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Scott, and Luis Arroyo. I also get massive migraines in response to red wine and oranges. The moral of the story here is to stick to whole foods or whole-food derived products—like Shakeology. Should you avoid xanthan gum in gluten-free baked goods? Check with your doctor on the extra iron to be sure.

The Truth About Probiotics for Dogs.

Is Maltodextrin Bad for You? The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

I took a final two tablets six tabs is the daily maximum , but nothing helped--not a belly rub or peppermint tea or a heating pad. At the end of the day I went to bed like that—swollen and in pain—and I slept poorly. This morning, I decided to take a closer look at the list of ingredients for this product, and I think maltodextrin may be the culprit.

According to Nutrients Review, maltodextrin is a poorly digested carbohydrate that is less readily absorbed in the small intestine than other carbs, so it reaches the large intestine undigested.

There normal intestinal bacteria break it down into nutrients that can be absorbed—and gases. My hunch is that some guts have more of the necessary bacteria for this fermentation process than others and so generate more gas. Some people may experience diarrhea. The moral of this story is: These tabs taste good, but they can wreak havoc on your gut. If you have IBS, you may find, as I did, that this is a gassy remedy for gas.

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Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. These help somewhat, but don't totally rid the gas situation. The chewables taste pretty good. I like to take them after a heavy meal. Not a bad price either, compared to most drug stores. By Kathleen on November 25, These work great and fast. By Book lover on March 13, I love being able to get Gas X through Amazon.

When I go to the drug store there are usually only a few regular on the shelf. At Amazon I can buy as many as I want. One person found this helpful.

By michelena on March 16, If you look at the nutrition label of the oven roasted almonds with no salt a serving 1oz has 5g of total carbs. The oven roasted almonds with sea salt that has corn maltodextrin listed in the ingredients also has 5g of total carbs per serving. The same is true for the jalapeno smokehouse flavor and many other blue diamond almond flavors. If you want to stay away from added carbs, I would avoid flavors like dark chocolate, butter toffee etc.

Maltodextrin caused my 24 to 40 hour Migraines starting at age Reading labels and asking restaurant managers about the ingredients is the only thing that keeps me from being sick. Originally thought of Maltodextrin as a thickening agent as guar gum is, in which I am also allergic to.

Isagenix used undenatured cold pressed whey providing maximum protein with the natural enzymes for digestion and absorption. It is also safe to use as baby formula! Sorry Lulu, you are mistaken. True, this may leave some of the other benefits of the protein behind, but Shakeology more than makes up for it with the 70 other superfood ingredients for maximum bioavailability.

I also noticed that some of Isagenix shakes Dairy Free Italian Shake have Maltodextrin in them and higher sugar content than Shakeology. Once again, Shakeology comes out on top here. I have always worked out with weights, I was diagnosed with Graves disease and Celiac disease….

I had to give up Maltodextrin was making me very ill….. I did some research Maltodextrin can be made with Wheat, rice or corn starch and they do not have to identify which starch they use…I cannot consume corn or wheat so Maltodextrin is not allowed. There are so Gluten Free products on the market with Maltodextrin as an ingredient.

All the nutrition drinks I have found listed as Gluten Free contain Maltodextrin, why?? I was told because Maltodextrin is very cheap to use and profitable to the producer. But you are right that it is too often used as the primary carb in supplements and meal replacements like Ensure.

They could add pear juice or any combination of juices to match flavor. It even has ingredients that are produced from formaldehyde. Im ok with malodextrin being in my protein shake after a tough lift. As far as it being an additive, its tough to avoid as food manufacturers like its texture enhancing properties. Unfortunately, to avoid this and most other additives, your food simply cannot come out of a wrapper, bag, or can. This is very true. Other than being careful to use it after my exercise and not just anytime ig day, can you offer any thoughts??

I am allergic to MSG, I mean seriously, sooooo does this ingredient msg make up the spicy flavor…. I think you meant to post this on my MSG post. Maltodextrin is not MSG, nor is chemically similar: MSG is a savory spice used to accent other flavors, usually salt, while Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that acts similar to sugar with a high glycemic index. No, maltodextrin is not MSG, albeit it often contains or produces processed free glutamic acid.

Corn maltodextrin is listed as the first ingredient in the formula I give to my infant to supplement my own milk. Should I be concerned? Maltodextrin is not toxic to the body, but, as I mention, has a higher glycemic index than sugar. This means that this can cause blood sugar levels to spike, rather than giving a slower, more steady flow of blood sugar for energy. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide. Coeliac Disease is caused by auto-immune response to gluten, which is a complex protein and immunologically very distinct from a polysaccharide.

Thank you for clarifying Judy. Some days a real challenge to eat. Especially when traveling out of the USA. I use splenda as it says it is suitable for diabetics as it contains maltodextrin that is reported to spike BS should they be allowed to say this?

They are able to say it because the packets are small enough. It would take quite a few packets to spike blood sugar, but it is definitely plausible. Watch all rice products, especially when used for babies. Arsenic is being found in heavy density waaay beyond safe levels in all rice products internationally.

To the point that the world suppliers and health organizations are holding summit meetings to strategize how to combat this super scary non publicized situation. You should be very concerned. Formula has 2 times higher sugar content from maltodextrin, dextrose, corn syrup, etc. You are feeding your baby more sugar than it needs for development and as a result the baby has high likelihood of developing obesity, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, and Autism and cardiovascular diseases over time.

These are all scientific facts- with 1 root cause- formula feeding and processed foods from a very early age. Overeating and inactivity cause obesity. Perhaps kids should move away from the tv and the video games a little more often. These videos are long, but insightful on the matter. If you want studies to backup claims you should start by backing up your own comments with proper scientific evidence.

Wow, you are really mean! She only asked you for the references you were touting as facts, probably because she DID want to research and learn more about the subject matter your comment was addressing. The first rule in science to proving your hypothesis is providing actual testable data.

They make some pretty sound guesses on other factors like overfeeding but both articles warn that there is no index to measure obesity in infants. He mentions it around the mark. If you had mentioned juice or soda then it would be a different story; he talks about both extensively. In conclusion, I honestly believe you just threw up some references you thought would substantiate your argument because you were defensive about being asked to provide factual references in the first place.

This is America; We question everything… at least we should anyhow. It is true, some sugars are more dangerous than others like fructose but, the bigger question is why are we adding it in the first place, especially in baby formula when there is no nutritional value what so ever? We should all be nice to each other and show kindness.

It is never more important than when we disagree. I know it is hard when you feel that you have been questioned but, you will learn more if you also question yourself.

The response was snide and condescending. Not sure if its true just heard of it. As well as away from fast food, fried food, and candy!

My poor kid is inundated with the addictive stuff. I feel sorry he has to go through this life with an educated mother. And it makes ME look like the bad guy. My son was exclusively breastfed until 6 months and he was a porker, my cute little Michelin man. He still struggles with weight gain if he eats wheat, dairy, sugar, corn and high glycemic foods just as I always struggled until I figured this out.

We were never meant to eat such calorie dense, nutrient-stripped foods on a sedentary lifestyle. That is not how our bodies have been engineered.

Blaming formula and shaming moms who have no other choice is not how we change the epidemic. Seriously, just look at the babies. Formula fed babies are chubbier than they should be and breast fed babies are not.

Hey D, Thank you for being real and honest. Would you like to change your present condition? Has anyone talked to you about food allergies? The body will protect itself from a perceived threat food allergy by surrounding the allergen in fat and storing it, thereby protecting the body from further harm.

After I eliminated gluten, with diet and exercise, I was able to drop 78 lbs. This was after an unsuccessful year of dieting. I eliminated potatoes and potato starch and dropped 7 lbs. After eliminating dairy, I dropped another 5 while changing nothing else. There are ways you can narrow down your quest: Hope this was helpful. Formula feeding just predisposes a person a bit to having health issues later on in life. If your infant is suffering from any digestive issues diarrhea or breathing issues or skin rashes than switch formula and see if it helps.

Hi I have lupus and sugar causes flares for me. By the way, artificial sweeteners swell me up as well! Check the brand of stevia. Maltodextrin comes from corn, Stevia is an Herb, so raw stevia cannot have maltodextrin. However, the best advise is to avoid sweeteners altogether! I have a bag of Stevia in the raw sitting right in front of me here and it does say it has Maltodextrin in it so how can that be?

Does that mean this label is false. Labels are required by law from the FDA, but what the Brand advertised is not so closely scrutinized. Where did we all get our sweet tooth from anyway? And get our sugar from natural fruits. Go on give it a go. No he is saying Stevia that comes in raw form. It was a misunderstanding due to semantics. I see on the back for ingredients it says Maltodextrin, Stevia Leaf Extract…and I was told the Maltodextrin was not good for him cause it spikes his sugar level.

Just saying, read the ingredients! That goes for me too. Quick question, can you explain how stevia spikes blood sugar levels if the product has no caleries?

I am missing something here I think. So if I have water with lemon and a tsp of stevia, that will affect blood sugar levels? Even if you could point me to a scientific study that explains how that process works that would be cool too.

A lot of Sweetener Brands that promote having stevia in their product have more than stevia in it, such as maltodextrin.

Stevia seems most ethically used right now in some health drinks like Shakeology and nutritional snacks like Quest Bars. What causes a spike is the artificial sweetener. The sweetness passes over the tongue to alert the pancreas that sugar is coming in.

The pancreas releases insulin. If there is no sugar for the insulin to bond to, then the liver dumps sugar into the system cause the body thinks it is starving for fuel. This is the spike in blood sugar. Yes, I eat the Blue Diamond Almonds too and noticed maltodextrin was an ingredient. Disappointing, since I like the dry roasted almonds to avoid the fats associated with cooking in oil.

Are you allergic to nuts of any kind or just blue diamond brand with maltodextrin md? She uses the stuff as a meal replacement, so I was concerned after reading ingredient list..

Water, Corn Maltodextrin, Sugar, Canola Oil, etc… Only 20g of sugar are listed, are you saying that her body thinks its consuming much, much more? My dad had esophageal cancer and was also put on Ensure. In general, I do not recommend Ensure to anyone, and refer to Shakeology instead. Thank you for this post, very helpful!! I was looking into getting Advocare Spark energy drink and Maltodextrin was listed in the ingredients, it is the 4th to the last listed.

To be honest, most Advocare products are complete crap. Unfortunately, vitamins are not absorbed well by artificial means. Sure it costs more, but at least what you pay for wont get flushed down the toilet! A friend of mine mentioned that my baby would sleep longer if i fead her formula at night.

When reading the ingredients of the formula, the first ingredient is corn maltodextrin. I should probably go with my gut and just avoid the formula. Should I feel guilty giving my baby formula? My wife and I had our first baby last year and came across the same scenario.

I bought aproduct without reading the label. H a s more multi — Dextrin then the more than 20 others. Could I use a dose cinnamon To weaken the mltidextrin, norma.

Thanks a bunch for this informative article on this substance. I have heard a lot of mixed information regarding it, and finally decided to read five seperate articles on maltodextrin. Yours is the best in my opinion.

Your info on marathon training sessions, and post workout nutrition are great, because I thought this stuff was bad all the time. Thanks again, and great site. Would just like to say, that the article is really educational.

Only before one week I bought myself pure carbs, maltodextrin, to mix it up with some whey protein. Took them like it was said, after the training and went to sleep. Woke up in superb condition.

Would really recommend maltodextrine after intense workouts! I just read this and I am shocked! I exercise all of the time and eat pretty healthy, but I use stevia a lot!! What a great article you posted. Thank you for sharing!! Glad you liked it Jennifer! In my research, products that use Stevia as a substitute for sugar are almost always just as processed as sugar.

And like you pointed out, NOT the only ingredient! The reason maltodextrin is in your sweetener packets or sweetener blend is that Stevia leaf extract is x as sweet as sugar.

The calorie content should be very low if not zero. Yes Marie that is true, however, it depends on how many packets someone uses to sweeten their food or beverage.

Also, and more importantly, many people who buy Stevia products also want a more natural product, and maltodextrin does not fit into that category. It is the same enzyme we have in our own saliva to digest starchy foods. Starches ultimately break down to sugar and maltodextrin is what you end up with if you stop that process in the middle. Everything is technically natural.

From plastic, to rubber, to high fructose corn syrup, they all have to start with a substance found in nature.

But then refining, isolating, breaking down, and recombining through artificial processes makes such things artificial products. I consider Maltodextrin artificial because of the process taken to make it the way it is. One could also argue that White Bread is natural by a similar measure. In my definition, natural should be as close to the whole-food source as possible i.

The fact that is has to have a lab-made name speaks for itself. Hi, thank you for this information. As Maltodextrin is in most sports gels and drinks, I am looking into making my own as i do endurance sports any suggestions? It depends on the kind of grain that a product uses to make Maltodextrin.

Most American products usually use corn Maltodextrin like the Recovery Drink I mentioned in the post , and corn is gluten free. If you are, then best bet is to stick to water and maybe add some corn derived Maltodextrin. I found using coconut water on my long runs helped me. Coconut Water is awesome to use intra-workout. WAY better than artificial sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade.

My six year old son is not a water drinker, he is also lactose intolerant, but he loves soda and juices. The dental hygenist warned me yesterday about childrens developing bodies and aspartame. I know about the bad rap of that and try to avoid it, but she said to researcb Splenda as well. I came across your article on Maltodextrine which is one of the two ingrediants in Splenda. Sucralose being the other one. Needless to say I am worried. Can you tell me what issupposed to be safe to sweeten Koolaid and recipes with?

Juicing your own fruit is the best option, but that can be time consuming. Basically, adding sugar, splenda, or even Agave Nectar to Koolaid will pretty much have the same effect in raising blood sugar levels. Are you saying maltodextrine is a form of msg? No, MSG and Maltodextrin are completely different.

Maltodextrin is sugar in complex carbohydrate form again, basically. Hope that helps differentiate the two. MSG is a naturally occurring substance. Technically, everything is naturally sourced. Right on Wolfy, MSG is naturally occuring. MSG occurs naturally in our bodies as well.

Some people are just sensitive to it whether it is naturally derived or not. I have a question, recently I brought this unsweetened green tea powder to mix in my drinks, I am thinking of drinking this on a regular basis, but I found out it has maltodexin in it as a first ingredient, then the second ingredient is green tea powder. Since it is unsweetened, does it still act as a sugar? How bad would it be if I drink this on a regular basis? Just as bad maybe worse as drinking Green Tea and adding sugar.

Maltodextrin, since it is technically a complex carb, is allowed to not be listed as a sugar. Yet, it raises blood sugar faster than table sugar. Thus, as I said in the post, the only real reason to have Maltodextrin is after workouts. If you have to have some sweetness, opt for agave nectar or as natural of sugar as you can get to add to natural green tea. Agave by itself is what I am ok with, in moderation, as it is still a sugar. As with any product, you should always read the ingredients to see if it matches up with their advertising.

Read your labels people! We all are aware of the source. Honey is great, but be careful to buy it from a local source. I just read a magazine article that stated that millions of pounds of honey are imported illegally into the U. Thanks for the info! So what are your thoughts on sensa? Almost always these companies just try to get away with technicalities, such as maltodextrin technically not being a sugar.

Thus they can advertise their product as sugar-free but it will still cause spikes in blood sugar. Also, Sensa has Splenda surculose an artificial sugar in it. Splenda has chlorine in it. I am allergic to splenda, so I did some research. I started checking my labels and was shocked to see the taboo ingredients!

I was offered a nutrician drink called Vemma. Have you heard anything about it good or bad? Glad you liked the article Pat! Before getting on Shakeology, I did my research of many different health juices, shakes, and meal replacements. Shakeology beat all of them by a mile. Vemma is no exception. All Vemma has going for it is Mangosteen and Aloe Vera, 2 super foods. Shakeology has over Which leads me to my final point: Thick-It was prescribed for me to thicken all liquids to the consistency of honey and it has malodextrin in it.

Do you know of anything that I could use instead or of any thickened juice or whatever is available. Thank you for your reply.

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