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The Saran Wrap Ball Game Rules and Ideas
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Republishing articles in their entirety is prohibited. Feel free to pin on Pinterest! This is a perfect game for all age groups too! You can make this game as fun or crazy as you want by the prizes you put in the game! They can be weird or odd prices.

Or as we did, some kid friendly prices. Here are the the Saran Wrap Ball Game Rules along with some ideas for the small gifts you can place inside the ball! The first person with the ball starts unwrapping the ball while the person on their right rolls a pair of dice, trying to roll doubles.

Once doubles are rolled, the ball is passed to the next player and the sequence begins again. The person with the ball does not stop unwrapping until the person to their right rolls doubles.

This creates an urgency to the game! You want to roll the dice over and over again as quickly as you can so you get the ball! You get to keep the treasures you unwrap! You decide who starts the game. You can choose to roll the dice or go from youngest to oldest. We put a bigger gift in the middle! Feel free to modify the rules a bit too! If you use one continuous strand of Saran Wrap it makes the game really easy. Try doing different strips of plastic wrap to make the game a bit more difficult.

Be sure to wrap them in different directions too. You can choose any number you want! Use Press and Seal wrap to make more challenging!

If you have a large group of people playing this game, try using two large balls and start them on opposite ends of each another! Use oven mitts, gloves or mittens to make the game more challenging! The prizes you put in the game will depend on the party theme and the ages of the people playing. For our game, we had a Christmas theme and the ages were from 10 years to 15 years old.

You could get really crazy with this game depending on the theme of the party! It would be really fun to see this as a baby shower game or even a bachelor party theme too!

Tips for the Saran Wrap Ball Game: