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Nutrition Research Database Provides Nutrition Reports for Foods and Supplements

Office for Technology Commercialization http: Go to the U of M home page. Search U of M Web sites. Streamlined data entry and food coding: Dietary intake data gathered by interview is entered directly into NDSR. The software searches for foods and brand products by name. Sophisticated search algorithms locate the food e. The coding of foods and their variable ingredients and preparation methods occurs as data are entered, with calculation of nutrients occurring immediately. Comprehensive, complete, and current database: This database includes over 18, foods, including 7, brand name products.

Currently the summer program serves 20 youth members with 10 remaining year round. They also provide educational assistance and are trying to incorporate academic success with job performance and mentorship. Since its founding in , Waltham Fields Community Farm has distributed more than , pounds of organically grown produce to over 25 agencies within local communities.

Community Farms Outreach is taking a leadership role in the Friends of Cornelia Warren Farm group in the efforts to preserve, protect and promote the acre Umass Field Station site. Growing Gardens Boulder, CO www. Cultivating Community Portland, Maine www. Based in Portland, Maine, we use organic, sustainable practices to grow food in our community and school gardens and at partnering farms.

That food feeds those among us who are most vulnerable. And we use our community food work as an engine for high-impact youth and community development programs that reconnect people to the natural and social systems that sustain us all. East New York Farms! Brooklyn, NY The East New York Farms Project aims to create a local food system in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn that strengthens the local economy, promotes youth activity in the community, contributes to local community food security and nutrition needs, and preserves open space.

The program centers around a Farmers' Market that includes a youth program, local community gardens, crafters, and regional farmers. Eco-Initiatives Montreal, Quebec www. Here at Eco-Initiatives we are working on building community, developing food security, and promoting healthy living through our 20 organic collective gardens in the NDG neighborhood of Montreal.

Environmental Partnerships Boston, MA www. The purpose of the projcet is to provide an open framework that celebrates individual initiative, creates opportuniities for all parties, fosters collaboration and self-organization, generates and applies shared learning, and promotes stewardship of common resources.

Facing History and Ourselves Nationwide www. Farm in the City St. Building on a variety of traditions in working the land and growing and preparing food, our Youth Farmers build cross-cultural and intergenerational relationships, cultivate youth leadership, engage in micro-enterprise development, and organize neighbors to envision, realize and activate neighborhood public space. The Youth Farm is a youth service and hunger relief program where limited- income teens learn job and leadership skills while growing food for hunger relief agencies.

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