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Where Was Kathy Levine's Wedding?
I too am very sorry to hear that Jeffrey suffered a stroke recently. You can imagine her reaction. Oh and Ryka shoes!! He was definitely not openly gay at the time: Years and years ago, he was doing one of his 18 kt gold shows, complete with tux and fancily dressed models, and he told his audience he had a wonderful new pair of earrings coming up, that we shouldn't wait, we should just jump on the phone and order immediately because we would all love 'em and they would surely sell out. I was never a fan of Judy Crowell but remember we all are Gods creatures. Anonymous September 16, at 3:

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We are all very sad to hear the news about Jeff. We always wondered and were concerned what happened to him. While it's nice to hear his last couple years he was sober and he is doing well, it's dis heartening to hear of his stroke and his poor chances of survival. I believe Jeff thrived on having fun and making those around him enjoy life. It is said to read many of the post of people that truly didn't know or understand him.

I'm glad that Jeff had good friends out there that let his mom know. She has worried about him for years. I, too grew up with Jeff. He was my neighbor and one of my very best friends. He drove me to school every day for two years. We were in drama club, band and many other activities together in High School. We lived in the country, so many childhood years were spent playing imaginary games.

We would dress up and be silly. One of my favorite memories as children is making up a slip and slide out of plastic. We played all day and when Jeff's dad got home and realized that we had ruined the grass, we were all in big trouble. We laughed about it for years.

My mom is very dear friends with Jeff's mom. All these years have passed and we all longed to hear something from Jeff. I knew he was out there, we are all so sad that he never came back home. My heart is broken that he didn't know how many people loved and cared about him.

Thank you to the angel that contacted his mother to let her know where he is. I am praying they get there in time.

For all of those who pray, please keep Jeff and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Jeffery's condition seems to have improved slightly. He is able to communicate and understands what is being said to him. He was standing with help yesterday. He is partly parallyzed on the right side and only able to open his right eye. He was eating solid food too.

They are looking to move him to a rehab facility and he has a long road to recovery ahead. His family traveled from IN to AZ and have been with him the past few days.

I think they are staying with one of Jeffery's friends. Hopefully some healing with the family will come out of this tragedy. I had sex with Jeff after his split from Judy. She was not good in bed from what he said. Jeff had a huge penis and a great lover. He has spent the last several weeks in a hospital in Mesa, AZ.

At first, it was thought that he would not survive because of all the bleeding in the brain; however, he has defied the odds and made great strides. He is partially paralyzed on the right. He is slowly gaining strength and mobility back in his right side and was moved to a long-term care facility this past week. I worked with Jeff's sister Linda. I was not watching QVC at the time and never knew of him until years later when I began to watch. My husband coached and taught at Eastern Hancock which I believe is where Jeff attended school We were not there at that time.

The Hewson name is well known in those parts and the people are very nice. I hope Jeff continues to show improvement with his health issues. He should know he has many friends around the world who are thinking of him and hoping for his recovery. I too am very sorry to hear that Jeffrey suffered a stroke recently.

I loved watching him on QVC every time he was on. He was the highlight of my day. I am so sorry that he has had such a hard time since those good ole days when so many of us enjoyed him soooo much.

I loved watching Jeff on QVC. The clue was "A Virtue" and the letters were all scrambled, but I guessed it and the word was Charity. Jeff yelled out, "You've WON!! I could not believe it. I wish I had a picture of that bracelet now, I lost it at a singles dance about 10 months later.

I was sick to my stomach. I'll always remember Jeff on QVC. He was so good looking and I could not understand why he would marry HER! Drinker or not, he was better than her. Good Luck to Jeff Hewson. I still have his CD which was sent out with my Karaoke Machine back in the day. It's easier to select ANonymous than try to put my name, which is Sandy. Jeff Hewson - Come out, come out, wherever you are! I would love to know what's going on in his life.

I thought he was talented, smart, adorable and should have been doing something other than selling crap at QVC. He was definitely immature but hopefully he's grown up in the years since he left QVC. The flirting that went on between Kathy Levine and Jeff always made my skin crawl because she looked old enough to be his mother.

I guess they really weren't all that far apart in age but Kathy looked older than she really was, and Jeff looked younger than he really was.

I hope he's well and happy, wherever he is. I don't believe anything that all these so-called friends of Jeff write in the comments. To Anonymous from December Linda is Jeff's cousin and a h. I was Jeff's neighbor. His sister's name is not Linda but I don't feel I should reveal here.

I am so sorry to have been mistaken about Jeff's sister I wondered why she never mentioned him to me I did get to enjoy him briefly when I began watching QVC in Regardless, he came from a very nice family in a very nice area of Indiana Good times were had by my family during the 10 years we lived there Hope Jeff is continuing to improve with his health issues Have to admit I am disturbed by the tacky comments people have made about the various individuals in the QVC system.

We are talking about frail human individuals. Very sorry you don't have better things to do than rip up other people. We loved Jeff and Kathy, Kathy actually pulled my name out for shopper dollars.. We are saddened to hear about Jeffreys medical issues, and wish him the best. What goes on in his personal life is his own business and as long as he is happy, that is all that should matter. Shawn is either a coke queen or has mental problems and now we how an even worse psycho in Nancy Hornbeck.

She can't even complete a sentence with forgeting what she wanted to say. I have to turn either of them off even if the merchandise is something I like. Is QVC that hard up? Or do they need a new talent scout? Agreed; JT speaks waaaaay too fast and too much. I switch the channel whenever she appears and Not a fan of Nancy , either --voice is very irritating. I can't take Sharon Friesh sp she talks to you like your stupid and thinks her crap don't stink.

Wish they would find someone else to do the food shows. Is this a step "up" for them? Seems as though it's the end of the line.

So many changes on all shopping channels, neither of which are what they used to be. Guess the bottom line is money to all companies. They got rid of many hosts we all liked and showed considerable decline in many products. Quality has truly been replaced by substandard goods. Diamonique was fabulous when QVC first bought the company but now receives many negative comments. Too bad QVC refused to acknowledge the Tova line and make at least an attempt at satisfying the customer with the fragrance that we all loved and still want to purchase.

They have long since forgotten that it was us, the customer, who made them yet they're willing to lose us. Is all this sad news about Jeff really true? If it is, I send him my well wishes. He was a fabulous host on QVC. May God Bless him. Jeffrey is doing better and living in a facilty in mesa, az. He is just as sweet now as when we watched him on QVC please keep him in your prayers. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

I really hate to hear of Jeff's health problems. I watched Q when he, Judy, Paul, Kathy, Bob and so many others were on there, but time changes things there as everywhere in life. I have loved watching each of those. BUT I have to agree with some on the people on there now. I have to turn it off when Shawn comes on and will not order anything she has on air. There is a couple of others that sort of gets on my last nerve but Shawn is the worst they have hired.

Just do not order when she is online and maybe they will find someone else that is not so stuck on them self. She really thinks she is cute but isn't that the way it is the one who is not cute thinks they are pretty and cute.

I have read all these posts and so far I have learned that Jeffery was missing, gay, a drunk, a sexual predator, full of himself, and is now paralyized from a stroke in a hospital.

Some of you even had sex with him. Ya'll are making me tired, he's probably laughing his ass off, reading all these stories about himself.

I was thinking the same thing. I pray that Jeffery Hewson is well and I wish we could find somewhere to watch him He kept a lot of people happy by just watching him on QVC.. I was never a fan of Judy Crowell but remember we all are Gods creatures. Give him all the best and I pray he gets well It is true that QVC hosts are not what they used to be. I watch only certain ones and change channel when, ie Shawn and other come on. It is true, I can't stand most of them.

I have watched QVC since and really liked Jeff. Best host they ever had. Judy Crowell is such a phony. She destroyed Jeff and then destroyed Paul's marriage. Paul used to talk about Susan, his wife, on air until one day he stopped and Judy took over. I feel so sad for Jeff.

Not only have the hosts changed at QVC but the products. I used to love the Mrs. Prindable apples til they changed to the sour green apples and way less carmel. Oh and Ryka shoes!! What did they do with the sizing?

I have send 3 pairs back because they made the toe box smaller. Prindable apples many years You should have sent them back. I do hope Jeffery recuperates from his divastating illness. He should be selling again--had a real talent for it. We used to watch for hours and bought thousands of dollars of gold from QVC.

Jeff was a cute as a bug in a rug. And he knew it. A speedy recovery, Jeff. I always watched him on QVC he was so funny especially when he was doing kids toys. I am so sorry to hear of his illness, hope he is getting better every day. My best to him. As for Judy I never liked her I always thought she was a phoney. Whenever Jane Treacy used to be on I would change the channel.

It seems like they toned her down a bit but I still can't watch her. They just get on peoples nerves. So I just don't watch it anymore. And I used to spend a lot. Does Isaac Mizrahi have Tourette's Syndrome? If so I sympathize with him. I turn QVC off.

I hope he is doing better. Isnt it something they way people will trash one another even though they dont know them. Wow give us a break. So what he thought of who he was, he was good at what he did. Give a guy a break. Glad I dont know any of you trashers. Mary Beth and Dan have been with QVC since it was a shopping channel in Minnsota so they have been at qvc the longest.

Loved Jeff Hewson and qvc until everything started coming from china. It started and still remains in West Chester PA. Some of the early personnel were from the San Diego show.

It was very early tv shopping Jeff-rey was the best of them all on QVC! He could sell anything they threw at him! Probably why he went into hiding. Hell has a special place for the mean ones. Sounds like y'all will have lots of company down there I too notice a big difference with the newer QVC hosts.

Not fond of the new women hosts and Jane Treacy seems to be trying to be just like them instead of her normal self. Act professional and not silly. Get rid of all the new Hosts, and start fresh.

I was with QVC from the start and bought a lot. I loved Kathy, Jeff, and most of the early hosts. Due to economic reasons, I had to go with basic cable and lost QVC. The hosts know nothing about the features of the products.

They have no personality and just repeat the same high-pressure lines for everything. The reps from the product companies are better but as soon as one is going to actually tell you what features the product has, the HSN host cuts them off with some high pressure crap they repeat for everything.

They accept on-air calls but never talk human to human to them as I recall QVC doing, and rush all callers right off, as if these customers are beneath the hosts. And many of their product reviews are obviously fake, written by HSN themselves. In comparison QVC, even though it is not what it was, is so much better. What you have stated about HSN is absolutely not true.

Sounds like you are trying to put a feather in your hat to QVC. You all are getting confused with Jeffrey Hewson. He did NOT have a stroke. It was another with the same name. As far as the QVC hosts, I agree. The new ones and some of the ones who have been there for awhile are terrible. I also agree, what gives with QVC and their products.

The products are horrible and I guess Quality Control does not care, because they know that some people are dumb enough to buy their cheap looking, defective crap. It is quite sad to read such hatred. I say deal with the facts or keep it to yourself. I agree about some of the newer QVC hosts. Then, on top of that she always brings up places in Delaware County where she grew up She was on a spiel for a while there about how old she was.

Maybe if she stopped "talking all over" vendors she would be more respected as a mature person. Mary Beth is the best host on QVC. Jeff and Kathy were the best. Hope he is doing well. I remember when he had Joan Collins on and he had his hands full. Judy has been all over the place and I was flipping channels and she was on Jewelry TV with a line.

Been wathing since Value Vision merged with them. Lisa R does a good job. Leah Williams sp and Mary Beth and Antonella are always great to watch, seem like a real people and not putting on an act for the cameras. I think alot of times the hosts need to listen more and talk less, some talk over the vendors and forget what they asked the callers or what the callers said and repeat.

I too have noticed some quality issues, Northeern Nights sheets do not seem to be made the same. I didn't know who Jef Hewson was until I went to a local auction here in Denver.

I ended up bidding on boxes of "stuff" from a storage unit and most of the items belonged to him. This was about I think. Ended up selling most of the stuff on ebay. If the above comments are true I can't agree more regarding the comments regarding Shawn. She is flirtous, poorly dressed and a deficit to QVC. Jane is so phoney; I'm sorry she returned to QVC. Sharon talks over her quests and her smacky kisses need to go.

As for Jeff, who cares?!? I am so glad someone else agrees with me!! They all should go!!! I don't know who's a bitch and who's not, but the fact that he stormed out of QVC because some woman he married drove him to it while she remains happily married now to someone else shows that she's definitely capable of having a successful marriage and that the fault undoubtedly lied with Jeff. FIrst of all, he acts like he is gay, and I can't imagine that any straight woman in her right mind would've married someone who is so obviously not into women and why any guy who was clearly that gay would entertain the notion of coming within a foot of any vagina, so probably just a mistake on both parts.

But I'm pretty sure the reason the marriage didn't last was because of the fact that he was into men. It would be one thing if he wasn't so obvious, but it was so I have to wonder what she was thinking, too. Another thing, i did not find him to be adorable, smart or funny. He came across as a boyish hick farm boy who constantly mispronounced foreign words croissant he used to say and pronounced it phonetically I remember and appealed mainly to old ladies with southern accents squandering their life savings on overpriced jewelry and figurines that they probably never bothered to open, but ordered nonetheless until senility finally overtook them.

He was not a heart throb by amy stretch unless this type of man is someone who interests you. For most women, it's not. He did have really cool 18k shows and had impeccable manners. It's just that, as a woman, I do not understand his appeal sexually to other women. There are more important things in life than shopping networks. Get a life ladies! One night when jeff was on air someone called in calling him a fag About a few months later he was engaged to judy, and it ended.

I feel sorry for anyone who is riddiculed publically, and i always wondered if the marriage was a cover for him? As far as judy goes, i think she broke up paul's marriage, but if his marriage was solid it would've been impossible. Paul acts and presents himself very much like jeff did. Oh, thank you so much! I remember watching the next day and a lady caller commented to Jeff on how terrible it. I always wondered what was said to him on air.

No, you are confused. The "fag" comment was an on-air remark to Bob Bowersox. Judi Crowell married Paul Deasy and is doing infomercials along with her shopping channel sales I hope Jeff is well and the "Stroke" is a fabrication And then there was a Mason is doing a Diamonique Show that started at 5 p. She has already revealed that she is writing a book, and has said she would like to get back into TV news.

Mason, whose Southern drawl is showing, fielded a call on-air from former QVC host Kathy Levine, who praised her to high heaven. Lifestyle doyenne Martha Stewart, who hails from our former town of Nutley, N. Stewart, who did jail time for a little criminal charge involving stock trading, several years ago had a line on QVC.

Her company did a deal earlier this year to produce daytime programming for the Hallmark Channel. She is from Jersey, and you know that endears her to us. She is from the working class town of Nutley, where we lived for about a dozen years while we were working for The Herald-News.

He will offer his cooking and kitchen appliance expertise. Lisa Robertson posted this photo of her and Kathy Levine on Facebook. Girlfriend, we already blogged that! Levine wrote a wonderful tribute to her mother on Facebook. Here is part of it. Here is the link to the full post: And here is another excerpt: There were other pieces we loved, as well.

Check out the link: Now Levine posted this on Facebook: And we like Stewart because her birthday is Aug. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Soon after meeting Taub, Levine reconnected with a former QVC executive, Barry Diller, She asked whether he had any projects that would be right for her, and he said he was seeking a host for a new talk show. Taub encouraged her to resign from QVC with no regrets. Levine left QVC on good terms and was welcomed when she returned years later with a jewelry line. Although the talk show never went into production, it was the incentive for Levine to leave QVC and have time to do what she wanted.

Quick Answer Kathy Levine left QVC because her work schedule was too taxing and she wanted more free time for her personal life.

Where Was Kathy Levine's Wedding?

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