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Learn the secrets of low carb bread , cheesecake , cookies and ice cream to ensure boredom and deprivation won't derail your diet From: I just turned 50 and cannot imagine not going to the gym. The simple fact is, exercising for fat burning is not about spending hours in the gym every day. I've already reached my weight loss goal, and am going to push for even more weight loss. Treats Everybody loves junk food and your hedgehog is no exception.

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You're probably also fed up with bacon and eggs for breakfast and wish you could have low carb bread to put your sandwich filling in. You'd just love to curl up on the sofa with some ice cream but you know it will send your blood sugar and insulin into overdrive and trigger carbohydrate cravings you can't control. You know how hard it is to go back on the diet once you've gone off it, and you know that every 'excursion' makes your weight loss slow down or even stop.

But sometimes, you have a weak moment and those feelings of boredom and deprivation get the better of you. You know that that's not the way to the weight loss of your dreams, but you can't help yourself. What you need is a low carb cookbook full of quick and easy recipes for the foods you most miss. The ones that most low carb cookbooks conveniently ignore — recipes that are difficult to convert to low carb such as bread, cakes, cookies, ice cream, pies, sauces, quiches, rice dishes and desserts.

A cookbook that will banish the twin diet killers of boredom and deprivation from your low carb way of eating. Your recipe book does, I believe, make the difference between success and failure on a low-carb diet and I am thrilled to have found it. I have a couple of favourites which I make over and over again, almost every week. JT, South Africa J. I love your cookbook. It's by far the best I've come across.

Thanks to your fabulous cookbook, it'll be an easy ride. Keep making all this magic with all these lovely recipes! Louise S, South Africa. Just what I've been looking for - simple and no obscure ingredients. I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful recipe book, invaluable to low carbers. Would also like to thank you for your wonderful site and all your previous replies to my many queries, it is very much appreciated.

I have steered many desperate and confused new low carbers to your fountain of knowledge! The variety and simple recipes are exactly what I was looking for.

I made the flat bread just now and it's very good. I altered the recipe a bit and did the editing - very easy to do and very effective. So far, I'm delighted with the cookbook.

It's easy to access and use and the recipes are good. My flatbread turned out good. The bread smelled really nice and was very tasty. If you've joined the low carbohydrate diet revolution, here's just the site to help you stay on track. Here's your perfect resource for deciding what to cook when that person arrives for dinner! Good Housekeeping Site of the Day, March 23, A very good cookbook with lots of features and explanation.

Good Website Guide Here's another great find If you have ever wished for a better way to control your individual recipes, or keep your collection of favorites conveniently on your computer, then I recommend taking a look at the Low Carb is Easy interactive cookbook. I have found it to be a great solution. Can't remember what website your favorite low carb recipe was on or what book it was in?

This Cookbook is the solution. Moist Food Moist food should also be fed to your pet. Canned cat or dog food work well as hedgehog food. Be sure to get a food that is high in protein and is made primarily from meat or chicken. Some foods you could use are beans, peas, corn, apples, and carrots.

Your pet may only like a few types of fruits or vegetables so try a variety. Treats Everybody loves junk food and your hedgehog is no exception. Treats are a great way to add variety to his diet, but should be fed in moderation. Insects like crickets and mealworms make great treats.

Other choices are moist cat or dog treats, and cooked foods like eggs, hamburger, and chicken. Giving him a small piece of your food is an easy way to supply treats. Water A hedgehog needs to always have a source of clean fresh water.

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