ANDI Food Scores: Rating the Nutrient Density of Foods

Dr. Fuhrman’s Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI)

Reverse Osteoporosis & Increase Your Bone Density
Low-fat or fat-free dairy products Calcium -fortified juices and foods, like cereal , soy milk, and tofu Sardines and salmon with bones Dark green vegetables, like kale and broccoli Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium you eat. OCMP is a proprietary formulation, doctor designed, that provides therapeutic levels of all ionic gatekeeper nutrients - in the right ratios. Values lower than 7 indicate the presence of acids and greater than 7. Frank Shallenberger, a well known alternative MD, makes the point that comparing bone density tests is many times inaccurate because they tests must be taken at exactly the same spot on the same bone. It will optimize the function of the adrenals and the thyroid.

Exercise Your Bones

Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritarian Pyramid

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