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It's no big secret:

This is a different kind of nutrition program.
Want the best nutrition information currently available and new ideas. If "doing a diet" means overhauling your life on Day One and adopting a set of "rules" to follow, a nutritional progression model builds habits intelligently and sustainably over time. He concentrates on simple solutions that actually work. For many, larger plates and huge portions at restaurants have confused us on how a decent meal serving should look. Before beginning any nutrition plan, it's important to start with the right mindset.

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Precision Nutrition’s Guide to Portion Control Using Your Hand

We took all the complex research and simplified it into an easy-to-understand format that makes learning enjoyable. The first half covers the science of nutrition. Pierre, MS, RD, each video seminar corresponds with each textbook chapter. Watch and re-watch whenever you like. The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is trusted by elite health and fitness professionals worldwide. The Level 1 Certification allows you to immediately affect positive changes in the lives of your clients.

One of the things I absolutely love is the focus on the big things first — the behavioral modifications, and the quick fixes that can yield dramatically improved results.

The Level 1 program gives you the skills and tools that you need to actually go out and do it. It gives you everything you need to be a successful coach. I think the coolest thing about the program is the promotion of behavior change. If I can teach my patients how to change, I can make a world of difference without having to pull out my prescription pad. In the end, when people tell me they want to teach other people how to live healthier lifestyles, I tell them the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is the way to go.

The information it taught me vs. The nutrition course was good. But the Precision Nutrition Certification was that much better. We have tried every nutrition program out there. Precision Nutrition is by far the most thorough, informative, effective system we have seen. Not only is our entire team PN-certified, we recommend it to every gym we consult with. This certification is not only incredibly thorough, it also mixes practicality and reality into the program. The Precision Nutrition team is as interested in science as they are behavioral modification.

And that's the true way to get results. Not only will you come away from the certification with a tremendous amount of knowledge about nutrition — you will also gain valuable skills on how to assess and help each client you work with. The Precision Nutrition Certification stands head and shoulders above all other nutrition programs because of its focus on actionable items for fitness professionals. There is simply no other course available that teaches you the art and science of coaching for every situation.

From the average Joe to the professional athlete, Precision Nutrition is the system coaches, trainers and nutritionists need to add to their toolbox for optimal success. The Precision Nutrition Certification helped me to combine the science of coaching with a sustainable method of implementing that science, making me a more capable professional.

The Precision Nutrition Certification gave me the confidence of knowing I'm following a proven method that's brought success to thousands of clients. My own success has increased since applying what I learned. The Precision Nutrition Certification has added more value to my business by allowing me to use nutrition coaching with a whole range of clients.

That's just one of the reasons I highly recommend the program. Here are a few winners, their results, and what you can expect by applying The PN Method. Nor is it a program full of internet level, keyboard jockey type information. Most university courses lack real-world coaching opportunities. Our students make a commitment to learn from us — and we make a commitment to help them become better coaches.

Then our students decide for themselves: Was it worth it? If no, we give them a full refund. Try the PN Level 1 Certification for 45 days. On October 3rd, registration for the Level 1 program opens to a small group of health and fitness professionals — along with those thinking of joining the field.

Spots are first-come, first-served, and always sell out within hours after opening. The first half of the textbook covers the science of nutrition. The second half teaches you how to effectively coach nutrition with others, including advanced nutrition coaching, coaching athletes, behavior change, and motivational interviewing. Click this image to download the table of contents and introduction.

You can take as much time or as little time as you like. That means reading the chapter, reviewing the online video, answering the workbook questions, reviewing the FAQ, and writing the question exam. If you follow that structure, you can expect to spend hours per week on the certification materials.

Although you can move more quickly or slowly depending on your situation. There are 18 short exams with 10 questions each. Questions are either multiple choice or true or false. Also, each exam corresponds with the chapter you just studied, and completing the exam unlocks the next chapter. Your score for the course is cumulative.

So you could do very poorly on a few exams and still pass the course as long as you answer out of questions by the end of the course. The health and fitness field is changing quickly. Obesity and diet-related illness are at an all-time high and millions of people need help with their nutrition more than ever. We hope this helped you understand who we are and what we do.

But if you know that the time for you is now, we have a strong recommendation for you: Also be sure to maintain your vegetable servings because vegetables provide satiation during your meal helping you feel full while you are eating, so you are less likely to overeat.

For those with some type of metabolic concerns or problems with insulin resistance, St. Pierre suggests playing around with your carbohydrate servings. He explains that you could try different kinds of carbohydrates like fruit or legumes versus grains. Or you could try switching out carbohydrate servings for extra fat servings and see if that helps you. You can read more information on nutrition at Precision Nutrition. For help from a nutrition coach trained in research-based nutrition science and research-backed coaching methods check out Precision Nutrition for a coach that can help you put these and many more useful skills to work in your life.

Pierre says that their coaching is not based on increasing willpower but instead providing the necessary skills that will enable you to be successful no matter what your goals are. He says Precision Nutrition coaches can work with anyone and whether you want to eat vegan or paleo, want to gain or lose weight, they aim to help you be healthy and hit your goals.

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The Precision Nutrition Certification has a single purpose: