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Like many other drugs that induce lung disease, salt intake is strongly linked to asthma. Go to shopping list. During your time on the diet, you may freely eat any foods that are low in iodine up to 5 mcg per serving. It is not that I can not have salt; it is I need to watch it because my feet, ankle and legs swell so. Also some chicken meat such as Trader Joe's and others will state that the meat is natural, with minimal processing and no additives.

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9 Best Diet Snacks for When You’re Trying to Cut Back on Sodium

One medium carrot has 42 mg of sodium, and depending on the brand, many Greek yogurt-based dips can range from 25 to mg of sodium per serving. One serving of Greek yogurt contains only 50 to 70 mg of sodium, while a whopping one cup of berries contains just 1 mg. A variety of fruits contain just 1 mg of sodium, including strawberries and bananas.

Many are also high in potassium, which could help fight high blood pressure, a common symptom of a high-sodium diet.

These foods can help lower high blood pressure. Roast chickpeas on a cookie sheet are a protein-rich snack. Chickpeas are great low-salt diet snacks, as they only contain 24 mg of sodium per half cup. Just be sure to rinse canned chickpeas before roasting, as the liquid they come packed in is filled with sodium. These foods high in sodium are a sneaky source of added salt in your diet. Not to mention, give you a beautifully bronzed piece of fish ready for any number of culinary concoctions.

And have both dust buster, cleaners, and fire extinguishers on hand. Once you have your low-sodium, salt-free piece of smoked fish, you can seriously do anything. And I mean anything. Or make it into a spread with some chives, smoked paprika, low-sodium Greek yogurt, and salt-free crackers which you can make on your own by altering this recipe with other spices in place of salt. With a little at-home trickery, even the salties foods can be unsalted while still containing tons of impressive, DIY flavor.

Arrange the fish chunks on the steamer basket or colander and then close the pot tightly with a lid or foil. Decrease the heat to low and cook for five more minutes. To make the spread, mix the smoked fish, the 1 cup of yogurt, and the chives in a small bowl, using the fork to break up the fish chunks until everything is well combined.

Then, sprinkle the top with smoked paprika and chipotle spice. Refrigerate until your ready to serve. Full disclosure, heating the hickory chips this way will most likely mark up the bottom of your pot, so use an old pot that can stand to earn some smoking war wounds. Please give me some feedback if possible. Absolutely love sole and all smoked fish come to that! Looks delicious and really healthy, must try it out on the family, thanks for the great recipe!

Good looking recipe… can I ask — do you take your own pictures? Also, love the way that you smoked it, the color is so brown, so smooth and looks yummy!

Thanks for sharing this recipe of yours! Will definitely try it, I would also love to make an experiment just like what you did, exploring too many options and making my meal into a healthier one. I will try this with haddock as soon as possible. I thought this is much more complicated. This is truly an amazing technique. Is Cheese High in Potassium? What Is the Healthiest Greek Yogurt?

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