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1. Fish and chips

Contest-Winning Eggplant Parmesan
Sharing Nih,,, Cara mengobati penyakit puru Obat bopeng bekas jerawat di wajah Obat gagal ginjal akut dan kronis Thanks…. My family will eat it as fast as I can fry it. It turned out super well! Set air fryer to degrees. From falafels to churros the texture frying gives food is truly the best!!

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Oh my goodness, a giveaway for an air Fryer? You are the best! I just learned about these a few weeks ago from a friend. What I would make first? I am such a kitchen gadget geek, this is one item I have always dreamed of having, but never could get to shelling out the bucks I have kept the Williams and Sonoma catalog page tabbed to this item for months on end.

If I won, I might just put it in the kitchen and stare at it lovingly for a few days. But then, I would go to town looking through recipes to see what all I could do with it. I have seen these fryers around and am so intrigued. I would love to use one. I would make all kinds of veggie fries and chips! I want them fried but not heavy. The perfect time for culinary decadence. I would love to try them out in a Phillips Airfryer! What would I like to cook in it? I would love to try eggplant, zucchini, sweet potato, Yuca chips, beets, plantains, and so on, and so on.

Fried food without the fat? Dream come true …. I wish I had some right now lol. That air fryer is amazing…. SO glad you did this post! I would love to make crispy chicken fingers with parm and try a really good chicken fried steak, too! I would try apple cider donuts or yuca fries that I just tried this past weekend that were out of this world.

I love tried perogies but I try not to eat them because of all the fat but if I owned this I would try frying perogies in it. Oh the things I would make…. Sorry for the late post.

I;ve been eyeing the airfryer for a while. I would love to make chicken cutlets and eggplants both for a healthy parmigiana. I have cut out a lot of traditional frying, but still have not found a good way to make healthy, moist chicken cutlets …. I love sweet potato fries! Who won, by the way?

Can beans be done in an air fryer? There might be more information on their website or if you Google around. Per the AirFryer instructions, the oil is needed top prevent sticking; the veggies are not submerged in excess amounts of oil like traditional fries.

Hope this info helps! Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: On Friday night, I treat the boys to steak and fries. Plus, I found an easier and healthier way to do it without the fat. For the recipe, I created a medley of veggie fries. And guess what else?! One lucky winner is going to receive the following, courtesy of Phillips: Do you think that be good?

Perhaps carrot or sweet potato. I think the fries you made here would be my 1 thing to try! Potatoes and more potatoes. Sweet potato fries for me, too. My friend loves her air fryer. I love the tempura cauliflower, broccoli and mushrooms. First thing — sweet potato fries. This looks far less messy than anything else too. Fried sour pickle spears with a sriracha ranch dipping sauce!

Fry bread for tacos would be delicious! But I think I would like to try to make my chicken tenders as well! And oh, tempura veggies would be awesome. My family will eat it as fast as I can fry it. Potato, sweet potato, rutabaga…: Veggie fries and include green beans and zucchini.

Fried chicken, fried fresh-caught bass fish, and fries! I want to try crispy carrots chips and dip in a honey mustard sauce! Sweet potato fries all the way! What a super fun giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity! French fries for me and my grandson!!!

I would love to guve some sweet potato and beet check chips a whirl. I would love to try purple, orange and white sweet potatoes fries in the Airfryer.

Probably donuts… Or sweet potato fries. I had incredible polenta fries at a fab restaurant and would love to try those…thanks! I would love to make some sweet potato fries, or garlic fries, yum! Yes please, fries have never looked better! I would love to make egg rolls and fries! Fried sunchokes and meyer lemon! My most favorite food! What a fabulous giveaway!

I would love to try making sweet potato fries! I would totally make fries. The first and foremost potato fries!

This summer battered zucchini, onions, mushrooms. What a fabulous invention. The possibilities are endless! I would make fried chicken and pair it with waffles! I would try donuts!! I sooooo have been wanting an air fryer. I would make falafel first. Then fries and tempura. French fries, sweet potato fries and wings would be up there on my list!

Ginger soy fried chicken wings! Topped with some crunchy green onions: Too much work lol By the way, your photography is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize pack! I would like to make several things, Tempura, Honduran pastalitos, lumpia, chicken.

I bet kale chips would be great too. Egg rolls and some Chinese chicken that requires deep frying. From falafels to churros the texture frying gives food is truly the best!! I would make phyllo pockets, omelets, and of course all types of fries!!

Bacon, fish, and croutons. Zucchini and eggplant fries! I can never get them nice and cripsy baking them in the oven. Can you picture beautiful carrots drizzled with honey! My grand kids would love this….

What an amazing concept! I would love to win this!!! Thanks for your contest: The fries sound fabulous I would have to try those first and then try some fish -. I would make fried chicken, for the Korean Fried Chicken I make. Fried chicken and cauliflower tater tots! Potato, sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, kabocha! With marinara as a dipping sauce: Definitely sweet potato fries! Thanks for the giveaway! I would make sweet potato fries in the air fryer! I would definitely make some veggie chips and try to make some Asian fried dumplings!!!

Char siu roast pork would be first on our list to make! I love sweet potato fries. Would have to try those first. I like this much better than frying the eggplant. My husband and I love Eggplant Parmesan but try to avoid fried foods, so this is perfect for u. Followed the recipe exactly and it was delicious, I'll definitely make this again. However, I gave this four stars because I think it requires just a few small tweaks - The recipe didn't call for quite enough sauce; next time I'll use about a cup more than it calls for.

I also recommend salting the beaten eggs to add a little more flavor to the eggplant slices. I would also go a little hotter with the oven, about should do it.

Finally, I also recommend sprinking a little extra parmesan cheese on top before putting this in the oven. Otherwise, it is a great recipe. Thank you so much! A quick, 'short-cut' version that's very good! I also flour my eggplant slices before the egg wash. Then broil the breaded slices on each side for 2 min before assembling.

As for salting, soaking, I personally don't my Italian family will cringe at that: D if you don't want bitter, make sure you're buying fresh and don't select overgrown-large. The striped eggplant is the least bitter. I made this dish last night. The 45 min prep time was way underestimated. It took me over 2 hours prep time. I followed the recipe exactly and I agree with some of the comments below. There was not enough sauce so I had to open a second jar and still there was not enough sauce.

I should have used 2 full jars. There was too little mozzarella cheese. Next time I would use twice the amount. After I sliced up my second eggplant I realized I was going to have more slices than would fit the dish. Have seen it advertised and was really curious on what results would be achieved. I am impressed with the results you had. Making a healthier version of prawn crackers and papadums in the Air Fryer was inspired. Each test you cooked looks SO good.

I love how little oil is used. Amazed with results of the prawn crackers. A really good product review, Jen. Tried to write a comment previously but something failed- so will try again. It is really good to test out machines first before buying though, because I really hate getting stuck with equipment that sounds amazing but end up being just a space waster. You really did a good job testing though Jen- lots of options there. Looks like it does the job.

Having said that, I think I would still let the restaurants do the frying for me if I have a crave. I definitely like the versatility of this one. Hi Jen So I guess you can cook anything in it that would would normally cook in a fry pan? Really want to start using less oil so this looks like a great idea. WOW, you did heaps of cooking. Love fried food but being on a diet — totally miss it. Wait maybe thats worse. I thought of buying this but the picture of the chips in your review has put me off.

They look absolutely disgusting. Hie, I read your review several months ago and it was great and helpful. The brand Princess is from Dutch, an imported and reliable brand. I bought it online from estore. If any of you guys are interested try look up online for Princess Fat Free Fryer Or you can visit http: You call it burnt but I call it fried-well. You can just take it out of the fryer earlier but I like fried foods to be a deep golden brown.

Have fun with the Airfryer! Hi Jen, is it possible for you to share your Salmon croquettes recipe please? They look really nice and I would like to make them for my little one. Preheat the airfryer to Celsius, mix bread crumbs with oil in another dish until you have a loose mixture. Shape salmon into eight smoth croquettes and coat in bread crumb mixture.

Place croquettes in airfryer and set timer to 7 to 10 minutes, bake till golden brown. Hi, with the chips, I was wondering how you crumbed the fish?

Did you have to soak the fish in egg before you crumbed it? Also, maybe this a stupid question, but can you buy the tortilla crumbs, or do you have to crumb tortilla chips yourself? I was just wondering if it is possible to fry home wrapped egg rolls in this? You have to experiment. Hi Jen, You said the normal chips were only in the airfryer a total of 15 minutes but cooked once at high temperature than again at low — can you please give us the exact method you used? How long did each fry take and at what temperature?

Where did you get the rack for the chicken wings? The one with the wide spaces so you can stand the wings between them standing on edge. Was wondering if you can cook schnitzels on top of each other with maybe baking paper in between. I need to cook 5. Everybody should have one! Yes, just follow the recipe here: You can see here: What is an air fryer?

How does an air fryer work? Does anyone have a recipe to make a non wet mixture for onion bhaji. For air frying in the Philips Viva as seen on this website: Wonderful guideline for air fryer beginners. I think I should start with fries first. I still prefer having some more drops of oil as the image of fries without less oil is not so attractive.

Olive oil can make the coat more shining. I will slice potatoes, not make them in chips like the recipe with sweet potato. Sliced fried potatoes are often more crispy like crackers. Delicious snacks for my long episode video film tonight.

Very helpful guideline for beginners like me, i would love to fry chicken wing, you made me able to take a step , stay happy! I love my Philips air fryer. I only got it recently but it was a tough decision because there are some good models available nowadays.

We do love the machine. Anyone find a small pot that fits the airfryer? I purchased an air fryer just yesterday and am planning to try it tonight. Does the food, specifically the meat, need to be thawed before placing it in the fryer? My plan when purchasing this product was 1. Well, the easiest answer that I can provide for you is — yes, they are. However, there are many reasons why you should buy them over, for example, deep fryers and the health is not the main advantage that makes air fryers a better option.

Furthermore, there are a lot of other things that you should ask before buying this product. WOW some of those look amazing, I just got an air fryer from my husband, I just love it! It works so well, and tastes a lot more healthier. I was not aware of this cooking method.

I love the food at all difficult to handle temptation.

2. Salmon croquettes