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The temperature and humidity in the rooms are controlled to provide an optimal experience. I just checked, and kale meets that target for only 6 nutrients. I heard that if you soak the beans in water with 1 tsp of baking powder it will reduce the phytic acid. Legumes are a great source of resistant starch — a prebiotic- necessary to feed gut flora. I used to get fairly heavy periods that lasted days so this is a big change for me. You will be given disposable shoe coverings to slip over your feet or shoes.

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Although it says cure…it is much more about management…. AND honest evaluation about your head pain…is it migraine…chronic headache.. Conditions which can also me aided by very careful self management, but conditions that will not respond to the protocol.

I hope you enjoy it. As a migraine sufferer for over 30 years, and having seen 5 neurologists, even having a stimulator, taken all the preventative meds AND abortives ,Dr. Stanton,s protocol has gotten rid of my migraines.

She personalizes it to each one of us according to our health. The drugs were killing me. I am having surgery soon to remove the stimulator too.

I want it out of my body. I have my life back. When I am feeling best is when i am hydrating myself with plants, berries, vegetables, and some extra water of course. I feel less well to awful. Even my cat was getting sick from dry food and he only eats wet foods now. When in nature would we eat any food without water in it? When we do what does that do to the delicate system of our body?

I have been reading articles on Migraine. This is why I was so disappointed when I read this article. My wife and I have both read the book. We are both members of the Facebook group and do not appreciate the implied ridicule in the opening paragraph.

My wife has been battling chronic migraine for many years, tried many treatments prescribed by neurologists specializing in migraine treatment. Most treatments made things worse. After reading the book, we decided it was worth trying it. We were pleasantly surprised with the results. Although my wife still has migraines, she is now able to have a more productive life. I have been a member of that Facebook group since it was created.

I have seen many people join the group and proceed to criticize the author. Most of them never read the book. They were either looking for an easy fix which they could not get, this takes work , or came looking for a fight and try to discredit the author.

I could be wrong, of course. Tammy, if you did read the book, then it deserves a thoughtful review. Not an implied association with a Facebook tip about salt water. If you did not read the book, I would urge you to remove the references to the book and its corresponding Facebook group from this article. You might want to read the book too. We are calling Tammy out for referring to a book and support group and linking them to the misinformation in her article.

But to link this book and protocol to this statement is unprofessional as the book outlines much more. And now you are trying to state that the issue is dehydration. Yes, it is called a hydration protoco; but the protocol teaches the idea of balancing key electrolytes in order to keep the brain balanced with enough energy to do what it needs. If it were just dehydration, the cure would be everywhere. So as much as all of you are offended but what you label as quick fixes, we are offended by put downs by people who do not understand the protocol or who have not tried it.

You cannot say something does not work without actually researching both sides or trying it yourself. If I may ask, what is the book? It is really not excellent. Getting IV fluids does not increase your sodium level because the normal amount of sodium given in iv fluids is 0.

Also sodium is what keeps fluids in your vascular system and not in your lungs or tissues. I am disappointed in this article on migraine. Usually I find educational and helpful articles that are well researched and non judgmental.

This one does not pass that criteria. I can, however, comment on the book about utilizes salt to help migraines and about the corresponding Facebook group that complements the book. I have read the book, read the Facebook posts, had discussions with the author and follow her method. And, I am now in much less pain and more productive than I was before making these changes.

Bonus too is that because I am eating more healthful, I have more energy. The book and Facebook group does not advocate not taking pharmaceutical medications. The migraineurs that are learning this method are attracted to it BECAUSE there medications are not working or the side effects are too damaging.

Read the book it appears the author of this article has not , and discover it is not just about taking more salt. The book explains in great detail why the method works.

The book teaches you how to listen to your body to understand what it is missing to achieve hydration. To follow this method is work, no doubt about it. Us migraineurs need to be diligent to maintain migraine free status. You need to understand what you are eating will affect your hydration and how to achieve proper balance. Follow the Facebook group and discover a caring, compassionate lady, you will help educate you and answer all your questions.

She is doing this on her own time with no monetary gains at all. We are grateful for her. She is a migraineur herself and has been migraine free to many years following her method. Do your own research about increasing your salt intake. Bring the book to your doctors and discuss. Both my family doctor and neurologist support what I am doing which is basically living a very healthy lifestyle.

Doctors are interested in the book! You should be too. Yet…no one is hearing about it, and those who do, are inspecting it for safety reasons, and for good cause. Not everyone can make their migraines go away on this protocol, and I have been under strict hydration and nutrient protocols for almost 9 years now, medically.

I feel badly that you feel the need to call Tammy out on something that can be potentially harmful if you are not careful. Again I am happy for anyone that finds their remedy. Experts have been treating on that angle for decades. Of course nothing is the magic solution for everyone. One thing that surprises me is that nobody is talking about C1 subluxation headaches or Chiari Malformation migraines or Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

These are structural causes of migraines that will not be helped all that much by salt. Giving us 3 examples of when she or her family went to the ER to get fluids, misunderstanding what those fluids were about and then pretending this somehow proves her point is everything that is wrong with sharing medical information on the internet. It only proves they felt their migraine was better. Tammy needs to go back and rewrite this piece and use actual medical facts- maybe she needs to have someone else write it, someone with more understanding about what is happening during rehydration; someone with the ability to draw conclusions based on facts rather than equating red apples to red balls and calling them the same thing.

There is more to it Livvy. Hydration really only means water but water cannot stay in the cell without sodium—salt is used to create voltage to open the voltage gated pumps and channels—details are in the book—which allows sodium in that can hold onto water.

Volumizing means obviously to increase volume… but increase volume of what? They do, most of which is potassium. If you ever find a person with hypertension, ask what pills they take as a diuretic: The job of potassium is to move water out of the cell whereas the job of sodium is to keep it in your cells. But none of this can happen without voltage.

We know that a migraine brain is a different brain more sensory organ neuronal connections so it is not sick… it is energy deprived. The above written article is completely misleading since the author is neither member in the group or has read the book nor has she ever had the chance to actually learn what the protocol really is about. I just looked it up and it comes from a base word that means water. Yes, if you consume an excessive amount of water in a short time it dilutes the electrolytes in our bodies to the point of death.

It is because we no longer have the amount of electrolytes — which shows that it is essential to our bodies to keep these electrolytes balanced. Many use that as short word for simplicity but in fact hydration to us means this: The protocol in this book works and people with migraines need to know it. I have been a migraine sufferer for decades.

This book helped me more in five minutes than the last 20 years of doctors have ever. Not only that, but the woman who wrote the book has a genuine care and concern for those who have been suffering. She does it out of the kindness of her heart, and there is nothing in it for her.

That is in comparison to many doctors who make a lot of money prescribing medications that can slowly kill. I have tried multiple diets, medications, exercises, doctors, you name it.

The other thing to note is — I am a new member! No migraineur should be robbed of knowing how amazing this protocol so they can begin to change their life, too! I made a slew of doctors visits..

I came across the facebook group.. It is often associated with a genetic condition called Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is a associated with structural pain from hypermobile double jointed joints and connective tissue and headaches are common.

Commonly seen symptoms are stomach issues, velvety skin, pain, headaches, dislocations or subluxations, TMJ pain, neck and back pain. Very glad for you lakewash! Glad to know your daughter is one of them! I am not following the drink salt water cure but a hydration protocol that includes drinking water and adding salt to food and supplementing with salt capsules. I have been following this protocol for over 11 months and have diverted several migraines away…some in less than a 30 minutes.

I have tried drugs and acupunture and the hydration protocol has been the most effective and economical for me. I started getting migraines in my late teens during the time of caring for my terminal father. At first I could get rid of the migraine simply by making myself vomit. Forty years later, I have new triggers, the headache got progressively worst and lasted longer. The hydration protocol is not a simple fix of just adding salt and water to your diet when you having a headache.

It is a lifestyle of monitoring your food choices and intake, checking your urine and blood pressure, hydration levels throughout the day…each and everyday. It is a preventive and there is lots to learn as each individual is different. When I started the protocol …I had a headache each and every morning. It is a learning process and I am learning it. Anyway you can abort a migraine…is a very good day indeed.

I have a hard time believing that migraine. I come to this website because I thought I was getting educated opinions about the latest in the migraine world. I guess I need to rethink how seriously I take the articles on this website. You need to read the book and form an educated opinion.

Then post a revised article. I totally get the caution to beware of instant solutions for migraines, having tried so very many over a lifetime of pain. But Tammy this solution works, and my life has been transformed! And, there is real science behind this approach, which is not just about salt, but is about addressing an imbalance in some very basic and critically important electrolytes.

We also attend to changes in diet which influence the action and availability of these electrolytes. The researcher and author of this work makes herself available each and every day to work with those who wish to apply her method. When I began using this method, I was on the chronic category like yourself. That was November Evidently you have been misinformed with second hand information. Perhaps you should read the book. Thank you for the post…I am glad this issue is being discussed here.

I am one of the many people that have been helped tremendously by the protocol you are discussing. Although I know each persons clinical picture is different there are many for which the protocol of balancing sodium and potassium with the proper hydration truly has been life changing. I have had migraines since early childhood…. I have been hospitalized and as well as like many of you made those awful trips to the ER or doctors for injections.

I have been on preventives and abortants. I am one of those that always seems to have dangerous side effects to these medications. I work as a psychotherapist went back to school at age 40 during a brief period of relief from the meds. I have tried all the cognitive behavioral approaches out there to manage the pain….

When I stumbled across the book that teaches the rationale behind the protocol, I had to give it a shot. I could no longer take nortrypteline as it was damaging my heart….. I began speaking with some folks, made some dietary changes with regards to the protocol and began having results quickly. I began the protocol when I was on vacation to Las Vegas…. I took no Maxalt or other meds with me……I successfully aborted two migraines and prevented a whole lot more.

It is not just about using salt. There is much more to it…. Our brains are extremely sensitive, firing at a much higher rate than non migraineures. Our requirement for keeping a proper balance with potassium and sodium is crucial. Our brains are also much more sensitive to simple carbs and thus…when we eat these things we pull sodium out of our system much faster, dehydrating ourselves…thus pulling out sodium.

Not everyone will have success…depending on medications and co morbid conditions. My family is floored by the changes they see. I have not needed Maxalt or any triptans in 35 days….

I had been using them several times a week for years. Nothing has ever worked for me like this. I rarely comment on blogs but felt compelled to encourage people not to shoot down something that is grounded in science and is definitely working for people. Migraines are brutal so anything that may help should be examined closely….. I know for a fact that the author is not making her fortune on the sales of book or supplements.

Tammy, you really should have done your research before writing this little article. That would just make you vomit. The book explains the importance of hydration and adequate sodium availability for the brains of migraine sufferers.

I would think that someone such as yourself, who cannot do what you love due to migraines, would be willing to read and understand anything that might actually help you get your life back.

I know I was. Migraines are complex and this is not a stand-alone answer for those of us with complex causes. I could see the sense in the science, so I decided to try the protocol. I was not surprised that it worked, because: Luna, Himalayan salt is actually radioactive and has lead and mercury in it.. I feel so thankful that I found the company like yours who are committed to only provide the best quality products. Thank you, Isabella, and I wish you a continued success!! I will be with you.

I'm so excited to be turning Really, there's no wrinkles! Just at my eyes when I smile. And, I've never had any cosmetic surgery. I had microdermabration done once, but hated it. I believe in feeding your skin, not torturing it!

I live a chemical-free organic lifestyle and that probably helps a lot. And I do eat lots of olive oil, it's great for the skin.

I am a 65 year old active lady and was given jars of the 84 Minerals unscented Face Cleanser and Hydrating Night Cream as a Christmas gift. Because I have sensitive skin, have difficulty tolerating perfumed face products and tend to be dry skinned in the winter — I was very reluctant to try these products. After using both the cleanser and hydrating cream every night for 3 weeks, the pores on and around my nose have diminished in size and the white heads around the base of my nose have all but disappeared.

In addition, my skin has not dried out — I thought surely the Himalayan Salt would tend to dry my skin — not so! I would definitely recommend them and plan to continue to use them. I hope you are doing well! Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the dark purple Persian salt lamp you have picked out for us! It has a beautiful color, and true, it is much better to sleep with than the Himalayan salt lamp.

So that one I could move to my office now and enjoy it there during that day and have the Persian in our bedroom for the night! I really appreciate your help and personal attention when picking it out! I have been using the organic daily face cream and the eye and neck cream for about a year now, with great results. There is a visible difference in the appearance, or I should rather say disappearance of fine lines around my eyes and neck, the creams absorb right into the skin, no greasiness or caking, just great!

Now that you have the new night cream, I was excited to try that one as well. I have to tell you that again you made a fantastic product, I am very happy with it! Same great quality as we are used to from you already, this night cream goes on very smooth, again, no greasiness at all, while it still feels rich, but light and moisturizing! I love it, love it, love it! Thank you for making great products, I hope you will stay in business and keep making them forever!!!

I wanted to tell you how much she loved it! Isabella, Just thought you might find this site interesting. I was also in awe of the mud mask.

I also use the Mud with frequency. I hope my humble opinion may encourage others to treat themselves to the powers of these products. Science has proven that negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air and neutralize them.

Since our daily lives revolve around computers and technology, negative ions can combat EMF electro magnetic smog to offset these modern conveniences we all use. Its all about balance! Some of our clients using our Himalayan salt lamps report great improvements in their asthma, allergies, sleep apnea, ADD and overall well-being along with enjoying the soothing calm light they offer.

Our special formulas of hand made skin care products have helped acne, dry skin, wrinkles and blotchy skin. Our Himalayan salt therapy Inhalation products have helped clients off emergency inhalers, breath better, less snoring, reduce symptoms of COBD when used regular and fight coughs and colds. Along with proper diet, detoxing and removing all toxic chemicals from your home, including most traditional cleaning products and petroleum based candles, Salt therapy inhalation can dramatically help the inflammation in your lungs and start healing them.

Since we have been working with clients personally in our retail store and salt room locations and by phone. We have heard from thousands of customers over the years on all the great benefits they get from our So Well natural products and are glad we can be of service to our planet and the communities we have created.

We are ecologically conscious and only offer products that contribute to a better world.

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