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About to try traveling with it as my job has me on the road 7 days a week mostly servicing amazons. It is labeled in the instruction booklet as Blade Removal Tool. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Customers also viewed these items. And it's been heck trying to figure out how to eat healthy. I highly recommend this model, more than enough horsepower and I don't miss constantly pulsing my smoothies, cause you don't have to with this.

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Why You Really Need to Add the NutriBullet to Your Amazon Shopping Cart This Prime Day

The best way to explain this is: Look at the gasket ring. On the top you'll see 3 lines. Now, using the soup cup so you can see down in there, screw the blade housing onto the cup. Look and you'll only see ONE line of the gasket.

That means that the cup is actually sitting on the gasket. That also means that it is impossible for the gasket to "come loose" during use and get "wrapped around the blade" UNLESS it was not secure before screwing on the blade housing. I easily recreated the conditions that caused the gasket to come out. I also easily avoided them for a solid month of twice-daily use.

If you unscrew with your hand and not the tool? Sometimes the gasket comes out. Imagine you've put a rubber band around a roll of toilet paper, just at the edge. Now if you squeeze the toilet paper roll, the rubber band can come off. The blade housing is big. I have big hands and it still feels big to me.

It's not made of stone so when you have to use a fair amount of force to unscrew it you're actually compressing the piece. Sometimes this makes it easier for the gasket to come out in the right conditions. If you don't notice and attempt to use again, I can see how it would easily leak or get wrapped around the blade or fall out whatever. If you think it's a pain in the butt to have to inspect or keep track of the gasket before and after use?

Do what I do. Use the soup cup. The soup cup is just like a standard blender cup so you don't have to take it on and off all the time. I've found that filling the cup just a little past the MAX Line with Veggies and water produces two 24 oz. I've made 4 every day for a month. Final note on this review. He also said something about buying the machine 2nd hand and that it voids the warranty. I've been extremely pleased with the quality and performance of this product and recently told a friend: Nothing outlasts the Rxegizer.

Moran on October 11, I have had this model for 3 weeks now. I had problems a few times with the rubber coming loose after removing the blade housing. I read Eric's review and decided to start using the the blade removing tool each time to open the blade housing.

I must have used this nutribullet 20 times since i began using the the blade removing tool and have not had an issue with the rubber becoming loose since. Perhaps more emphasis should have been made on the instructions that the blade removing tool should be used every time.

Those instructions should have been on page 1 instead of As far as this machine goes. It is a loud beast that pulverizes just about anything in its path. I mostly use frozen fruits to make smoothies and whey powder milk shakes.

I have also included almonds, carrots, spinach and dried cranberries. When mixed in with fruits, i can't even taste the spinach or carrots.

I also suspect this machine would make some excellent frozen margaritas. I have yet to make soups with it but the way it pulverizes frozen fruits, ice and fresh vegetables, i am confident that the soups will come out just fine. By Donald SA on May 10, I couldn't decide on whether or not the more powerful motor was worth the extra cost and a friend who's an avid Nutribullet user told me to go with this one.

I can't tell you how much I love this machine. I've been on a vegan diet for three months, which has made a huge difference in my psoriatic arthritis, but I was getting a bit tired of my cooking.

This blender's opened up a whole new world for me. My smoothies in the morning are delicious and, although previously, I didn't mind the small bits of kale floating around from my previous blender, the fully blended version is much better.

The biggest difference are the recipes I can now make. I tried this vegan alfredo sauce with cashews and it's off the charts delicious. It came out so smooth and creamy, and tasted so decadent that I couldn't believe it was actually healthy!

Same thing for a cilantro, lime cream that I used for my veggie tacos. This blender's made being vegan a completely new and delicious way of living. If you can afford the extra cost, get the more powerful Rx! By Snowbird Top Contributor: Makeup on May 24, My only complaint is that I did not receive the brush that was supposed to be included for cleaning the blade.

But this is an awesome nutrient extractor! Easy to iuse, much larger than the original Magic Bullet, which I had for over ten years, I think. There are some tips to use the RX model for the best satisfaction.

Use the wrench tool to tighten your choice of cup onto the base. Load your heavier items closer to where the blade will be, like your nuts and seeds or frozen items when making a smoothie. Don't remove the inner gasket every time, it's supposed to create a tight seal, and not be removed constantly.

It won't contaminate your food if it's sealed properly in the first place, despite what a leading reviewer said. This is a wonderful blender for making smoothies and soups, the instructions are okay, but not that great, I learned more from researching other reviews online. I highly recommend this model, more than enough horsepower and I don't miss constantly pulsing my smoothies, cause you don't have to with this. Free Shipping on any order. Save on your purchase with this free shipping discount.

The best deals are waiting! Verified - Used 28 Times in the Last Month. To score a discount, start shopping today.

This is an offer worth sharing. Verified - Used 14 Times in the Last Month. Verified - Used 13 Times in the Last Month. I literally just rinse the cup and the blades with water and put on my drying rack. No taking anything apart. I love that it comes with extra supplies, even though all I actually need are the big cup and main mixer and then pour into two glasses. I love the large cup. It is perfect for making a smoothie that serves both my husband and I. The only con - and honestly, not even really because I liked that it is smaller, is that sometimes I wanted to make a serving smoothie and it is too small for that.

But I specifically bought it for its size so I can't even say this is a con. Just keep in mind that you will only get 8-oz glasses out of this is you fill it to the max line. Now, to the point: One day after about 1 month of use, it stopped working without any falls, breaks, etc. I put it in, pressed and turned as usual, and nothing happened. They told me to call them back after if it wasn't working. This would have been fine, except the wait time for a representative is about an hour, and that's if you don't get disconnected while waiting.

Over the next 2 weeks or so, my husband and I tried calling about different times, each time waiting at least 30 minutes, and ultimately either getting disconnected while waiting, or leaving a number to be called back and never getting a call back until after I submitted a customer feedback form on their website expressing my frustration and disappointment. Once I did hear from them the following day , they almost immediately offered to replace the motor.

It was shipped the next day and I was emailed a tracking number. So, once dealt with, very easy, but getting to that point was very frustrating and drawn out. We really enjoyed the NutriBullet for the two months it lasted. Then the plastic gear piece that drives the blades the clear piece that's part of the power unit, not the black piece that's on the bottom of the cup exploded into pieces yesterday morning, rendering the entire unit unusable.

When I come to check warranty, I find there is none. The Amazon website says the return period expired after one month- so the two months the unit lasted leave us with no options. I attach a picture of how the piece looked when I lifted up the cup. I prefer Ninja IQ.

I purchased this item in July and reported an issue for warranty and found out my unit was Counterfeit. GTR Group sold the item and NutriBullet says they are known counterfeiters so I can't tell you how well the real ones work. It looks like they aren't selling this item anymore but they are still selling other items so buyer beware.

Another buyer said the Customer Service was bad but they may have had a counterfeit item too. The only sticker on the bottom of the power unit should be the bar code.

If the model number is not molded into the bottom plastic vent opposite the barcode and is on a silver sticker you have a counterfeit item. Also as I was working with Customer Service on the issues I was having, before they figured out my unit was counterfeit, they said they recommend replacing the blade unit every 6 to 8 months. I thought that was pretty lame. Did not expect it to liquify ingredients. Was recommended to me by some parents of kids that dont like chewing.

About to try traveling with it as my job has me on the road 7 days a week mostly servicing amazons. And it's been heck trying to figure out how to eat healthy.

And sometimes the ice is not completely crushed. Seems stressful on the blades 2 You always need liquid to blend. See all reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 3 days ago. Published 14 days ago.

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