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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
Please use your vote to express your harshest feelings. Educational Links and Resources Inhalations were frequently administered, as were leeching, cupping, and bleeding. Dietary and physical activity guidelines from the USDA are presented in the concept of a plate of food which in superseded the MyPyramid food pyramid that had replaced the Four Food Groups. Lesson 4 - Primary Functions of Protein in the Body.

Human Nutrition

Human nutrition

In like manner, developing one of such system to represent the repository of the knowledge of a medical doctor is as essential as any other expert system. To this end, this project, Expert System for human nutrition analysis is a necessity. It is also, necessary for human health risk to nutrition to be managed effectively, because malnutrition can cause deformed health status. In the next chapter the researcher will highlight more on human nutrition and analysis also on expert systems.

Obesity rates have increased making our country one of the most obese populations in the African region. Six in ten people suffer a disproportionate increase in their weight because their poor nutritional habits CACIA Studies estimates Nigeria will be one of the ten most obese and mal-nutritional populations in the world by Euromonitor This reality makes it essential to raise public awareness about the need for a much needed dietary improvement and encourage preventive care.

Many people, and particularly students, cannot afford to consult a private nutritional expert Morales One problem in healthcare is the lack of availability for frequently health monitoring. Health software offers less expensive solutions reducing the physician-patient physical relation and provides monitoring solutions.

This system can help facilitate the distribution of nutritional information, learn to assess their own nutritional level, and acquire better eating habits to improve their current condition CIGA and Salud Health care facility should be accessible by all at all times.

But some of the people that should access these facilities are far removed from these facilities. More so, in the few available facilities, qualified medical personnel are always key issues that need urgent redress. In view of the foregoing, it would be of great necessity to provide an expert system that will provide a complementary medical service such as human nutrition analysis systemwhere it can be accessed and used by the masses,, also to places where medical attention accessibility is a problem as well as health care facilities where qualified experts are lacking, hence this topic, Expert System or electronic diagnosis system on nutrition.

To design a system an expert system that will be used in carrying out analysis on human nutrition. Therefore, with this research work I hope to achieve my expectation. Watch lessons on your schedule whenever and wherever you want. At the end of each chapter, you can complete a chapter test to see if you're ready to move on or have some material to review. Once you've completed the entire course, take the practice test and use the study tools in the course to prepare for the proctored final exam.

You may take the proctored final exam whenever you are ready. To apply for transfer credit, follow these steps:. Course Topics Category Objectives Introduction to Nutrition Examine energy-yielding nutrients, organic nutrients and inorganic nutrients.

Study experiment design and the use of the scientific method in this field. Learn how to assess your nutritional needs and find reliable nutrition information. Healthy Diet Planning Learn how dietary guidelines can be used to develop a healthy eating plan. Explore factors influencing dietary choices and identify major health problems in the U. Examine food labels, calories, and vegetarian and vegan diets. Role of Carbohydrates in Nutrition Review the structure and function of carbohydrates.

Get details on lactose intolerance and blood glucose regulation. Find out what happens when too many carbohydrates are consumed and learn why fiber is beneficial to the body. Role of Lipids in Nutrition Distinguish between the classes of lipids and the different types of lipoproteins. Learn which foods can help you reach your recommended intake of these nutrients.

Identify polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated fats. Review health factors connected to lipids. Protein's Role in Nutrition Learn how proteins are formed and review essential and nonessential amino acids. Discover the primary functions of protein in the human body and list food sources of protein.

Explore concepts like protein turnover, complete proteins and protein quality. Get tips for creating a vegetarian diet plan that fulfills the body's need for protein. Role of Water in Nutrition Identify the properties of water and assess its purpose in the body. Learn about water intake and output, dehydration and other water safety concerns.

Minerals in Nutrition Learn to classify major and trace minerals. Discover bodily conditions influencing the absorption and retention of various minerals. List food sources of minerals and examine health effects associated with minerals. Study the benefits and risks of mineral supplements. How Vitamins Support Nutrition Explore the different classifications of vitamins. Find out why vitamins are important and determine their sources.

Identify deficiency and toxicity symptoms for vitamin C, folate, vitamin A, niacin and B12, among others. Examine the risks and benefits of vitamin supplements. Anatomy of the Digestive System Explore the anatomy of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. Review functions of the large intestine, including water absorption. See how nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine and identify different movements occurring in the small intestine.

Find out how nutrients are absorbed in the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Identify common digestive problems. Explore the effects of feasting and fasting on cells. Examine processes including substrate-level phosphorylation, glycogenesis and lipogenesis. Discover what happens during protein synthesis and alcohol metabolism. Identify some of the factors that contribute to obesity and get strategies for maintaining a healthy weight.

Learn methods for determining energy use and body fat content. Risk to Nutrition Investigate historical views on eating disorders. Evaluate treatment methods for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and night eating. Scrutinize risk factors for eating disorders and strategies for reducing their development. Learn how to estimate the calorie needs and nutrient requirements for an athlete as well as what nutrients support physical activity. Assess the importance of drinking water during exercise and find out which foods and supplements can help optimize athletic performance.

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Thanks for your interest! We'll contact you soon. You can also call Study. Overview Syllabus Credit Exams. Yes Earn transferable credit by taking this course for credit. Science of Nutrition Practice Test. Questions about online credit? Call us or request info by email. Course Summary Nutrition Science of Nutrition has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2, colleges and universities.

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Course Practice Test Check your knowledge of this course with a question practice test. Comprehensive test covering all topics Detailed video explanations for wrong answers. Take Practice Test View all practice tests in this course. Go to chapter Introduction to Nutrition. Introduction to Nutrition Score: Go to chapter Healthy Diet Planning.

Healthy Diet Planning Score: Go to chapter Role of Carbohydrates in Nutrition. Role of Carbohydrates in Nutrition Score: Role of Carbohydrates in Nutrition.

Go to chapter Role of Lipids in Nutrition. Role of Lipids in Nutrition Score: Role of Lipids in Nutrition. Go to chapter Protein's Role in Nutrition.

Protein's Role in Nutrition Score: Protein's Role in Nutrition. Go to chapter Role of Water in Nutrition. Role of Water in Nutrition Score: Role of Water in Nutrition. Go to chapter Minerals in Nutrition. Minerals in Nutrition Score: Go to chapter How Vitamins Support Nutrition. How Vitamins Support Nutrition Score: This is part of our Anatomy and Physiology lecture ser This video covers the muscles of mastication. This is Lesson 10 in our Muscular System series.

This is part of our Anatomy and Physiology lecture serie Moving from the histology of skeletal muscle, now we need to know about cardiac muscle tissues and smooth muscle tissue. This is Lesson 3 in our Muscular System series. This is part of our Anatomy and Physiology lecture series.

From YouTube , produced by m. Welcome to the Muscular System! In this video we look at the histology of skeletal muscle tissue and the functions of skeletal muscle. This is Lesson 1 in our Muscular System series. In this video we take a look at the types of muscle contractions: We also cover the relationship muscles have with each other, specifically the agonist, synergists, antagonist, and fixator.

In this video we take a look at the best ways to study the muscular system. This is Lesson 8 in our Muscular System series. In this video we take a quick overview of the muscular system and talk about the functions of the skeletal muscles. This is Lesson 5 in our Muscular System series. Lean what the motor unit is and how it makes muscles fibers contract. In this video we take a closer look at the histology of skeletal muscle and the sarcomere.

This is Lesson 2 in our Muscular System series. History [ show ]. Comments Please make your comments on categories positive, and not just negative.

Utilization of food by the body