Is Maltitol a Safe Sugar Substitute?

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Beware of the Sugar Alcohol Maltitol
It exhibits a negligible cooling effect positive heat of solution in comparison with other sugar alcohols, and is very similar to the subtle cooling effect of sucrose. Bulk sweeteners can be classified into sucrose sugar , non-sucrose sweeteners glucose, fructose, maltose, lactose, trehalose, isomaltulose, oligofructose and sugar alcohols xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol , isomalt, erythritol , to name just a few. No more for me, no thanks. I was totally dehydrated. The stevia plant is also a source of fiber and iron.

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Maltitol could potentially stimulate the growth of candida yeast, but candida overgrowth in the otherwise healthy individuals has not been proven so far.

June 9, at 9: Was ill with severe stomach cramps and thought had been glutened. Reread labels not heard of maltitol,have now and will avoid.

Why do they use suspect stuff in g free we are already extra sensitive. Had a huge reaction to lupin flour found in g free pasta too! Maggie, yes, polyols maltitol, mannitol, xylitol and sorbitol in certain amounts can cause bloating, gas and diarrhea. I am not gluten or celiac but I do need to watch sugar and I do eat it in excess — as in entire pint. Sure wish there were more no- or low-sugar products like Artic Zero and Enlightened ice creams. Thrive has sugar free but with maltitol, fine if you can limit yourself to one serving.

Adjusted my diet to be more sugar and calorie aware…had most awful cramps and abdominal pain after consuming Maltitol. Best now just to have no sugar and no sugar alternatives. Try Splenda generic sucralose.

No bad side effects. Diet Pepsi uses it now instead of aspartame. I use in cereal, hot cocoa, baking, and love it.

Must be a half cent cheaper than sucralose per tablespoon. Am I missing something? Did not at first realize that was the source until the third day of misery. I checked the ingredients and googled maltitol. WOW, cannot believe that Atkins would put that ingredient into their bars. Maltitol should be taken off the market! Agreed about the maltitol.

Atkins does make a bar that uses Splenda rather than maltitol. You might call them as an alternative to searching through their many bars on the shelves.

I have read that they are phasing out maltitol. Use a healthful unsaturated fat in it not butter, etc. They could make millions off of it. Your email address will not be published. The information on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be considered diagnostic or medical advice. Possible Maltitol Benefits Tooth decay. Maltitol does not promote dental caries [2-p. It is not generally sold to the consumer.

Sugar was about million tonnes This would give it about 0. By value it would be slightly less. So it represents a tiny part of the total market. It is used in the production of candies, chewing gum, chocolate and ice cream. Most sugar alcohols produce a cooling effect in the mouth. This is desirable in the case of chewing gum and produces a refreshing effect. In other foods this is undesirable. It does not have a significant cooling effect about the same as sugar and so is very suitable for use in chocolate and other similar products.

It seems to produce a very good flavor and may even enhance the subtle flavors in milk chocolate. However it is worth noting that chocolate labeled as 'sugar free' is often sweetened with this sugar alcohol. Diabetics should be aware that it has a GI of 35, much lower than sugar, but not zero. So it should be taken into account when counting carbs. Like all sugar alcohols, it does not actually contain any alcohol, co no nead to worry in this regard! It is approved for use in most countries, in some cases a warning is applied regarding excessive consumption having a laxative effect.

Approved as E in the EU. It is a useful sugar substitute, but it does not contain zero carbs. One spoon of sugar contains 16 calories. To achieve the same sweetness it would be necessary to consume 11 calories of Maltitol. This is a saving, but not very much. In fact Erythritol also a sugar alcohol at only 1 calorie for the same sweetness is a much better substitute in this regard.

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