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I urge anyone on a diet to try. Nearly 20 of my items had glycerine. Before you make the decision to stick with a Nutrisystem plan, consider that every Nutrisystem purchase comes with a money back guarantee. Sixty new foods have been added to the new NutriSystem Advanced program. Posted by Matthew September 6, 9: Also, the food requires no refrigeration so you can keep a stash at the office and in your kitchen cupboard.

A new meal delivery plan from NutriSystem catering to the needs of a diabetic diet.

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This is a good diet program. The food is palatable - I look forward to meals. If you don't like a food item, you don't have to include it in your next order you can completely control which items are included in your order. And unless you are extremely picky, you'll find food that you'll enjoy. They give you useful guidance for holidays and eating out. I travel on business regularly, and this is where I use to gain most of my weight. By following their guidance and carrying some NutriSystem food with me, I maintain or lose weight while on the road without feeling deprived.

When home, I lose about pounds a week. I don't understand the comment on the "tuna" dish smelling bad. There is no tuna dish in the program, though you can add tuna as a protein. Also, I don't understand the comment about craving fresh food - you eat about all the fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein items you can stand. You can cook a fresh meat portion if you want just stay away from oils and fatty sauces. I would be wary about letting such negative comments turn you away - I don't think they are legit.

I have been on just about every weight mgt. One of the major problems in weight control is food portions of the food we need to eat moderately. Use your imagination with all those good, fresh vegetables that you need to eat each day. Add fresh fruit to a salad, or your cereal, use them to make a smoothie along with your morning cereal, or use them on your pancakes.

If you have limitations like I do, choose water to do your exercise. Increase exercise as you are able. I expect to see that disappear rather quickly. Those will only be a help if YOU take initiative to use them. Nearly 20 of my items had glycerine.

No action to my complaint in 6 days. I wish I would have known ahead of time that I would be supplying most of my food when I ordered Nutrisystem. You receive 3 small meals and 2 small snacks for each day. You are supposed to supplement them with servings of fruits and vegetables, your own dairy, carb, and protein servings per day. Some of the food is OK and some of it is awful. It is also high in sodium.

One thing I have learned is portion control. I used to eat till I was stuffed. With this diet I now understand what a portion is. I need to lose about 40 lbs. After 3 days I decided to just finish out the month and go it alone. By buying my own food for entrees and eating the same food I am supplementing Nutrisystem entrees I'll cut my grocery bill at least in half.

I love the food and have had very good customer service if I find something I don't like and wish to exchange it. Alos, the weight is coming off and support from other members is excellent. So far I am on the diet for six days. I lost 4 pounds. The first two days I didnt think I was going to like it,but after the next few days I had a totally different opinion. I love to eat but I feel so good on this diet I am going to stick with it.

All the dishes that have a tomato sauce base are overpowering in flavor its to much for the taste buds. I started the program 3 weeks ago and have lost 9 lbs. Most of the food is surprizingly good. The plan is easy to follow and I'm never hungry.

If your eatting a can of soup and a sandwich with a couple slices of deli meat and cheese you've already exceeded your DV of sodium. Get a grip, your probably eatting half the sodium while on this diet. Food is ok, but takes getting used to. The information provided within this site is strictly for the purposes of information only and is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice, doctors visit or treatment.

The provided content on this site should serve, at most, as a companion to a professional consult. It should under no circumstance replace the advice of your primary care provider. You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime. All trademarks, registered trademarks and service-marks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners.

NutriSystem Advanced A new heart healthy approach from this long-trusted weight loss program. Top Rated Diets of Dawn Gagnon - The food is just not satisfying, nor is it very good, especially the breakfast and lunch entrees.

Amol I followed Nutrisystem diet plan last year for 2 months and lost 30 pounds. Mainly because they are cheap and taste great. However I recently read the dangers of soy protein and especially sucralose and have stopped taking these all together. My doctor told me that shakes are great but look for more natural ingredients….

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