Eat More Veggies: 5 Easy Raw Food Recipes

Why go raw?

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I am kind of picky with stews and all in one dishes as I grow up on hot dishes. Coastal Carrot "Fettuccine" Slash carbs and boost fiber by shaving carrots into colorful "noodles" in this Paleo pasta dish. What we did when we were both working was put our crock pot on a timer. Thank you very much! Red potatoes, garlic, low-fat milk, butter, Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, chives Prep: They have to be boiled first to get rid of something that can make you sick. Originally Published on sitename.

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Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Recipes

Hi, we are a non government based organisation who works with young carers and would their families would love to include some of your recipie ideas in our magazine, but wanted to ask for permissions first if this was okay first and if we site you. Wishing you a great day and again thank you. I just bought a vitamix and I have been blending my fruit into my water and adding chia seeds. Have you ever thought about doing this, and what is your thoughts on it?

I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and can go from either extreme art any given time or day. Drinks are the same. Would they be too soggy to do anything with? Maybe I could fill it up again at a water fountain.

Or would the fruit have lost all the flavor from the first fill? For a 1 gallon jar 1 lemon and 1 lime or 2 medium oranges is usually sufficient for citrus fruits, if you were adding mint or basil or sage I would use about a Tablespoon of fresh chopped herbs to the water.

For non citrus fruits try to use the same amount size wise. So probably a cup of say raspberries or chopped watermelon. You can skip this of course. For all the new kids in experimentation with food- take it easy!

Cookery needs testing…does it taste better raw, blended, boiled, abused? Better yet have the kids help! Keep it up, everyone! I just wanted to ask if I could use dried cranberries instead?

And would dried cranberries be less healthy? Please come back and let us know how it turns out! I am new to adding flavor to my water but it is the only way for me to drink more. I truly love pineapple and mint together, it is very refreshing in Texas heat. For a pot luck at work, a coworker mixed watermelon and rosemary which I will make soon for a barbecue. I did strawberry and lemon in a huge container add all ice little water let it sit a few hours and drink.

Love it with just about any fruit Sherrie recently posted Strawberry Shortcake Bites. If using frozen berries ie blackberries, cherries etc would you need to defrost them before putting them in the water? We have Wacky Water Wednesdays during the summer where I work. Come and join us for a delightful drink on on of these days! The only setback is how are we to drink it when we are at work as it need to be kept cool at all time.

What I did was take a water bottle and put a couple cap-fulls of cranberry juice in it, then I put about a teaspoon of lemon juice in it. I am trying to kick my soda habit but I hate drinking plain water, and am looking for ways to mix it up. I like the idea of adding different flavors to the water to help me not mind drinking it. It would be great to have something other then just water to drink, and try new things.

I infuse my water overnight or up to 12 hrs. I remove the part that holds the fruit and use that fruit in a smoothie. I will not miss you. Find over 50 ideas of what to flavor your water with on over at 52 Kitchen Adventures.

Like Loading… May 19, by Sarah Categories: Some ideas for fruit infused water are listed here. One of my favs: Accessed July 9, Comments commentsPowered by Facebook […]. Citrus fruits do have a lot of acid in them, but a squeeze or two is fine in your […].

This is one […]. Stay Refreshed with Low Calorie Drinks Drinking extra calories is very tempting at a celebration and can be easy to do. Create a low calorie, light and refreshing signature drink for your celebration to stay away from the unnecessary calories. Try this cranberry lemonade spritzer, enjoy unsweetened iced tea with lemon, flavored ice teas or check out these great flavored water ideas. It is amazing how much money you end up saving when you eliminate bottled […].

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Get creative and combine them so it never gets dull. The possibilities are endless but here are some of my favorites: Watermelon and mint pictured above Cucumber and mint Lemon and mint Cherry and lime Watermelon and cucumber Ginger and lemon Orange and pineapple Lemon and lavender Lime and mint Cucumber and lime Lemon and basil Strawberry and mint Blackberry and ginger Lemon and blueberry Thyme and blackberries Cucumber and rosemary Cantaloupe and watermelon Cucumber, lemon, and mint Lemon and lime Strawberry and basil Cranberry juice and lemon use a capful of unsweetened cranberry juice Ginger and lime Pineapple and mango Strawberries and lime Orange, lime, and lemon Lemon and a pinch of cayenne Papaya and mango …and I could keep going.

Seriously, there are so many potential combos! Stephanie September 17, at 8: Janelle September 17, at 8: Stephanie September 17, at Karis' Kitchen September 17, at 8: Stephanie September 20, at 8: Sarah January 4, at 8: Stephanie Nuccitelli January 5, at 9: Jessica March 6, at 8: Tilly March 7, at Mary Elizabeth Kormash March 24, at 8: Pat March 28, at 6: Stephanie Nuccitelli April 13, at 8: Caroline March 29, at 6: Seattle Doug March 31, at 9: Shantay April 12, at 1: Teresa April 12, at 5: Meg April 12, at Janae Johnson April 25, at 8: Sara Steffen May 1, at 7: Moreen Hulley May 18, at 6: Joan June 10, at 8: Stephanie Nuccitelli June 12, at 8: McKenzie LaCoss June 24, at Debi Martin July 7, at 9: Karen L K July 21, at 8: Sabiha August 6, at 2: Stephanie Nuccitelli August 7, at 7: Judith August 24, at Thabi September 6, at 2: AprilAllYear September 23, at 9: Deborah S January 1, at 4: ASAD January 11, at Charlene January 25, at 6: Julie January 28, at 6: Helen January 29, at Joanna February 1, at Laura Rhodes February 5, at 9: Nadezhda Greenwood February 16, at 5: Jen March 12, at 5: Meghna April 6, at Stephanie Saunders April 6, at Thierry May 18, at 6: April May 18, at 6: Tanesha May 27, at Nicky June 17, at Jeannine Cox September 25, at 2: Hariet Anderson July 4, at Stephanie Saunders July 19, at 3: Jeannine July 18, at 7: Sherrie May 24, at 9: Martha June 2, at 5: Barbara June 3, at 5: Gena June 9, at 8: Estrellita Oyos November 5, at 4: This gave him the idea to try it with broths and other liquids.

Cryofiltration simply involves freezing your product, you can do it with just about anything — broths, fruits, veggies, anything then defrosting it in the fridge by placing it on a filter or cheesecloth with a container underneath so that as it defrosts, the liquid seeps through the filter and the more solid parts stay on top. When we froze it and let it thaw over a cloth with about microns, we obtained a very nice and clear mushroom consommé.

This is what we now use in the Parmesan Gnocchi. He told us to freeze green apple cut in pieces and thaw it using this method. He has tried cryofiltering everything but has kept what he liked the most such as this mushroom consommé, grape juice with Kefir, gazpacho and pepper water.

For cryofiltration we find it very convenient to use a perforated steam table pan lined with 4 layers of cheesecloth. We used this technique to make tomato water and the results were much better than using micro-bags and expensive filters. You can use this tomato water to make tomato foam, tomato water spheres or just as a cold consommé that can be added to an appetizer for example.

Wait for a couple of minutes and then you should be able to peel the skin very easily with your hands. Make sure it fits in the perforated steam pan. You are then going to unmold the frozen liquid and place it in the perforated steam pan. Join our community of over , fans and master the latest molecular gastronomy techniques.

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