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I'll then go back to the frozen I have. I'll see if I have any loss this week and update my review. Maybe the trick is to go back and forth? I have 15 pounds to lose FrancieAZ, October 9, You wanted to know exactly which foods are included in the 5 day Frozen Meal Box? At the top of the page, to the left of the product picture and purchase info are 4 small boxes with additional views of the product.

Click the one with just writing in it, which is the back view of the box. Then, click the "plus sign" to enlarge the pic. Once it pulls up this full screen view, I found that clicking "plus" about 4 more times made it very easy to read all the names of the entrees and snacks.

You will also be able to check the ingredient list for every item. I hope this helps! WeeWeeSnowbunny, November 6, Kick start for portion and food group reminder. These frozen products taste so much better than the shelf stable kits. I just don't care for the bars and many other items in the shelf stable kits. I was worried this would take up a lot of space in the freezer, but it isn't that much packaging.

I don't like that the program says there is no measuring as there are many items you need to purchase in addition to what is included, and that needs to be measured. If everything was included in kit it would be awesome.

Got it to get rid of the holiday weight I gained. Exercise is not required, but I am riding a stationary bike which has been on a vacation for quite some time. Can anyone tell me what exactly is in this kit? I wish they would include what kinds of food in the description thank you. FromMichigan, October 27, These items are all quite tastey and filling! Wish you the have some fun, then. Psychic reading for the number two: Never attempt to play these figures in just about any lotto games.

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