Honey Roasted Carrots


Honey Roasted Carrots with Cumin. Cover and cook over medium-low heat, adding a little more wine if it dries out, until. Added to shopping list. Privacy Policy Sign Up. My family ate this up like it was going out of style.

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It is after all a vegetable. These carrots are so easy to put together and they are great for adding color to a meal. Sometimes I sub a little bit of orange juice for the lemon juice. A little orange or lemon zest also adds just a bit of zing to complement the sweet honey.

These do not last long when I make them! Great way to get your carrots in! I let them cook just a tad little longer so they will be tender enough for the young kids. Lemon-Garlic Glazed Corn on the Cob 8. North African Spiced Carrots 6. Orange-Glazed Shredded Carrots 6. Pomegranate Molasses-Glazed Carrots with Pistachios 5. Glazed Carrots with Currants 1.

Simmered in brown sugar, these sweet, tender carrots are so quick and easy. I love carrots just the way they are. This recipe might get those on the fence about carrots to give them a try. I don't think I would use fresh from the garden carrots for thi My family ate this up like it was going out of style. I made it as a side to go with Maple Salmon and garlic mashed potatoes. Will definitely make again! This is a good base recipe. I confess, the 5 stars are for the results of my alterations.

Simple, but sometimes simple is the best! I've made these several times now, and every once in a while I have a moisture problem with the carrots that prevents the glaze from getting thick. This is one of my favorite recipes for carrots. I got my children and grandchildren to love them. I made this tonite for dinner and it was super easy and delicious. The only thing I added as a tsp. My whole family said to make it I'm not a huge fan of carrots but I loved this recipe!

Sure easy and quick, and a great way to add some flavor to any meal. I didn't make any changes at all- I was even able to get my picky tw The flavor is fantastic! Know that if you're using baby carrots as pictured vs carrot sticks as noted in the recipe, simmering for 10 minutes will leave them still quite crunchy in the middle.