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Work on the revision of the national standards establishing the requirements for the construction, testing and approval of packagings for the transport of dangerous goods NTC to 9 is also ongoing under the leadership of the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification ICONTEC. In addition to these global brands, Mondelez SA is also the custodians of some iconic and well-loved local brands such as Chappies bubble gum, Lunch Bar, Dentyne chewing gum and Royal Baking Powder. The Annual Report cites a number of factors in determining executive pay, including "attracting, retaining and motivating senior Executives of the appropriate calibre to further the success of the Group" and "ensuring that the interests of Executives are aligned with those of the Group and its members". Score Ratings Our ratings are live updated scores from our primary research database. Though this strategy worked for the carpetbaggers working to demutualise UK building societies at the time, it failed to recognise that the ownership actually lay with millions of ordinary members and that many of these 'active members' were staunch co-operators and who would be unlikely to back the bid. The review also underlined the requirement to focus on making and retaining annual profits which can be invested in the long-term future of the business and to avoid the risks of over-expansion and 'empire-building' as had nearly destroyed the business in Strengthening of national capabilities and capacities for management of chemicals;.

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