Janet Jackson Flaunts Slimmer Body In New Nutrisystem Commercial

Janet Jackson

Celebs Who Had Incredible Weight Transformations
She dropped it after a month. April 19, at Madonna clearly grabbed one of her famous rag tag, million dollar metal-encrusted, dated, style all black frocks from her own personal wardrobe. Janet is relatively harmless. Or, possibly, ever again. I think, and have always thought, that Janet Jackson is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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Janet Jackson Reveals Slim New Figure In Nutrisystem Ad (PHOTO)

I liked her better before. She looked healthy and hot. Count me in too for the pre-loss look. Much more real and vibrant. I was thinking what happened to her face and why does it appears as though they put vaseline on the lens. It looks like a cut out of a body and not a real one.

I gained a lot of weight in college and decided to try it. It also made my entire dorm room stink, just by storing the food in there! I can still remember that smell…. She can afford the best or a private diet chef, no way did she eat freeze-dried or whatever.

Seems weird to me. I kinda want to believe Mariah ate Jenny for a while, but this? Hmmmh…… Report this comment as spam or abuse. Its too bad that she feels she has to do this to herself, she is so beautiful Report this comment as spam or abuse. High heels and platforms are all well and good, but those things in the red dress photo are stilts. Also, the food looks bad. They really do like someone just slapped a couple of hockey pucks on the soles, huh?

Converse For The Crown Report this comment as spam or abuse. They always look like hooves to me. These women here saying she looks better before are lying to themselves. Because I genuinely do think she looked better before.

I thought she looked too too thin, and I saw her before, and was like, what the heck. It looks so much better. I agree, waaaay, better before. I really think our perception of what a normal weight is is so screwed up. In the before photo she looks like she could run a marathon, then help you move houses, then have a beer after. In the after shots she looks like she can only sit and diet. I was tiny before due to childhood illness and always weighed 89lbs.

Best of luck on achieving you goal hon… I agree any woman would be amazing in a healthy weight loss if they looked like her before photo. Anything less unless they have a high metabolism I would think is unhealthy. Off-topic, but I hope everything gets sorted out with you and they find the culprit asap. I wish you the very best! I think she is moving dangerously into Michael territory! She looked much better before! She looked like one of those ladies who feels that she needs to lose a bit of weight, but who everyone else thinks looks just fine.

Like someone who generally watches what she eats, and probably jogs or something, but who can also enjoy a burger and a couple beers with friends now and then. Could she have been any less enthusiastic about selling that nasty tasting shit? Her face is really weird and creepy and her body in that last photo looks like someone did cutouts and pasted them together — not good.

I think she looked better before too. All that messing with her face reminds me of her brother too, lots of psychological damage in that family.

Everyone I know who ever tried it gained it all back. The only thing I noticed with her face in the commercial is how light her makeup is in it. The person who did her makeup did a bad job. She seems overly fixated on her weight when she has really never been that big! She goes up and down by maybe pounds but you would think she weighed pounds at some point given how she talks about herself.

I get the feeling both Janet and Michael had everything but never felt like it or never felt worthy of it… Report this comment as spam or abuse. I also saw the commercial yesterday, and I could NOT stop staring at her face!! Why would she do something like this? She looked so much better before. Janet STOP this foolisheness!!! On a side not i wonder if she is still with Wissam?!? Is her before picture photoshopped in the hips?

For a minute there when I just kinda sideways glanced at her photo again, I swear I saw Michael — the strange nose and cheekbones. Hope she is not morphing into him via plastic surgery. I recently put the Morfo app on my iphone. Some people just need to leave hollywood, and go live a life outside of the spotlight. Same goes with people with substance abuse problems… Hollywood is just not a conducive and safe environment for you.

She will gain all the weight back and endorse Jenny Craig when she loses it again. A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself. Even at my thinnest, when my body was being praised, I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror or how I felt about myself. She also revealed that the source of her torment was sometimes none other than her own brother, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Even as a little kid. Now, however, Jackson's weight seems to be under control, possibly for good. She joins the ranks of celebrities endorsing weight loss programs— Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, and Charles Barkley have all lost weight via food services, and participated in advertisements to showcase their transformation. I haven't reached where I want to be. The new silent killer in our streets: Comments 81 Share what you think.

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