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Long term intake of this amount of vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness. Once you make the switch, you will never go back! Thank you so much , sincerely Glenda Cooper Date published: An opened can of powdered shake mix should be covered with the cap and stored in a cool, dry place—but not refrigerated. Whether you're looking for something to aid in your weight-loss efforts or trying to find a meal replacement for those days you're too busy to eat a decent meal, a protein shake may work.

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Nutrition Questions & Answers | Ensure® Nutrition Facts

When you have diabetes, you need to find a protein shake that fits your diet plan and doesn't cause your blood sugar to spike. These shakes do not provide all the nutrients your body needs and should not be your only source of nutrition.

Consult your doctor or dietitian to discuss protein shake options that fit your lifestyle. Some protein shakes specifically designed for people with diabetes contain fiber and resistant starch, a starch naturally found in foods such as beans that your body cannot digest.

The fiber and resistant starch -- usually maltodextrin in the ingredient list -- in the shakes aid in blood sugar control.

Protein, carb and calorie content in these shakes vary depending on brand, ranging from 10 to 16 grams of protein, 6 to 27 grams of carbs and to calories. Like fiber and resistant starch, uncooked cornstarch also aids in blood sugar control and is an ingredient in some protein shakes for people with diabetes.

Ensure Clear is not a source of complete, balanced nutrition and it does not contain fat. It is designed for people who need to be on a clear liquid diet, or a fat restricted diet. It is ideal for people who prefer a fruit-flavored alternative to creamy shake-like supplements. Would the dyes in Ensure Clear show up as blood in a colonoscopy?

Ensure Clear or other Ensure products should not be consumed once the colonoscopy preparation has started. How does Ensure Light compare with Ensure Original?

Ensure Light is lower in calories, fat, carbohydrate, and sugars and higher in protein than Ensure Original retail. See the chart below for the details. Does one 4oz Ensure Compact bottle have the same nutrition as one 8oz bottle of Original? One bottle of Ensure Compact provides the same amount of calorie and protein, and complete, balanced nutrition as one bottle of Ensure Original.

How is Compact different than other Ensure products? It provides calories, 9g protein and 26 vitamins and minerals -- the same as Ensure Original. Does Ensure Original Powder have the same nutritional content as Ensure? Can milk be used instead of water in Ensure Original Powder?

We recommend you follow the instructions on the label for the correct preparation of Ensure powder. If milk is added to Ensure Powder instead of water for oral consumption, it is important to note that the product will no longer be suitable for lactose intolerance and the nutritional profile will be different than the product label. What is Ensure Surgery and what does it do?

Ensure Surgery is a nutrition shake containing protein, arginine, and fish oil to help your body recover after surgery. Surgery creates unique nutrition needs that may not be met through a normal, balanced diet alone. Doctors recommend this specialized Ensure Surgery immunonutrition shake to help your body prepare for, and recover from, surgery. How should I drink Ensure Surgery shakes?

Unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare team, you should also continue to eat meals as you normally would. You should not consume more than 3 servings per day. Patients with diabetes should consult their healthcare provider about changes to their meal plans when drinking Ensure Surgery shake.

Why does Ensure Surgery have so many calories and carbohydrates? Surgical patients are at high risk of malnutrition and need the nutritional support of calories and carbohydrates. Ensure Surgery is calorically dense 1. The caloric density of Ensure Surgery is consistent with most immunonutrition formulas studied to date. What is Ensure Pre-Surgery and what does it do? Surgery creates unique nutrition needs for your body.

Ensure Pre-Surgery is formulated for those needs, with carbohydrates and antioxidants to help your body recover after surgery. This specialized Ensure nutrition drink is designed to help your body prepare for, and recover from, surgery. Ensure Clear is an alternative to a milk-based product that can be used days prior to surgery and after surgery to improve nutritional status. It is not intended to be used for carbohydrate-loading immediately prior to surgery.

The enhanced recovery after surgery ERAS protocol recommends a clear beverage containing carbohydrate maltodextrin that is low in osmolality, without protein and fat. Ensure Max Protein offers the same convenience of a ready-to-drink shake and contains 30 grams of protein with 1 gram of sugar per serving. In one gram scoop of whey powder, for example, you get 23 grams of protein for just calories. Milk and standard yogurt have considerably less protein in a cup, but Greek yogurt can compare.

Another option is to use commercial protein powder as the base of your shake and add a variety of whole food ingredients. Add sweetness, nutrition and thickness to your shake with half a ripe banana. If you want the meal replacement to be dessertlike, blend in some unsweetened cocoa powder or a tablespoon of peanut butter. Keep the final product chilly by blending all of your chosen ingredients with a handful of crushed ice.

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