In 1986, Harold Katz Sank the Sixers. They Still Haven’t Recovered.

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Harold J Katz was 63 years old with activity in Antioch, Illinois We were at the ISS Atlantic city show last week and were looking for him. But we did think about it. He was a great guy and always a pleasure to work with. Harold I Katz Cleveland, Ohio deceased at Harold Katz has lived in Florida and New York. The 76ers felt they were ripping off the Bullets so badly, they felt the need to throw in 2 future first round picks!

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The 2 pick died of a cocaine overdose, and three other players threw away their talents with drugs. The first round was almost a complete bust, with only one player ever making an All-Star team, while the 2nd round was a huge success. It was also the draft in which the Sixers dismantled their team, making two of the worst trades in NBA history within a few minutes of each other, and destroying a once proud franchise.

The Sixers were sitting pretty on draft day of They were only prevented from making it 6 of 7 by missing a last second shot against the Bucks in Game 7 of the playoffs. They had a young star named Charles Barkley to build around. Rarely has a team been is such prime position on draft day. And then, in the space of just a few hours, the Sixers defied the odds and destroyed their team. The Sixers front office pulled off two blunders that made picking Sam Bowie over Jordan seem like a reasonable move.

Sixers owner Harold Katz saw Moses as over the hill. Malone could have been over the mountain and spent the rest of his career dropkicking the ball into the basket and still have been better than Ruland.

To put how bad this trade was in perspective, consider this: Malone scored more points in his first five games on the Bullets than Ruland would score in his entire Sixers career.

Cliff Robinson for Terry Catledge was a wash, with Robinson being slightly better but Catledge being a lot healthier. And as reader Steve pointed out, the Sixers also shipped off two future first round draft picks,. They still felt the need to throw away the first pick in the draft. And they did just that, trading the 1 pick who everybody knew would be Brad Daugherty to the Cavaliers for Roy Hinson and cash.

What was remarkable about the deal is that the Cavaliers made it despite not having a GM or a coach at the time. Yep, the Sixers got fleeced by a dead end franchise without a front office or a coach. Said Katz a couple of years later btw, the Inky article I just linked to is a must read if you want to see the anatomy of this disaster. Hinson was coming off a great, great year. He had to be rated one of the top three or four power forwards in the league.

He was just He had great stats. But we did think about it. We made some phone calls. And everything we heard about Hinson was all positive. The Sixers front office was obviously in a bubble. Everyone in Philadelphia knew instantly that these deals were disastrous. How can you trade an all-star for Jeff Ruland? In that same article, Moses showed that he was indeed a prophet. I brought them a championship.

He should have had enough respect to call me and ask if I wanted to be traded. When Charles Barkley gets to be about my age. Location History Cincinnati , OH , in zip codes and Location History Tulsa , OK , in zip codes , , and Harold A Katz has lived in Oregon and California. We show activity in Corvallis and San Diego. Location History Corvallis , OR Location History Portland , OR Harold Katz has lived in Pennsylvania and Florida.

We show activity in Southampton and Hillsboro Beach. Location History Pittsburgh , PA Location History Philadelphia , PA This Harold is an individual named Harold Katz. We found Harold in Pittsburgh, PA, We show activity in Tiverton, Dumont and Palisades Park.

Relatives Helen K Katz. Location History Henrico , VA We show activity in Colchester, Leesburg and Concord. Relatives Barbara J and Elizabeth Katz. This site uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. Home People Harold Katz. Harold K Katz Guntersville, Alabama deceased at Harold Katz Sun City, Arizona 88 years old.

Harold M Katz Scottsdale, Arizona 91 years old. Harold Katz Gilbert, Arizona. Harold M Katz Irvine, California 54 years old. Harold Katz Oxnard, California. Harold B Katz Reseda, California. Harold Katz Studio City, California deceased at Harold Katz was 60 years old with activity in Studio City, California Harold Bentley Katz Ventura, California 77 years old. Harold G Katz Denver, Colorado deceased at Harold Katz Hamden, Connecticut 90 years old. Harold K Katz Bristol, Connecticut.

Harold Katz Boynton Beach, Florida 89 years old. Harold Katz Boca Raton, Florida 92 years old. Harold Katz Palm Beach, Florida deceased at Harold Katz was 77 years old with activity in Palm Beach, Florida Harold Katz Boynton Beach, Florida deceased at It appears a report on this Harold died at 89 and has lived in Florida and Texas. Harold Katz Hollywood, Florida deceased at Harold David Katz Miami, Florida.

This result is a Harold David Katz. This Harold was seen in Miami, Florida. Harold Katz Kissimmee, Florida. Harold M Katz Wilmette, Illinois 90 years old. Harold N Katz Glenview, Illinois 85 years old. Harold D Katz Chicago, Illinois. Harold J Katz Antioch, Illinois deceased at Harold J Katz was 63 years old with activity in Antioch, Illinois Harold J Katz Kinsley, Kansas 63 years old.

Harold J Katz Offerle, Kansas 96 years old. Harold Nathan Katz Independence, Louisiana 74 years old. Harold Katz Revere, Massachusetts deceased at Harold A Katz Florence, Massachusetts deceased at Harold Katz Chelsea, Massachusetts deceased at Harold A Katz Westborough, Massachusetts. Harold M Katz Taunton, Massachusetts deceased at Harold L Katz Baltimore, Maryland 55 years old. Harold Katz Silver Spring, Maryland. Harold Lloyd Katz Pikesville, Maryland deceased at Harold Ralph Katz Pikesville, Maryland 66 years old.

Harold Ralph Katz is 66 years old with activity in Pikesville, Maryland Harold Katz Minneapolis, Minnesota deceased at Harold Katz Saint Louis, Missouri 95 years old. Harold Katz Kansas City, Missouri deceased at Harold M Katz Picayune, Mississippi 57 years old.

Harold M Katz Picayune, Mississippi. This Harold was identified in Picayune, Mississippi but has relatives in and Oklahoma. Harold Katz Emerson, New Jersey 92 years old. Harold Katz Elizabeth, New Jersey deceased at Harold Katz was 74 years old with activity in Elizabeth, New Jersey Harold Katz Cranford, New Jersey.

Harold Katz Parsippany, New Jersey. Harold Katz Bergenfield, New Jersey. Harold Katz Las Vegas, Nevada 94 years old. Harold Katz Brooklyn, New York deceased at Harold Katz Scarsdale, New York deceased at Harold Katz Otisville, New York deceased at Harold Katz Syracuse, New York deceased at Harold Katz Ossining, New York deceased at

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