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Friday, March 13, 2015

Category: DynoTech
But top brands of US cars had their cylinders cast in nickel-iron and their nickel-steel crank forgings sourced from France before WW I. I mastered more new things on this fat reduction issue. There are definitely some ways to keep the costs down though. JLUin Sep 3, Now the bike is fast. How do you make pistons last even a moment at such power?

Engines first

2016 Cadillac CT6 Powertrain Detailed

Redirected from List of notable accidents and incidents on commercial aircraft. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. South China Morning Post. Retrieved 21 April Air forces Experimental Missiles Unmanned Weapons. Do you get nervous when others watch you taking time to carefully select your items?

How many of you confidently go to a medical store to buy napkins? I was not one. In fact, I used to search for medical stores having female staff and no male customers at that time. The same was the case when I went to purchase a pregnancy test kit. If such a regular item can cause you an embarrassment to purchase, then you cannot even imagine the feeling when you go to buy a butt plug. Buying a butt plug can also be just another regular affair under two circumstances:.

You have the carefree attitude beaming with confidence about what you do. People may stare at you or laugh, but you know how to shield your pride. It is your personal life and choice and the public has nothing to do with it. A warm and welcoming store personnel who knows his profession and customer service managing the store. Even if the customer is reluctant to go ahead with the purchase, he can instigate the normal nature of shopping.

If you are purchasing a butt plug online, then you are relieved from both the above situations. You can research more easily and quickly on the internet about the less spoken toys. We need to understand that there are many manufacturers and customers and the business runs because of the demand for the product.

It is your life and you have every right to collect things which help you to lead a happier life unless it has negative impacts on another person. There is no room for embarrassment or public fear for your rights. Computers have been created to make the life of a person easier. In a very short span of time, computers progressed to laptops and have continued to assist people. And so, computers have become an integral part of our lives.

However, laptops with all the best features are a commodity that does not come for a low price. However, laptops are cheaper if you look around carefully and settle for a few features.

Following are some options how you can save money and still get a good laptop. You can get some great laptops of the best brands for half their actual price if they are pre-owned.

However buying a used laptop that is too old is not a good choice, but you can definitely consider a laptop that has been used for less than a year. Leading brands have features that come at a price. No doubt, bigger brands come with better service and difference in quality. But if you are okay settling for lesser known brands, they do offer equally good features and sometimes better features at much lower price.

As an operating system gets older or with the arrival of newer systems, laptops with older operating systems tend to get cheaper. So if you do not need your laptop for some high-end work , you can consider this option as well. You can also consider upgrading its configuration which will improve the laptop greatly. If you do not have too many heavy files to store on your laptop, you can find a cheap laptop that has limited space. If your usage is limited to using a word processor or simply browsing the internet you can very well save money and opt for a cheaper laptop.

The majority of the women would agree that handbags are the most luxurious and costly products on every shopping list. The reason is that handbags are certainly adequate acquisitions of a modern lady. The pleasure one feels while carrying a glamorous bag totally outweighs the excitement one feels while buying a new dress or a trendy pair of high heels. To a very large extent, it is justified as well since a handbag is an accessory one uses most of the time to enhance their style statement and keep their valuable safe while moving out.

YSL Yves Saint Laurent is a fashion based company that offers some of the most modern and stylish products for women. From clothing to accessories and shoes to handbags, thrilled customers of YSL find great products every time they visit the official website of this store. Thanks for your help. Monday, August 08, 8: Airplane Hi Vassili Finally got to the air with my Beaver ultralight a couple of weeks ago.

Seems like it is well worth all the effort-what I nice engine, gearbox, and prop combination that you recommended. Set the 63" prop at "0" and am getting about RPM out of it.

Great climb and cruise with that prop setting and the fuel economy is unbelievable. Took a lot of work to get the plane all balanced out properly with the heavier engine, but man does it ever fly nice now. Toying with the idea of pitching the prop to get the full RPM out of it peak HP , but am thinking more and more about just leaving it alone-works great. Also have just a 14" straight-pipe on it and it is actually still quieter than the rotax 's that I am used to flying with a muffler-again-just leaving it alone.

Water temp stays at about no matter how hot it is outside, and cruise is at about RPM-barely feels like the engine is working. I attach my most recent pics of the plane for you soon-they are on my laptop at work. Once again, thanks for your help in this project and hope that more people will see how great these little engines really are. It is funny, there were a lot of people who told me that you should not put a car engine on an airplane. I ignored those people as I knew that they were ignorant to the facts.

Now that the project is successful, those people are now coming out to see the plane for themselves and have changed their tunes. Thursday, September 29, I think I will need better brakes to land in ft. Take off distance with just me and 35 liters of fuel about to FT. Is there rear brakes available for this trike probably would have to go hydraulic brakes on the front also.

By the way the trike works awesome! I've been flying with the wing trimmed for slow flight takes a little getting use to that wing but I like it, very predictable. He changed the wing for Aeros Profi TL with trim. We often fly together. He is happy to fly Eagle-Geo. Monday, July 11, 6: Vassili, I got the trike from you, you teached me to fly. The more I fly Eagle - the more I like it.

The trike is simple, light and strong. Everything is just as I want it to be. X wing is a full pleasure to fly. Suzuki Engine is much more superior than Rotax I flew before. And you are a good teacher, good instructor. I flew my first 10 hours with you. I started to become a pilot with you.

My first fearless takeoff, flight and landing were done with you. You made my dream true. I hope to fly with you more, I wish to become your friend, I hope you will teach me instructor course in the future. Vassili, Here is the rest of my earlier email to you Suzuki is attached. Fly great with one person; not big enough for 2PT. Got SPG-4, thank you! I will be using the 2. I will let you know how it works out. We have had no trouble with the drives; we want to be a good long-term customer too!

Thanks for ALL your help With 90 HP and over lbs of thrust it is a great flying machine. This aircraft flew flawlessly for the entire show and was an absolute joy to watch and fly.

When the show was all wrapped up, we packed up the aircraft and headed for Mentone. The aircraft was ready for some maintenance and I knew that when we got to Mentone, I was going to be flying it back to Michigan.

It was due for an engine and gear box oil change; this was a good time to do it. Once it was unloaded and fueled up at Mentone, I took off with about 30 minutes to spare for daylight in Hastings. Off I went into perfect weather on a simple 1 hour and 55 minute trip home. Fifteen minutes into the flight is when the trouble began On one of my routine scans of the panel I noticed that the Coolant Temperature was in the yellow at degrees.

That was odd, it had never done this before. I looked down again a moment later and it was back in the green at degrees running cool There were no noticeable issues with the engine most of the time but it would spike just enough to let you know that something was going on and maybe wrong. The tell tale signs did not seem to be a problem; just the gauge. Well, the engine ran fine all the way back to Hastings in spite of the gauge telling me that the engine was running very hot for seconds at a time.

When I landed, there was no coolant missing, it had not filled the overflow tank and everything seemed just fine or so it seemed. To make this a short not long story, please understand that it would take me pages to tell you the full story of what we have learned since that return trip. This failure caused us to look at the pump, the sensors, the head, the radiators, etc. When we finally got to the bottom of the issue we learned so much by just going back to a simple, non-electric analogue coolant temperature gauge.

What a great and simple fix it was Since we have gone this direction, the Suzuki never has "run hot" since; it runs at - degrees, hour after hour after hour. What a great engine. I am real convinced that some additional changes are being made to our panels. I think you will love what you see! Sunday, September 04, 5: It does everything that is supposed to do.

When I get better I will maybe wAnt sexy trike and to go kph. At it gets too fast for me I want to enjoy the things I fly over: I took it as fast as and that was enough for me Cruising max is all I want. I like this wing a lot more than the Nebo it is topless and I love that.

I've only flown Nebo 18sq m so it's hard to compare. I did my solo on that wing and all went very well I would recommend this wing to anyone it is not as scary as it may feel to a beginner I had it sitting in the box for a year and wondered the whole time if it would be too fast for me.

Turned out i love how it all turned out. With one up I sink at ft min and two up Yeah I am quite happy to be flying lts a dream come true and how can anyone not love their first trike. The prop is not loud and it pushes me around pretty good. I honestly dont have much prop knowledge I would like a blue one though haha: Sent from my iPhone.

Monday, April 11, 9: Un moteur puissant non bruyant et qui tourne tout doux! Ca change du hurlement des moteurs 2 temps. Merci encore pour le bon travail Robert Bellefleur. Hi Mr Vasili i am sending you this e-mail to show you my gratitude for all the support you and airtikes as given me since i decided to learn and fly my trike wich I assembled with your help from a kit - model RW I wish if possible that you put this e-mail as a reference on your website so people could undersatnd how satisfied i was with an experience i put myself into!

I love the fact that you took the time to show me and teach me lots about trikes flying before i decided to buy my trike from you witch by the way is in my honnest opinion the best trike for the money you can buy and i have plenty of power with my suzuki engine hp and i have no dought that the fuel injection is best over carburator like other airplane engine , so all that said i am very happy with my trike and i fly faster and climbing rate is great even with a passenger.

I will gladly recommend anyone wanting to learn about fling , buying or even just technical support on anything regarding trike Mr Vasili and Airtrikes is the place to go or call with the aded bonus that it is less expensive too , Mr Vasili is truly a good person to deal with and i will keep doing business with him as long as i fly trikes. Lynn Schuetze lynnschuetze yahoo.

Monday, January 31, 5: Vassili How are you? I wanted to send you some photo's of my mini airboat I made with your Kool-prop. Turned out perfect very very happy with it. It goes about 35 miles an hour, with two people. Thanks for your help on the prop. I am surprised more guys are not using the kool-prop on there mini airboats. I have read many forums on the mini airboat and I think I am the only one using the kool-prop. If you need a testimonial from me for your website - here it is.

The best advertising is a over satisfied customer, that's me. Last year I spent hours and hours researching and looking for the perfect prop for my mini airboat, and found the KOOL-prop from Air Trikes Enterprises.

People tell me that they can"t believe how quiet and how well it pushes my mini airboat. If you are looking for a high performance prop for your mini airboat this is the one. The engine arrived in Italy Nov. Everything was as promised. The quality of the engine and parts was very good. Additional materials were clear to understand. I started working with my installation. During my work I asked for help from Air Trikes and for a few spare parts. All questions were answered promptly so I received all the support I asked for.

The engine was installed on the plane and started. It was running very regular since the beginning though I had to solve the cooling issue of the radiator due to the not ideal position I placed it. After adjusting the hot air extraction the plane started to fly the end of and was sold to the customer after several hours of test flight.

Fuel consumption less that 2 gph, temps in the normality. He had a problem with boiling water coming out. It seemed it was because of a faulty thermostat valve The problem was fixed , engine wasn't damaged at all, the plane keeps flying. All together I'm very satisfied to work with Air Trikes and can recommend other people to deal with this company.

Later I have bought a set of plans for Eagle trike with Suzuki engine from Air Trikes, working slowly with this project now as other projects come first.

Stephen Johnston johnston rrt. Friday, February 12, 6: First of all I want to say thanks for suggesting this Kool prop. I finished the static thrust tests today and here are today's results. Kool prop Rotax s 8. Wood comp Rotax s 17degree pitch RPM static lbs. I did not expect to see such good numbers for the Kool. At RPM the Kool prop pulls lbs. Static thrust of 5. I checked the calibration of the scale against a digital scale at lbs and my pull test scale was within a couple pounds.

I am looking forward to the flights tests. The attached photo shows the prop mounted on my The prop is big and it looks robust. Monday, March 01, 1: Vassili I did fly my Zenith with the 73" prop.

I suspect the carbs need to be balanced so I will try that first. I also want to recheck the pitch on each blade. For my aircraft those are good numbers. I hope to order the 69" KOOLprop soon. And takeoff distance is significantly shortrer. So he has won not only in takeoff distance and climbing performances but in cruising too. Actually looking at this table, we can say going from a standard prop to KOOL we can win the same as going from to S with 20HP more , but this modification would cost much more than going from one prop to another.

KOOLprop is smooth and quiet. It really jumps when you hit the throttle, all around a really good prop. Hope to go flying tomorrow after work. Ian Ellis iananglenys bigpond. Sunday, November 18, Hi Vassili Well the prop was fitted. Early start Sunday , take off run was a little over 40 mtrs with 1st stage flap and climbed out at 50 kts fpm and rpm and would have gone into the red but that was OK.

Cruise 75 kts at rpm 85 kts rpm The prop is smooth and well balanced and well made, now that I was happy with the performance I flew to a local club BBQ and a meeting with the president of the Recreational Aviation Australia who flies a Foxbat kiev prop who inspected the prop and liked it.

So my friend the Kool prop was very cool and very smooth. I will be looking at ordering about 10 props and spinners, what will the postage be? As it is so close to Chrismas I might have to draw off your stock maybe four props and a couple of spinners just for the Flyin at Evans Head?

I can then advertise in the local recreational flying mag with conviction pilots and copies each month and love the product. I have tried Brolga and IVO and yes shake ,wobble and enough vibration to loosen rivets. At new year we have a flyin that normally has about aircraft turn up each day and I normally sell at least one Savannah kit and the other pilots all want to see what prop you have , how to improve their aircraft.

I'm not an aeronautical Engineer like you and I may ask some questions about props that sound a bit silly to you, but as they say horses for courses in other word I know my trade you know yours so if you think that I'm doing something wrong say so as you are the expert in this field.

Such planes are used in Russia not only for fun flying but also for crop spraying you can see a chemical tank and sprayers , patrolling etc. Subaru-SPG powerplant is well proven and I think can be used by Savannah builders in other countries. It gives not only highest thrust and smoothness. Its solid riveted stainless steel leading edge is the best protection against "out of airport" landings tall grass, dirt, drops of water, gravel etc.

Al Griffin griffinteam yahoo. It was in The trike performances are really good even with his LB weight, he flies his trike and happy. His year comments are here too. He changed the X-wing recently his wing was damaged by a strong wind , now he installed new 69" KOOLprop. His comments from FlyGEO group below: Oct 03, Subject: Wednesday, February 24, 4: It runs on snow, ice, water, swamp and grass. Google translate it somehow. Hi Vasilli, thought you might like the feedback Cheers graeme Thu, 11 Mar VERY impressed and it spun up very quickly.

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