tyrosinemia. Learn about nutritional management of this patient group. Understand the biochemical background of UCDs.

Anticipate common feeding issues that arise in children with inborn errors of metabolism. Be able to initiate strategies to minimize feeding problems when they do arise. Protect oral eating potential if enteral nutrition is necessary for medical reasons. Most serious consequence of acute MSUD crisis. Outcome of the most severe cases of MSUD encephalopathy. By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: Define the terms, culture and ethnic background.

Understand the premise of "Ethno-consciousness in MNT counseling. Provide examples of different KD initiation protocols used in other countries. Provide examples of how to prepare a KD for specific ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Content presented during this event will be geared towards clinicians who do not have or have limited experience with the ketogenic diet and would like to learn about the ketogenic diet for epilepsy. Please send this information to a colleague who may find this webinar event useful! Understand the basics of the ketogenic diet and the importance of the ratio. Identify lab values to monitor and tips for success. List potential gastrointestinal GI complications of the ketogenic diet.

Evaluate possible interventions for GI complications of the ketogenic diet. Interpret the latest research for older children, adolescents and adults on the ketogenic diet. Compare and contrast the use of variations of the ketogenic diet in older children, adolescents and adults.

Define and describe obstacles of older children, adolescents and adults on the ketogenic diet and ways to address them. Calculate how to make changes to various forms of the ketogenic diet. Appropriately adjust calories, ketogenic diet ratio and supplements based on nutrition needs.

Determine appropriate interventions for a sick patient on the ketogenic diet dependent upon symptoms. List common vitamin and minerals that will not meet the Dietary Reference Intake guidelines on the ketogenic diet. Become comfortable recommending appropriate supplements for a patient on the Ketogenic Diet. Decide when to choose the MCT oil diet vs.

Calculate and design an MCT oil diet by hand and develop a meal plan. Formulate a protocol to initiate an MCT oil diet. Identify ways to initiate the ketogenic diet for a patient in status epilepticus.

Review the ketogenic diet induction process in the NICU. Recite potential complications and troubleshooting related to diet initiation in the NICU. Describe the evidence surrounding the efficacy of the classic ketogenic diet. Implement the learnings in calculating the cKD. This webinar is hosted by The Carson Harris Foundation. Listing with kind permission. Please join presenters Dr.

Review of scientific evidence; experiences with adults on the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet for adults from the perspective of the dietitian. Introducing the Ketogenic Diet for already tub-fed patients. Hints and tips for a successful implementation. Identify disorders for which the ketogenic diet is contraindicated. Identify conditions that benefit from ketogenic diet therapy. Identify a specific diet recommendation for one disorder or condition.

Where does MCT fit in? One 1 CEU credit will be awarded upon completon. Potential nutrient deficiencies commonly associated with the ketogenic diet. How to monitor, manage and prevent deficiencies.

Review of the literature and research on the role of blood ketone testing in initiating and managing the ketogenic diet. Parents are sharing their personal experiences with the ketogenic diet and are answering FAQ from their perspective.

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