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5 “Power Foods” For Hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease
More moderate malnutrition, as well as certain specific trace mineral and nutrient deficiencies, can also compromise the immune response. Both innate and adaptive immunity depend on the ability of the immune system to distinguish between self and non-self molecules. Because, what eventually happens, is that immune system becomes weak and ineffective or damaged and over-reactive and disease is pushed deeper into the body to come back stronger and more difficult to get rid of at a later date. Neck weights target the upper body so that spinal stretches and extensions are targeted. Mineralcorticoids are mediated by signals triggered by the kidney. Dryness of the eyes and mouth, swollen neck glands, difficulty swallowing or talking, unusual tastes or smells, thirst, tongue ulcers, and severe dental caries. A B cell identifies pathogens when antibodies on its surface bind to a specific foreign antigen.

What is Osteoporosis?

An Overview of the Adrenal Glands

Can osteoporosis even be reversed naturally? These fractures typically occur in the hip, spine, and wrist. A fracture or broken bone can have a huge effect on your life, causing disability, pain, or loss of independence. Fractures can make it very difficult to do daily activities without help. It has been estimated that out of every 5 American women over the age of 50, 1 of them has osteoporosis, and about 3 of those 5 women are most likely to face a fracture of the wrist, hip, or spine. The best method to diagnose osteoporosis is a bone mineral density test, called a DXA scan.

It is recommended to get a bone density test if:. In addition to a bone mineral density test, the following are basic tests that you should consider to potentially discover the root cause of your bone loss:. Click an option to expand for more information. It requires either a blood draw or a finger prick test. Ideally, you should check your vitamin D status before beginning to supplement with D3 and then again after 3 months to ensure you are taking enough, but not more, vitamin D than you need.

Many labs offer this test. Osteocalcin is the protein that, once activated by vitamin K2, brings calcium inside your bones. A high level of unOC indicates you are not getting enough K2 to activate your osteocalcin, and therefore your ability to deliver calcium into your bones is impaired.

A high level of unOC indicates a need for a higher dose of supplemental vitamin K2. It also tells you the ratio of omega The omega-6s, while also protective of our health when in balance with our omega-3s, tend to promote inflammation when their levels are excessively high. Blood levels of this peptide sequence are proportional to osteoclastic activity at the time the blood sample is drawn.

The CTx can let you know if your rate of bone removal is within normal, low, or elevated levels. Get the serum blood CTx test; results of the urine test CTx can fluctuate, making it unreliable. A number of labs offer CTx. One reliable lab is Quest Diagnostics.

Blood Test or Urine Test — although the blood test is recommended as the urine test can be unreliable. These tools can analyze your unique needs for various nutrients and let you know if you require more of certain nutrients, such as vitamin D3, than the average person. They can also let you know if you need more nutrients in their activated forms, such as B12 in its activated form of methylcobalamin.

Toxic levels of lead, mercury, and cadmium are surprisingly common in individuals age 50 and older, and all cause bone loss. The EXA Test involves swabbing epithelial cells from under the tongue.

Thus, you can have apparently adequate magnesium levels in serum, but be seriously deficient inside your cells where it counts. This comprehensive urine hormone test, offered only by Meridian Valley Labs, involves hour urine collection. After which several samples are sent to the lab in small vials and analyzed for DHEA, estrogens, progesterone, adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones — and more. Results may indicate, and serve as a guide for, highly individualized bio-identical hormone replacement.

These tests, offered by Cyrex Labs , involve a blood draw and check for gluten sensitivity, cross-reactivity and other common allergenic foods. You can have no digestive problems and still have bone loss caused by gluten or other food sensitivity reactions. The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis CDSA is offered by Genova Diagnostics , requires a stool sample and provides a comprehensive evaluation of the overall health and function of the digestive tract.

For instance healthy and pathogenic bacteria, i. And efficacy of digestion i. These labs should be well recognized by most doctors. However, if your doctor is not familiar, they are widely available — and you should ask. Discovering food sensitivities, deficiencies or genetic predispositions will help you pinpoint your bone loss and give you the opportunity to stop it — and even reclaim your bone health!

With that said, you should be aware of the litany of causes and risk factors that can increase your chances of osteoporosis. Be on the lookout for the following osteoporosis triggers. Some will come as no surprise. But others just might. Here are some predictable causes:. However, there are others. Including the very same drugs you take to combat osteoporosis.

All this said, one of the top causes of osteoporosis is insufficient nutrients for healthy bones. Now we know that men also have to worry about weak bones and are at risk of osteoporosis. In fact, one in four men over the age of 50 will suffer a fracture caused by osteoporosis.

The following factors can increase your chances of developing osteoporosis. The message is this: Frankly, you can do something about your bone loss once you know what is causing it. So go back to our osteoporosis and diagnosis testing section above to pinpoint what that is for you. We recommend a plant-based calcium source that actually contains proper calcium and the other crucial trace minerals your bones are made of, and need on a daily basis!

In fact, this naturally-occurring calcium source actually mirrors the same mineral composition in your bones. And no 1-ingredient rock calcium supplement can claim that. With the laundry list of side effects accompanying most prescription drugs, is it any surprise there are 15 known drug classes promoting bone loss? Proper nutrition and exercise are cornerstones of building healthy new bone, but avoidance of bone-destroying compounds is also critical. You probably already understand that smoking or having more than two alcoholic drinks a day are proven bone saboteurs.

Here are the medicine classes which are currently known to play a role in or cause osteoporosis:. Please consult your doctor before stopping or altering the dosage of any medication. Only your doctor and you can decide the risks versus benefits of a medicine. For further information, check out the following article on additional drugs that cause osteoporosis. Your doctor has a few osteoporosis treatment options at his or her disposal.

Frankly, none are able to reverse low bone density and actually build new bone. Your well-intentioned doctor may not know about natural osteoporosis treatments, and are just familiar with the drugs marketed to treat osteoporosis.

Click a treatment type to expand for more information. A surgical procedure to treat spinal fractures and pain from osteoporosis. A surgeon will enter the affected vertebra, insert a balloon and inflate it to make a more open bone cavity, and ultimately inject a special bone cement to fill the now larger cavity.

This will hopefully increase the height of the fractured vertebra to restore pre-fracture conditions. Calcitonin is a hormone that the C-cells in the thyroid gland produce and release.

It regulates calcium levels in the blood by limiting the action of the bone-resorbing cells osteoclasts in our bone. The less bone broken down in the normal remodelling process, the less calcium eventually filtered into the bloodstream. In this way, calcitonin is meant to balance out the work the parathyroid hormone does.

As we discussed earlier, estrogen is a critical ingredient to regulating bone health. This osteoporosis treatment is quickly falling out of favor amidst the emergence of studies showing the severe side effects of SERMs. These side effects even include increased risk of heart attack and certain cancers. Parathyroid hormone PTH and its analogue, teriparatide, are a newer class of treatments called bone formation agents. They are supposed to affect our bone remodelling process more on that later.

PTH is meant to mimic the real hormone produced in the parathyroid glands. Is typically used to relieve menopause symptoms. However, estrogen also plays a role in maintaining bone health and can be considered another osteoporosis treatment option if you are looking to treat menopause symptoms, too. Estrogen , progesterone , or both: Oral dose of 0. Not to be confused with the natural form, Strontium citrate , Strontium ranelate is available in some European countries and in Asia, but has not been approved by the FDA and not sold in the U.

It works to increase the deposits of new bone from osteoblasts and reduces resorption of bone from osteoclasts. Each day of our lives we make a number of vital decisions whichalthough each is minor in and of itselfhave incredible effects on our long term health and vitality. Poor pain management, sleeping habits, posture, and stress response all have an adverse effect on long term health and hormone production.

If we take control of our health and our lives today, we will not only be happier and healthier in the present, we will live longer and more fulfilling lives as a result. If we take the easy way out and refuse to change our ways, then the results can be disastrous to our health, and we will age at a rapid pace.

Choosing to control cortisol production today preserves human vitality by ensuring that hormone production remains stable throughout our lives and that we live by natures rhythm as best we can.

When cortisol is released at too high of a rate, the body undergoes the processes related to catabolism more quickly. Catabolism is a term that describes processes within the body which break down cells, proteins, and tissues. When catabolism outpaces the rate at which the body rejuvenates itself, then the aging process accelerates and the body begins to break down. Catabolic processes break down bone, leading to reduced mineral density and osteoporosis.

It also leads to vascular breakdown which can cause blood to pool in the extremities rather than circulate efficiently throughout the body. It also leads to the atrophy of the ligaments, muscles, and tendons which support the body. When catabolic processes, especially those related to cortisol, become dominant, they cause a number of medical conditions that are detrimental to the body. These medical issues create a vicious cycle in which the body responds to negative physiological stimuli by producing even more cortisol.

As cortisol levels reach unhealthy levels, they greatly increase the incidence of ocular issues such as cataracts and glaucoma. Cortisol is also linked to high blood pressure which increases the risk of blood clots, aneurisms, and cardiovascular disease.

It can also lead to exceptionally high intraocular pressure behind the retina, which, if left untreated, can result in migraine headaches or even blindness. Long term excess cortisol levels also contribute to poor skin health, causing the skin to bruise easy and heal slowly. Stretch marks are more prone to appear and the skin becomes thinner and more prone to cuts and scrapes. Again, there are a number of precautions you can take in order to balance your Circadian Rhythm and lower your cortisol levels to a healthy state.

To live a healthier and happier life with balanced cortisol levels, follow these simple rules to the best of your ability:. Make sure you eat a small, yet satiating meal at least once every five hours, which has a low glycemic index, and contains more protein than carbohydrates. Sit up straight, and frequently take breaks from sitting in order to rest the muscles. Make efforts to remove or alleviate sources of stress from your life. Learn new patterns to cope or see a psychiatrist.

Cortisol is a necessary, yet potentially debilitating hormone that flows through each and every one of us. If you live your life meaningfully with respect for your body, you will live a longer and happier life, and you will maintain control over your cortisol production. There is no reason to throw your life away over short term, ephemeral pleasures. Self-control and intelligent living can add years and years to your life.

In this article, we will look at a huge contributing factor to the aging process. What can it inform us about the aging process and can it give us any hints on how to slow the ravage that time has on our health?

The factor that we will learn more about today is cortisol, which is a hormone in control of a large number of the vital ongoing functions of our body. When levels of cortisol are too low or too high, the process of aging begins to accelerate. The adrenal glands are responsible for cortisol secretion, and the adrenal glands are located above the kidneys.

These glands are known for receiving the highest rates of blood flow among all of the other tissues of the body. Also, the adrenal glands contain the highest levels of Vitamin C: Both adrenals are made up of two different functional parts. The outside part, which is known as the cortex, releases hormone types of adenal steroids such as aldosterone, DHEA precursor to sex hormones , and cortisol.

The inner part, known as the medulla, releases adrenalin and norepinephrine. The adrenal glands do not release their steroidal hormones at a balanced rate throughout the day. Steroidal hormones are secreted in a cyclical manner. The highest rate of secretion is early in the day and the lowest level of secretion occurs at night.

This daily cycle is referred to as the circadian rhythm. An abnormal circadian rhythm that causes adrenal hormones to be released in a suboptimal fashion can lead to negative effects upon numerous vital functions of the body, among which are immune system health and the production of sufficient levels of energy. Adrenal function which is abnormal can negatively affect the ability of your cells to make energy to perform the normal tasks of life.

People who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, have slumps of energy as they go through their day, or are simply just always exhausted often have undiagnosed abnormal rhythms of adrenal hormone. Insufficient levels of adrenal hormone and abnormal rhythms have a negative effect upon the normal healing of tissue. This impairment of the ability to repair muscle contributes to a higher incidence of tissue breakdown which eventually leads to joint and muscle injury or to chronic pain.

It has been realized for a long time that taking too many steroids can lead to weakened hip muscles and shoulder girdle muscles. What is not quite so obvious is that the opposite idea is also true: This promotes an excessive secretion of cortisol and catecholamines. This flexion position causes the body to secrete cortisol and catecholamines. Notice that there is a key focus in martial arts of keeping the spine straight, warding off the artificial energy boost that the catecholamines create.

Another aside in this discussion about rapid aging: However, when the head is upright, impulses travel along the spinal cord and send messages to the brain to formulate proteins in the gray matter cells. If the signal is blocked from the cortex, then this stimulative effect does not occur and proteins in the brain start to dissipate.

As they do, the negative charges held by the protein dissipate as well. As these negative charges fade, the brain cells become less negative, and as they reach action potential they may begin to fire off randomly. These uncontrolled neuron firings can cause seizures, pain, spasms, and tics. As the cells of the brain slowly lose proteins, they begin to atrophy and shrink. This atrophy happens every day that the cells do not receive spinal cord stimulus.

Essentially, this means that if you do not use your brain, you start to lose your brain. Martial arts regimens which involve total body contortion and movement also are beneficial to the brain for this reason. If one fails to move a particular muscle or joint, the corresponding cellular protein will begin to atrophy and become less functional.

This also lends evidence to the efficacy of the chiropractic and osteopathic art of vertebrae mobilization, which will allow the vertebrae to move with more freedom. Adrenal rhythm also determines an individual's ability to build up their bones. If nighttime cortisol levels remain high and morning levels do not come back to normal, bones do not heal very well, and the process of osteoporosis can occur even when one takes calcium supplements.

In fact, higher levels of cortisol lead to the leaching of calcium from the bone which eventually causes bone demineralization. Consuming supplements of calcium during abnormal cortisol rhythms often produces no results and can sometimes even have harmful effects if leached bone calcium is deposited in an improper location.

High levels of cortisol inhibit the immune system. It also suppresses the immune reactions of the mucous membranes located across the body. High levels of cortisol lead to fewer surface antibodies on the mucous membranes, which are known as secretory IgAa. These SigAa assist the immune system by filtering viruses, bacteria, toxins, and plasmids. Then high levels of cortisol lead to a weakening of the defense mechanisms of the serosal and mucosal membranes, people are more likely to suffer from issues like earaches, pink eye, bronchitis, chronic coughing, sore throat, coughing, ulcers of the stomach, inflammation of the gallbladder, duodenal ulcers, vaginal infections, acid reflux, and bladder and kidney infections.

A girl we will name "Cynthia" went to see six doctors in the last month. She had received prescription for antibacterial eye drops from an ophthalmologist, cream to resolve her vaginal itching and burning from her gynecologist, cough medicine from her general practitioner, and H-2 blocker to medicate stomach acid build-up from a gastroenterologist. She had also been prescribed an antibiotic to alleviate her sinus infection from an ear, nose, and throat doctor, and finally she had gone to a rapid care clinic to acquire another antibiotic to sooth her experience of burning urination and alleviate the pressure upon her bladder.

When she came to us, we told her that every one of her symtoms could be categorized as an irritation of the mucous membrane. After four weeks of corrective measures to resolve her incorrect cortisol levels and rhythm using herbs and diet, Cynthia had no more issues with any of her mucous membranes. She used herbs and diet successfully as natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy.

Low cortisol has the opposite effect upon the immune system. Low levels of cortisol lead to over-response of the immune system. The immune system becomes way too aggressive and begins to attack not only antagonistic orgasms, but it also begins to develop reactions to benign agents of the environment. It can also begin to attack endogenous systems as well, hindering our body's ability to function properly. Autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjorgrens syndrome mucosal and physiological lack of fluids , and lupus can appear when one has low levels of cortisol.

Quality cycles of REM sleep require low levels of cortisol during the nigh. High levels create a disruption of REM sleep which causes sleep to be less refreshing and restorative.

It leaves a person feeling fatigued and groggy as they awaken in the morning. Fatigue upon waking is often misinterpreted by both doctor and patient as biological depression.

It this depression does not react to medications that are directed toward norepinephrine and serotonin metabolism, it may be time to consider evaluating levels of nighttime. A dramatic case of how a disrupted circadian rhythm can affect an individual is vividly illustrated by the case of Melissa.

She was a child who confused parents and teachers because of the unpredictable extremes of her behavior and the vast variations in her grades which ranged from passing to failing even in the same subject. They thought perhaps she was merely unmotivated, but psych testing showed that she was an extraordinarily motivated girl. Everyone attempted to make sense of her pattern of passing and failing grades, attempting to attribute it to the personality or style of the teacher, the gener of the teacher, or even a potential rebellious streak.

Things only became worse when she entered high school. Her parents told us that it was incredibly difficult to rouse Melissa from bed in the morning. When she did finally get up, she appeared lethargic and incredibly irritable. The report card for her first semester of math class showed that she was often late for class, always forgot supplies, did not talk in class, and rarely turned in her homework.

Strangely though, a couple of weeks after the next semester began, the instructor told her parents Melissa was among the smartest mathematics students that the instructor had ever had the opportunity to teach.

Also, she seemed to love helping others that had trouble with math. Did Melissa change classes? She was working from the same textbook and taking instruction from the same teacher.

The difference was that her first semester class was the first class of the day. She went to math class after lunch. In the second semester, Melissa now took gym first thing in the morning. The same issues began to appear.

She was not participating; she kept forgetting her uniform. A lot of adults that have those low levels of cortisol are able to apply for disability because of their inability to be functional when working. In Melissa's case, being woken up and asked to get dressed was like awakening a normal person at two in the morning and expecting them to be completely functional. At noon, Melissa's level of cortisol was in a normal range. Correction of her cortisol rhythm so that it peaked in the morning and was at its lowest around midnight caused incredible changes to develop in her performance, energy, and personality.

By the beginning of her sophomore year, she was going to meetings of the student council before school officially even began. For exactly how long did Melissa suffer from a reversed cortisol rhythm?

Her mom and dad told us that she was an amazing baby. She would not become irritable at night and did not want to go to bed at 8 like other babies. She also would never be terribly unhappy in the morning either, unlike her younger sister. It should be noted that Melissa's mom worked third shift at a very high-stress job when she was pregnant with her daughter.

It is incredibly possible that Melissa was born with her circadian cortisol rhythm out of sync. The skin undergoes regeneration mostly at night.

High levels of cortisol lead to skin the does not regenerate as effectively. A standard cortisol rhythm is a requirement to maintain healthy skin. It is especially important in preventing such conditions as acne in adulthood. People that have skin conditions often have high levels of copper and low levels of zinc. Excess levels of copper cause norepinephrine and adrenalin to be synthesized from dopamine. Dopamine is the reward chemical of the brain and is linked to good feelings and is active during positive stimulus and is deprived through negative stimulus.

This elevated level of adrenaline normally leads to an increased level of cortisol. Lower levels of dopamine increase risk of early Alzheimer's and Parkinson's as well. Skin conditions like eczema are often correlated with intolerance to gliaden, which is a compound found in gluten grains.

This issue is also made worse by the presence of high levels of copper. Cellular levels of cortisol control the activation of the thyroid hormone.

Adrenal hormonal imbalance often leads to symptoms associated with hypothyroidism like problems losing weight, decreased body temperature, and fatigue. If Thyroid hormonal treatment only results in temporary yet significant relief of hypothyroidism symptoms, check your cortisol rhythm and levels.

In many patients, the digestive develops inflammation within a half hour of eating grains that contain gluten, such as rye, spelt, barley, and oats. This intestinal response has been compared to have a sore throat that was thirty feet long. We call this condition colic when it occurs in infants. It is assumed that children eventually stop being allergic to gluten. In reality, the body just learns to react to this inflammation with a secretion of cortisol. In a lot of patients, a biological substance that is similar to morphine is also emitted in an effort to alleviate the inflammation and hide the pain.

This substance is then absorbed into the blood where it is transported up to the brain. Here, it stimulates receptors for morphine and a person can develop a physiological addiction to dairy and grain products that produce the inflammatory response. If one watches the patterns of behavior and symptoms of people who eat dairy and grain products, he or she can take note of the wildly apparent up and down phases of drug use and drug withdrawal.

These similarities become even more apparent when the individual attempts to stop eating gluten or dairy. When we use up a lot of cortisol, we hinder our ability to produce other hormones. To produce extra cortisol in the body to respond to inflammation and pain, your body converts energy normally reserved for the manufacture of sex hormones into the development of more cortisol.

Progesterone in particular is singled out for cannibalization so that more cortisol can be manufactured. This lower level of progesterone causes us to have less progesterone than the male hormone testosterone or the feminine hormone estrogen, and this leads to issues of testosterone dominance and estrogen dominance.

Both of these issues are connected with a higher level of aggression, violence, and irritability. Dominance of feminine hormones can also lead to uterine fibroids benign uterine tumors , PMS, and higher risks for breast and uterine cancers, in addition to clots and heavy flow. Deficiency of progesterone causes one to be at greater risk for miscarriage. The hormone progesterone is also vitally essential to maintain testosterone so that it does not transform into DHT which is an essential male hormone which can cause major issues when it is present in the body in excess.

Low levels of progesterone will eventually lead to low levels of testosterone, balding, high levels DHT, prostate enlargement and decreased libido. Decreased levels of testosterone and cortisol also can make migraines occur more frequently.

Among the factors and activities that increase levels of cortisol are:. Consuming a greater value of carbs than proteins over the course of five hours. Being positioned in a flexed or slouched posture in which the chin is pushed forward.

The problem arises when one begins to experience chronic stress and cortisol levels rise often and stay at elevated levels for too long.

When this occurs, precursor hormones begin to be used up. After a long period of elevated cortisol, the body may lose its ability to generate cortisol effectively. The experience of a low level of cortisol is how our body makes us slow down.

Beneficially, low levels of cortisol can also have an effect on the aging process, slowing down aging processes associated with high cortisol levels.

The problem is that low cortisol levels present a separate list of processes which enhance the aging process, such as making one more susceptible to diseases of the autoimmune system.

Have protein for breakfast by 8am and again every 5 waking hours. Levels of cortisol begin to climb after a person does not eat after five hours. As we fast in our sleep, levels of cortisol rise until we are stirred to rise from bed with energy. If an individual eats a meal after 8pm, then the level of peak cortisol may occur later than would be desirable, and easy rousing may become more difficult. They will be more likely to feel tired when they wake up and may find that they lack a proper functional level of energy before much later in the day.

On the other hand, if a person does not eat by 8am or so, the morning level of cortisol continues to elevate and may leave the normal range.

When this occurs at any point in the day it becomes difficult to bring cortisol back into a low range suitable for rapid eye movement sleep. For this reason, fatigue tends to be self-perpetuation. Some people who have a tendency to miss breakfast do it thoughtlessly as a means to induce a brief bout of starvation so that cortisol is secreted. Doing this elevates low levels of cortisol to normal.

The problem with this method is that starvation has the effect of adrenalin stimulation, which also contributes to physical deterioration. Remember that there will be interruptions to sleep is we do not have an adequate store of glycogen to fuel the brain the whole night. Stores of glycogen are restored after every incidence in which we consume protein or eat a meal with a low glycemic index. Eating protein in five hour intervals is crucial. Each time that we neglect to eat a meal, stores of glycogen within the liver become more depleted.

This also occurs when we miss a meal or over-consume carbohydrates during any period of five hours Habitual meal skipping and the consumption of excess sugar and starch can lead to sleep disruption. Among people who have totally eradicated their glycogen supply in this manner, it may be necessary to consume a small snack around time for bed for a number of days, or perhaps weeks, until stores of glycogen in the liver are restored so that the brain has enough nutrition to make it through the night.

There is a lot of confusion over which foods boost stores of glycogen. This confusion originated in the 70s when coaches commonly encouraged athletes to load up on carbohydrates before they participated in athletic events. In fact, one of the most common diet fads during this era was to only consumer fruit before lunchtime.

The practice of consuming inadequate amounts of protein actually had the opposite effect, leading to depletion of glycogen and contributing to negative alterations of the cortisol rhythm. Hypotheses during this era that foods that were highly glycemic would lead to increased stores of glycogen were incorrect, and a whole generation of dieters and athletes were plagued with exhaustion and fatigue in consequence. There is still a belief in carbo-loading with effects athletes and patients today.

The occurrence of pain is the single most significant thing that can happen that spikes levels of cortisol in the body. One migraine can lead secreted levels of cortisol to become elevated to multiple times the normal baseline. It should be obvious that those who suffer from chronic pain will quickly start to show symptoms and signs that represent an excess of cortisol. Mental and physical fatigue occur, patients gain weight around their middles, and reports of muscle weakness abound more weakness than is to be expected from merely a lack of physical activity, alone.

Quick bruising, digestive complications, restless sleep, bloating, and a higher instance of infections of the mucous membranes bronchitis, sinusitis, bladder infection, etc. Chronic pain sufferers can not find alleviation from these symptoms until their pain is taken care of.

Ben Franklin truly understood the importance of following the natural rhythm of the body when he suggested that those who go to sleep early and wake up early find themselves more wise, healthy, and wealthy. An individual is more likely to feel refreshed after five hours rest between ten pm and three a. Also, remember that some beneficial functions of the immune system do not begin until a person has rested for seven or more hours without disruption.

The immune system suffers when sleep deprivation takes its toll. After it has been established that one's circadian rhythm has been disrupted, there are multiple approaches to therapy that a patient may choose. The goal of therapy regimens is to correct inopportune elevations and depressions of cortisol during different periods of the day. Herbal supplements can be of assistance, but they must be used precisely and carefully. Deglycerinized licorice has the effect of lowering cortisol, but whole root of licorice boosts cortisol.

The compound phosphorylated serine has the effect of elevating depressed levels of IgA which controls mucosal immunity back to baseline. It does this presumably through the lowering of cortisol which leads to the suppression of SigA.

Taking phosphorylated serine at 6 pm in an effort to lower elevated nighttime cortisol can be the secret recipe to a perfect night of sleep. There is an unfortunate pattern that eventually leads to an imbalance of cortisol later in life. Lifestyle patterns and choices today can lead to prolonged or periodic high levels of cortisol. After a period of time, the overspending of cortisol leads to a theft of pregnenolone. This hormone is the progenitor hormone from which cortisol and other sex hormones are created.

When too much cortisol is summoned, the body subverts pregnenolone from its standard function creating testosterone, estrogen, and DHEA to manufacture additional cortisol. In every single moment in our lives, we make decisions based on our posture, bedtime, control of pain, and response to stress whether our bodies will manufacture unhealthy stress hormones or vital sexual hormones.

If we choose stress, we choose to age more rapidly. If we choose sexual hormones, we will feel younger and healthier. When too much cortisol is emitted, the speed of catabolism increases. Catabolism is a function of the body which proceeds to break down tissues in every area of the body.

This effect dramatically increases the speed of aging. Processes of catabolism weaken bone, blood vessels, muscles, and ligaments. One of the cyclical effects of catabolism is that it encourages bleeding, bone diseases, and poor posture, which further stimulates cortisol production. Excess levels of cortisol also contribute to glaucoma and cataracts and can lead to dangerously high blood sugar, intraocular pressure, and blood pressure.

Secreting an excess level of cortisol also weakens the skin which leads to thin skin, easily bruised skin, and skin prone to stretch marks. High levels of cortisol at night disrupt normal REM sleep and cause us to remain fatigued and groggy long after we awaken. Low levels of cortisol has a negative effect too. Low levels of cortisol when we awaken make it difficult to pop out of bed as we were meant to do.

Any time that cortisol lowers below baseline in any period of the day it leads to a slump of energy. It is not uncommon for people to often unconsciously and sometimes consciously seek an energy boost to produce an increase in the level of active cortisol.

Among activities that raise levels of cortisol are consuming a starch or sugar carbohydrate snack, skipping a meal, or undergoing an activity which elevates levels of cortisol, included behaviors which are quite risky. We feel that inappropriate behavior is often an adaptive measure which serves to elevate levels of cortisol and adrenalin to a baseline or greater state in order to make up for having cortisol levels that are too low. The problem is that many of these tactics which lead to an elevated level of cortisol cause us to produce too much cortisol and propagate an imbalance.

Efforts to correct abnormal cortisol levels and rhythms are quite effective. People should be happy to find that belly fat, lethargy, and stretch marks can all be alleviated when cortisol rhythms are corrected. Consume meals that feature low glycemic index once every five hours.

For example, eat meals in which quick-digesting starches and sugars do not exceed the mass of meats that are digested slowly such as eggs, poultry, and fish. For better effects, entirely skip starches and sugars especially gluten grains and choose vegetables that are uncooked or lightly cooked.

If you have a gluten intolerance avoid all grains. Give children grains of sprouts to delay or avoid gluten intolerance. Sustain proper posture and do not sit or enter the flexion position for prolonged periods of time. Keep your stress in check. Maintaining a standard circadian rhythm will help you preserve precursors of adrenalin and cortisol, leading to a marked delay of the process of aging.

Restoring a disrupted circadian rhythm to normal and restoring reserves of adrenal hormones can encourage a reversal of many issues that a patient may feel they will be plagued with for the rest of their lives. Sermorelin Frequently Asked Questions. The goal of this article is to help you become better informed about a new form of Hormone Treatment known as Sermorelin Acetate Therapy.

This article serves as a reference point to help you become more knowledgeable about this highly beneficial therapy. What is Sermorelin Acetate? Sermorelin Acetate is a hormone derivative that spurs the natural secretion of endogenous Human Growth Hormone by the pituitary gland.

Sermorelin Acetate serves as the functional equivalent of a hormone produced by the hypothalamus known as Growth-Hormone Releasing Hormone. Although Sermorelin and GH-RH are not biologically identical, they are functionally identical, meaning that the two molecules produce the exact same effects in the human body, despite being arranged in different configurations. Sermorelin and GH-RH share the same initial sequence of amino acids, but Sermorelin Acetate is truncated, meaning that the hormone sequence is cut short.

Scientific researchers found that by producing a bio-synthetic hormone which only contains the first twenty nine amino acids of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, they could create a potent medication that is cheaper to produce while maintaining the exact same medical effect upon the human body.

The NH-2 refers to a closing sequence which is inert and serves to tie off the end of the molecule. Many people get this somewhat confused, thinking that because Sermorelin Acetate increases internal levels of Human Growth Hormone, that Sermorelin is actually a form of HGH. Sermorelin is a hormone which scientists label a secretagogue.

Secretagogues are hormones produced by the brain which stimulate other hormones to be produced. They serve as intermediary messengers which move the message along to target organs and tissues in the rest of the body.

GH-RH is released by the pituitary gland and flows through a series of blood vessels in the brain known as the epiphyseal portal system. Upon reaching the Anterior Pituitary Gland, Growth Hormone Releasing Factors then stimulate organs known as somatotrophs within the pituitary to manufacture and secrete Human Growth Hormone to circulate to the liver and other organs. Sermorelin Acetate imitates the function of GH-RH, producing a biologically identical response when is reaches the somatotrophs.

Sermorelin contains 29 amino acids, whereas GH-RH contains HGH dwarfs both of these hormones in size, as it is comprised of amino acids! These supplements are available over the counter and do not need a prescription. Are these supplements similar to Sermorelin? It is true that these amino acids do have a stimulative effect upon HGH production, but they are not healthy for the body and do not produce a strong enough benefit to in any way warrant the risk. HGH Releasers work if they truly work by creating an increased level of overall activity throughout the brain.

This increased level of activity does have a slightly stimulative effect upon Human Growth Hormone Levels, but it also stimulates other activities, but positive and negative, throughout the brain.

Many medications labeled as HGH Releasers are completely ineffective, veritable snake-oil products. Supplements are not certified for effectiveness in the same way as medications such as Sermorelin Acetate and Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone, so there is not necessarily a proven or guaranteed medical benefit to using the supplements. At best, HGH Releasers stimulate a Growth Hormone release that is just about equivalent to exercise, and at worst, you'll damage your liver and experience no benefits at all.

Also, Growth Hormone Releasers produce incredibly unreliable effects, because different areas of the body and brain may experience different levels of response every time you take the pill. High Doses of Growth Hormone Releasers can lead to liver and kidney issues, as the human body does not have the capacity to process extremely high levels of unprocessed amino acids without accumulating damage in the filtering and processing organs of the human body.

Sermorelin Acetate produces real and beneficial effects with minimal risk of side-effects. There are a number of reasons why a patient would choose Sermorelin Acetate over Recombinant Growth Hormone, although both certainly have their place as treatment options. Both HGH and Sermorelin are capable of producing the same exceptional benefits to the human body, but they share a couple of profound differences as well. Sermorelin Imitates Normal Physiological Processes. First, Sermorelin Acetate functions in a manner which is more streamlined with the actual function and overall needs of the human body.

You see, when you use Growth Hormone HRT, there are no safeguards which protect the body against accidental overdose. Any Human Growth Hormone injected into the body directly cycles through the liver and the body and stimulates the body.

Sermorelin, on the other hand, as an Growth Hormone Secretagogue, can be affected by processes known as Negative Feedback Mechanisms. Negative Feedback Mechanisms kick in when the body sends signals to the brain that Human Growth Hormone Secretion has satisfied the needs of the body.

Upon receiving these signals, hormones known as somatostatins block GH-RH and Sermorelin from reaching the Pituitary, preventing excess secretion of Growth Hormone. Because Sermorelin works according to the normal physiological rules of the human body, it is almost impossible to overdose on Human Growth Hormone via Sermorelin Injection.

Other patients may choose Sermorelin Acetate in order to avoid the temptation to overdose on or abuse HGH. Another benefit that Sermorelin Acetate Injections have over Human Growth Hormone Injections is that they are processed by the body in different patterns.

Square Wave means that HGH concentrations rise to a peak during the course of the day, plateau, and drop back down to baseline. This can cause a problem over time, inducing a medical response known as Tachyphylaxis.

Tachyphylaxis can be understood most simply as a decrease in sensitivity due to outside pressures. The body can sometimes slowly recognize that HGH is being provided by an outside source and the body builds resistance as a response. Sermorelin releases Human Growth Hormone via an episodic pattern which more closely resembles the natural pattern of release by the human body.

The pituitary only releases Human Growth Hormone when the body is ready for it, thus significantly reducing the threat of internal resistance to increased levels of HGH. Sermorelin Preserves the Normal Hormonal Equilibrium. A third Benefit to Sermorelin Acetate, related to the second, is that Sermorelin Acetate more appropriately preserves the Neuroendocrine Axis. The Neuroendocrine Axis is the cascade of hormone release throughout the body. Simply put, all hormones released by the human body have a certain impact on the release of other hormones.

Injecting HGH directly into the body on a daily basis can actually suppress the body's natural ability to produce it's own Human Growth Hormone, which can effect the release of other hormones as a result. Sermorelin Acetate makes less of a physiological imprint onto the endocrine system, meaning that it more naturally resolves hormonal deficiency while causing minimal impact on the normal function of other hormones and systems of the body.

Sermorelin Available for Off-Label Use. A fourth and final benefit of Sermorelin Acetate is less physiological and more technical. The FDA prohibits the use of Human Growth Hormone for off-label uses, whereas Sermorelin Acetate can be used off-label at the discretion of the prescribing physician. I understand that Human Growth Hormone can only be delivered via Injection. Is this also true for Sermorelin Therapy? As of , Subcutaneous Injection is the only effective method to administer Sermorelin Acetate.

Like, Human Growth Hormone, the Sermorelin Acetate molecule is too large to breach other barriers of the human body at this date. On the bright side, since Sermorelin is significantly smaller than Bio-Identical HGH, there is a hypothetical chance that Sermorelin may one day be administer by breaching the mucous membrane barrier using a nasal spray. This method is currently being tested and may be effective at some point in the near future.

Even though HGH and Sermorelin activate in different regions of the body Sermorelin in the anterior pituitary, Human Growth Hormone in the liver the volume of hormone that is required in order to sufficiently increase endogenous IGF-1 production is nearly identical.

Human Growth Hormone is most commonly prescribed at doses which vary between one and two international units. Sermorelin Acetate is generally administered with a dose of two hundred micrograms daily. How much does Sermorelin cost in comparison to HGH? Per vial, Sermorelin is a good bit cheaper than Human Growth Hormone. In addition to this, a single vial of Human Growth Hormone takes twelve to fourteen days to fully administer, whereas a single vial of Sermorelin takes fifteen days to fully utilize.

In many patients, the benefits of Human Growth Hormone start to fade of the course of continual use. Why does this happen, and does Sermorelin lose potency as well? If this has occurred to you, the change in effectiveness is not the result of any inadequacy of the medicine itself. Human Growth Hormone Injections increase serum levels of Growth Hormone to levels which are higher than normal for a number of hours every day, although the average release across the day is medically appropriate.

In addition to this, Human Growth Hormone Therapy leads to a stable release of IGF-1 throughout the body, slowly rising and falling in the body through the course of the day. This causes the tissues of the body to have a steady supply of IGF-1 throughout the day, rather than receiving the hormone in the normal bursts in which it is accustomed to.

As a result, IGF-1 Receptors in the tissue have a tendency to go through a hormonal process known as down-regulation in order to preserve normal function. This means that the target tissues become desensitized to IGF-1 and Human Growth Hormone exposure, reducing the effectiveness of the hormone treatment.

When the body is functioning normally, Human Growth Hormone is released naturally from the pituitary gland in a number of short, brief, and potent bursts, which supply the body with sufficient levels of IGF-1 and Human Growth Hormone while also giving the receptors time to rest between periods of hormone release. If outside hormone release properly imitates the natural processes of the body, this gradual down regulation does not occur, and the benefits of increased HGH production do not decline in the same manner over time.

Because of the influence of Somatostatin, described above, Sermorelin Administration only leads to the optimal release of Human Growth Hormone. Sermorelin actually has the ability to make the pituitary stronger, through a process of up-regulation which strengthens its health by increasing the level of HGH it produces on a daily basis. Does Sermorelin Acetate provide any benefits for patients suffering from Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency that are not directly related to its effect upon the endocrine system?

There is a large body of evidence that shows that Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone and Sermorelin Injections directly have the capacity to increase sleep quality and promote the increased experience of the deepest stages of sleep, which are the most rejuvenative and beneficial to health and wellness. What is the normal administration protocol for Sermorelin Hormone Therapy? Sermorelin is delivered once each day via injection. Sermorelin is normally administered just before bed in order to more closely mimic the natural hormone production of the body.

Sermorelin is intended to supplement the body's own natural production of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, which occurs primarily at night. The Sermorelin Dosage that the patient is described will be dependent upon the physiological needs of the individual. Sermorelin Shots are provided in vials which contain multiple doses The vial will contain enough Sermorelin in order to treat the patient for at least fifteen days.

If you have any other questions about Sermorelin Acetate, Human Growth Hormone Shots, or any other hormone treatments, we would be happy to provide you with answers to any questions you may have. Different patients respond differently to treatment, and some patients respond more actively to Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy than Sermorelin Acetate.

If you choose the Conscious Evolution Institute, our knowledgeable and top-of-the-line staff of physicians and longevity specialists will help you decide which treatments are right for you! If you are interested in starting a program, contact us for a free consultation. Your info will remain confidential. If your doctor only prescribes testosterone by itself, you will probably have a rough ride. The tendency is for you to feel great the first couple months, while you increase testosterone levels, followed by a slow deterioration, once your estrogen creeps up.

High estrogen negates a lot of the positives from testosterone therapy, resulting in the same symptoms of low testosterone you had in the first place! The solution is to add a drug called Arimidex. It's called an aromatase inhibitor, which essentially blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

It has the effect of increasing testosterone levels, while keeping your estrogen low. Once you have your testosterone and estrogen solved, it's time to stop the next inevitable decline? This is where HCG human chorionic gonadotropin comes in. It prevents both infertility and testicle shrinkage. Your testicles shrink because your body thinks it doesn't need to make testosterone anymore.

For some, small testicles may seem like just a cosmetic problem. But HGC does more than increase testicle size, it also increases adrenal function, which can have positive effects on well-being, libido, and energy. Body Mass Index Calculator. Testosterone in the Mainstream Media News. By using the Site you acknowledge and agree to the terms of use , privacy policy and legal disclaimer.

The Effects of Cortisol on the Body The Effects of Cortisol on the Body The Conscious Evolution Institute On this webpage, we will discuss one of the most significant factors which speed up the aging process, preventing us from living our life to the full extent Cortisol. What is the Composition of the Adrenal Gland? What is the Adrenal Circadian Rhythm and what is its Importance? Energy and the Adrenal Glands When the adrenal glands are not functioning properly this causes the body great fatigue both at the conscious level and the physiological level.

Cortisol and the Neanderthal Stance Although catecholamines and cortisol encourage the body to enter this Neanderthal Stance, just assuming the stance can encourage the increased release of these hormones. Cortisol and Chin Position Another aspect of posture which effects adrenal response and the aging process is chin positioning.

What are Action Potentials? Adrenal Function and Bone Health The Adrenal Glands are also incredibly important in maintaining the health and structural integrity of the bones.

Cortisol and the Immune System When cortisol levels are too high, it breaks down the immune system. Immune Health and Cortisol Case Study A young woman we will call Samantha went to visit six separate physicians over the course of the last month. The Effects of Low Cortisol on Immune Health Although high levels of cortisol are associated with poor immune response, low levels of cortisol also create major immune issues as well.

Cortisol Levels and Sleep Quality The natural sleep cycle is highly predicated upon healthy cortisol rhythms and balance.

Cortisol Case Study Two The case of a second young womanlets call her Mariashows us how a disturbed circadian rhythm can intensely effect individual well-being. High School Only Made Things Worse Although her problems were bad in middle school, they only got worse once she entered high school.

But Then Something Changed: The Power of Hormonal Balance Things soon changed completely for Maria, however, and her teacher and Marias parents were stunned. What was causing her behavior to change? The time that the class began Her second semester of high school she took Algebra after her lunch break.

Maria Visits a Specialist With this new set of data points, her physician made the decision to send her to an endocrinologist. The Debilitating Effects of Low Cortisol Low cortisol can have incredible effects upon the daily life of an individual.

Prenatal Hormone Imbalance After the issue had been resolved, they had one last question. Cortisol and Skin Regeneration In addition to bone and muscle regeneration, the skin also rehabilitates itself at night for the most part as well. Thyroid Function and Cortisol Cortisol is the primary factor of thyroid hormone secretion at the molecular level. Gluten Intolerance, Cortisol, and Stress For patients who suffer from a condition known as gluten intolerance, the digestive system responds negatively to the digestion of gluten grains.

Gluten Sensitive Patients Release Cortisol and Other Painkillers After this morphine derivative is released by the digestive track it is then taken directly in by the blood stream where it is circulated through the body to the brain. Elevated Cortisol Levels and Diminished Sex Drive When our bodies manifest an excessive amount of cortisol in response to negative stimuli, it keeps our bodies from producing sufficient levels of other hormones such as Estrogen, Testosterone, and DHEA.

Cortisol and Abnormal Sex Hormone Dominance This decreased amount of progesterone in the body leads to a situation in which female estrogen male testosterone and female estrogen become dominant in comparison to serum levels of progesterone.

What Causes Cortisol Imbalance? How can I slow down aging? What does aging have to do with Cortisol? Eat breakfast early Eating breakfast early preferably around 8am increases metabolism throughout the day and decreases cortisol levels which spike around the time you wake up in the morning.

At breakfast, eat at least as much protein as carbohydrates, and consume protein every five hours Protein has a number of positive effects on the body, and these nutrients are the building blocks of a healthy life.

Dont skip meals Many people who suffer from fatigue and tiredness unconsciously skip breakfast in order to raise cortisol levels in order to spur feelings of awareness and mental acuity. Limit Starches and Sugars Eating too many sugars and starches, or skipping meals as a habit, can disrupt the circadian rhythm and raise cortisol levels while decreasing internal store of brain fuel.

Support Brain Function by Building Glycogen Stores There is a ton of debate about which foods most effectively increase glycogen levels in the liver.

Control Pain Swiftly to Lower Cortisol Levels Pain is the most pronounced determinant factor that leads to high levels of serum cortisol. Get In Bed Early to Stabilize Cortisol Rhythms Ben Franklin was really on to something when he said that those who have proper sleeping habits are those most likely to find success both financially and academically.

More Cortisol Today Means Less Cortisol in the Future Although Cortisol is highly beneficial at controlling pain, it is detrimental to long term pain management to have elevated cortisol levels for long periods of time. Cortisol and Catabolism When cortisol is released at too high of a rate, the body undergoes the processes related to catabolism more quickly.

To live a healthier and happier life with balanced cortisol levels, follow these simple rules to the best of your ability: Go to sleep earlyPreferably around ten at night 2. Eat a healthy breakfast which includes a significant amount of protein 3. Consume starches and sugars more cautiously 4. If you suffer from a gliaden sensitivity, avoid or limit gluten consumption 6. Sit up straight, and frequently take breaks from sitting in order to rest the muscles 7.

Take care of pain quickly and effectively 8. Learn new patterns to cope or see a psychiatrist Controlling Cortisol is a Key to Good Health Cortisol is a necessary, yet potentially debilitating hormone that flows through each and every one of us. For a fast response, fill out our Medical Questionnaire Form. Our HRT Doctors have a minimum of 20 years expertise providing legitimate prescription programs for hormone optimization and hormone replacement therapy.

Testosterone Therapy Benefits Correctly performed testosterone therapy can be your ticket to health. Ageless By Suzanne Somers. The book discusses the revolutionary medicine of HRT The Controversial Vitamin Vitamin A: Suzanne Somers on hormone therapy for menopause Part 2: Suzanne Somers on hormone therapy for menopause Part 3: Suzanne Somers on hormone therapy for menopause Part 4: Suzanne Somers on hormone therapy for menopause Part 5: Suzanne Somers on hormone therapy for menopause Part 6: Hotze talks about a natural solution for depression.

What is a NanoGram? Male Menopause it's just a matter of time. Longevity and Anti-Aging Medicine Knowing two languages can postpone dementia Healthy Living can add 14 years to your life.

The Effects of Cortisol on the Body The Conscious Evolution Institute On this webpage, we will discuss one of the most significant factors which speed up the aging process, preventing us from living our life to the full extent Cortisol.