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The pulp is dry, the juice is great, but the design and operation are disappointments. The first two stereo singles were issued on blue vinyl. Items in the discography below with " U " after the number are unconfirmed as to their actual release. It really does make a huge difference and great tasting drinks will keep you motivated to keep juicing. This label was used for , and for and later. I vote for masticating juicers, much as they cost and arm and a leg, they perform better. If you need to remove the juice-catch-container while juicing to clean the screen or pour juice into something, it means having to move the pulp-catch-container out of the way, which means having to scrape any hanging pulp from the exit shoot or lest it falls on the counter, like it did with me.

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See Why Masticating Juicers Outperform Centrifugal Juicers In Every Category But One

Cameo Orange label with silver print, mono label shown at left. The single below was listed in some catalogs, but it was unlikely to have been actually released in stereo. Cameo did record some things in stereo as early as , but Bobby Rydell's hit recordings were generally done at Reco Art studios, which only had mono equipment at the time. Capitol The first stereo single releases by Capitol, issued in late April, , had a red label with silver print, with Capitol logo on top.

The label had the same design as the old s purple label, but with a different color. After the first six singles released, SS below, Capitol released two more soon after S, S , then waited until November, , to release three more. Most or all of the first batch of Capitol stereo 45s were also issued as stereo DJ singles, using a white label with black print. Three more stereo single releases came out in November, They had a gold label with black print, with the Capitol logo on the left side of the center hole.

This resembled the new Capitol purple label design introduced about that time. Stereo DJ versions of these three had silver labels with black print.

Carlton Standard tan Carlton label with black print. Special stereo sleeve shown at left. At least some copies of are not marked stereo on the label, but play in true stereo and have "ST" in the runout groove area. Carousel Standard blue Carousel label with silver print: Chancellor Early issues used the standard early pink Chancellor label with black print: Chancellor stereo singles we have heard have all been true stereo.

Later Chancellor issues used the new standard black label with silver print. Concert-Disc The Concert-Disc label was gold with black print. Concert-Disc, located in Wilmette, Illinois, was originally a stereo tape label Concertapes. A May, , advertisement promoted ten stereo 45s drawn from their albums.

No artists or song titles were listed. Colpix Standard gold Colpix label with black print. The single is true stereo.

Command Standard grey Command label with black print. Contemporary White label mono copy with black print is shown. Counterpoint The Counterpoint label was dark red with silver print. The single noted that it was "compatible stereo," playing both in stereo and mono. A story in the December 29, Billboard noted that the company said "Both sides have been gimmicked to emphasize stereo sound.

Crest Standard blue mono label with silver print is shown: The single below was reported in Billboard as available on stereo 45, but existence is questionable.

The listing may be a mixup due to "Three Stars" by Ruby Wright being reported as available on a stereo single by King Records. The Ruby Wright version charted a few weeks before Billboard started noting stereo singles, so notes on what was available may have been misinterpreted.

Decca Black label with silver print, mono label shown. DeLuxe Blue label with silver print. Dolton Green Dolton label with black print. Dot "Ultra Stereophonic Record" Black label with silver print. First release was January, They could be numbers higher than in the S series, or they may not have been issued at all. End Standard End multi-color "dog" label.

Felsted Orange label with black print, mono label shown. This single was listed as available on Billboard's Hot , but has not been found after extensive searching.

It was probably an error due to the Ruby Wright version of the song which didn't chart being reported as available on stereo by King Records.

Federal Blue label with silver print. The Federal stereo 45s we've heard, including those by James Brown, are true stereo. Grand Award Blue label with silver print. All singles below are stereo only except , which has a mono counterpart. Guaranteed White label with red print; mono label shown.

We have not seen this single, but both sides were true stereo on his Carlton album. Heartbeat Silver label with black print. Both sides are true stereo. Regular Heartbeat mono releases used a gold label. Hi Fi Red label with black and silver print. The Arthur Lyman songs were stereo on Hi-Fi albums. Hunt Standard white Hunt label with green print. Although this stereo single was released the same time as the mono single was a hit, the true stereo version of "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" here is an alternate version.

Jamie Jamie used their standard label with a stereo overprint. Earliest stereo 45 used the standard yellow label with black print. Some of the Jamie stereo singles are rechanneled. Jamie is probably rechanneled. For Jamie and later, the later standard yellow and white label with black print was used.

Jamie is rechanneled, and Jamie is true stereo. Singles below were released about October, We have heard several of these singles, all of which were true stereo. Most releases in this series are stereo-only. Kapp The first stereo single S used the then-current maroon and silver label. The later singles used the standard dark red and silver label. Keen Gold label with black print.

The first two stereo singles were issued on blue vinyl. Stereo single sleeve is also shown at left. All are true stereo. King The first single, "Rainbow Riot," had a yellow label with black print. All the King stereo singles we have heard have been true stereo.

Later singles had a dark blue label with silver print. Laurie Standard Laurie red and white label. These releases were true stereo. Laurie has later released these singles with the same label and stereo designation, but the later pressings were mono.

Liberty Black label with silver print. Although "The Chipmunk Song" was mixed to stereo years later, it is not known whether the stereo single of "The Chipmunk Song" released in is true stereo. The original hit version of "Quiet Village" was a mono recording. All stereo versions of the song, including on stereo 45, stereo 33, or album, have been the stereo remake. London Blue label with silver print; mono label shown.

Love Standard red mono label with gold print is shown: Although the singles below were included in a Billboard ad as available on stereo 45, their existence has not been verified.

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Soprel Servo Drive 7. Star Automation - Star Seiki Co. Sumitomo - Sumitomo Heavy Ind Ltd. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Topward Electric Instruments Co. Trane - The Trane Co. Transtech Parallel Systems Ltd. Vacon Plc, a member of Vacon Group 7. A Meggitt Group company. Wexler Computer Systems Development Ld. Find more like this. Most centrifugal juicers have a wider chute for adding the food, which makes them easier to work with. Masticating juicing machines are built for long-term use by serious juicers that are committed for the long haul.

These machines cost a lot more but they are also better built and come with warranties that last for years. Be forewarned that most of the reviews that you are going to read about these juicer models are going to be good because the machines are built to be strong, durable and perhaps last a lifetime.

If you are the type of person that gets up at 7: Measure the distance from your countertop to the bottom of your cupboards first to make sure that the unit will fit properly. This is one of the true investments that you can make in yourself, your family, your health and your entire future. There is no better way to get the most nutritional value from food than by juicing. I am looking for the best masticating juicer, to process berries and tomatillos.

What do you recommend? The vegetable strainer had a lot of pulp waste. The omega recently came out so that means that the price of the previous models have dropped again. I would go with either the latest model or the depending on budget. I am looking to upgrade my centrafugal juicer to a masticating one.

Many thanks j smith. If work space is an issue I would definitely recommend an upright. In my experience, kitchen aid attachments generally work ok, but they are small and the prep work is much more laborious! I vote for masticating juicers, much as they cost and arm and a leg, they perform better.

How come you have no purchase links for featured juicers. I was wondering if the masticating juicer makes a good orange juice and if I will have to peel the orange before putting it into the machine? I will appreciate your reply. Definitely peel off the skin, Miriam. The orange part of the skin tastes horrible but the white is safe to juice.

Using a knife cut off the orange part leaving some of the white behind is fine and much faster than fully peeling it. This is all new to me! It looks like it is a centrifugal juicer. Amazon carries it and has over 30 reviews not great reviews either if you want to check those out. I am looking for the best juicer to travel with. I have the Omega at home but need one to take with me that is more compact but still great quality. I have only 10 mins every morning to make my juice and drink it.

I prefer to add spinach to my juice. Please suggest what type of juicer should i choose. What juicer would you recommend for commercial use? What about the ruby or nutrifaster commercial juicer?

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