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A spin-on oil filter must be added to the turbo oil feed line between the engine and turbo oil inlet. Recommended remote oil filter mount: Derale brand, part number Remote oil filter mount may be attached to firewall or engine mount tubes, based on available space, typically on passenger side of engine compartment. A hose clamp secured to the bottom of the oil filter canister should be used to safety wire the canister to the oil filter mount.

Trimming Oil Drain Fitting: Tornado Alley Turbo Inc. These service bulletins state that rust deposits in low time under hours turbochargers are the cause of turbine shaft ring seal seizures that have occurred in the applicable type-certified and STC turbocharger installations. Per the Tornado Alley service bulletin description:. During periods of prolonged inactivity typically several days to weeks, and more frequently in humid weather these deposits from oxidation may cause a restriction so that on initial engine start up, the turbocharger does not spin up.

Therefore, Sonex Aircraft strongly suspects this alternate cause as a possible major factor in AeroVee Turbo seizures. The above-referenced service bulletins prescribe troubleshooting remedies involving penetrating oil to free-up seized turbochargers that may be followed by AeroVee Turbo customers.

Sonex Aircraft has used the Berryman B12 Chemtool solvent prescribed in the RAM Aircraft flush procedure to free a seized turbo before return to the turbo manufacturer for overhaul, and found the solvent to be effective. Any questions should be directed to AeroConversions Technical Support staff at: Approved Oil Specifications for AeroVee Engines have changed in-light of current oil industry research with modern oil formulations that prohibit the use of Full-Synthetic oils with leaded aviation fuel.

Full-Synthetic oils listed as approved in previous revisions of AeroVee documentation Valvoline VR-1, 20w50, synthetic and Mobil 1, 15W are no longer approved. Note that Synthetic-Blend oils may still be used. Between November 1st, and May 1st, Sonex Aircraft delivered engine cases that may have a machining error from our supplier. If you took delivery of a new AeroVee engine case during this period perform one these mandatory inspections:. Inspect the oil passage that feeds the center cam bearing for "break-out" between the base of the cylinders.

This is shown in the accompanying photo by the appearance of the red straw. This break-out of the oil passage is the defect.

See image illustrating defect. If you have already run your engine and have proper oil pressure it is highly unlikely you received a case impacted by the machining error. The break-out of the oil passage would result in the loss of oil pressure. However, the only way to know for sure is to perform the inspection described below. To inspect an assembled engine, remove a cylinder head and one rear cylinder. With the cylinder removed you can inspect the affected area with a mirror.

If your engine is impacted by this machining error please contact us at tech sonexaircraft. Multimeter test prescribed in original service bulletin proved inconclusive. Service issue existed in very isolated cases, and improper Installation is suspected in some. The ACV-Z screws provide added thread engagement to help prevent these screws from potentially backing out.

Applying Locktite Primer and Threadlocker, and using the proper tightening procedure on these cap screws are also extremely important. See the following AeroVee Installation Manual Page that references this hardware and details the proper assembly, Download: All AeroVee Nikasil Cylinder Owners should be advised that Sonex has received two reports of damage to the Nikasil Cylinder barrel walls from the Piston Clips coming out of the keeper groove.

We believe this damage has two main factors: If the clips are not installed properly, they may not be sitting in the groove and could exit the side of the piston and cause damage. A distinctive "click" should be heard when the two sides of the clip are released.

It is imperative that you confirm full engagement of each clip in its groove. Sonex also highly recommends the purchase of a "c-clip" pliers or equivalent to accomplish the installation of these clips. The clips supplied to Sonex from the Nikasil Piston vendor do not fit as tightly as other clips we have sourced. We have replaced all of the clips in the Nikasil Cylinder sets with the following item and stock number from AirCooled.

Sonex Aircraft highly recommends that at the next Annual inspection the current piston retaining clips be thoroughly inspected or replaced with the Part Number above. All AeroVee Engines shipped since 1. To date there has been one incident of a flywheel being destroyed where the backing out of these screws is a possible cause. First install the ACV-Z screws and ensure the stator is fastened tightly.

If the alternator stator is not tightly attached to the plate, the screws may be bottoming out in the mount plate.

Modify the Mount Plate per the attached control print. AeroConversions discovered today Friday 8. These screws secure the secondary ignition trigger shaft assembly to the flywheel and are installed by the builder, not pre-assembled by AeroConversions. A coarse thread socket cap screw can be installed and will give the incorrect impression that it's provided a tight fit.

The resulting joint using this hardware is not acceptable and must be repaired. If found to be the incorrect thread, please contact us immediately at techsupport aeroconversions. If the ACV-Z hardware has already been installed, the alternator cover plate should be removed and one of these 4 screws should be removed and verified for proper thread.

Please refer to your AeroVee Assembly Manual for the proper installation instructions for this hardware. Information originally contained in this service bulletin is superceded by service bulletin ACV-SB listed above.

These instructions below detail the removal of a restrictor plug installed in the oil galley near the 1 front bearing, and its replacement with a threaded plug: AeroConversions has never found evidence that the solid plug restricts oil flow, but offers these instructions for those who feel the oil flow to the 1 bearing may be impeded.

Having accomplished this procedure recently on 3 of the factory demonstrator engines and seeing no negative consequences, AeroConversions has decided to remove this restrictor plug from all new AeroVee 2. If your oil pressure drops below the published operating limits after performing this operation you may need to install an oil pressure adjuster in the rear oil pressure relief port to maintain the minimum oil pressure of between 40 and 50 psi at rpm.

AeroVee Engines must be operated with an oil pressure between 40 and 50 psi at rpm. Running with low oil pressure can lead to a catastrophic engine failure. If you are experiencing low oil pressure, first try placing a shim under the oil pressure relief plug at the flywheel end of the engine.

If this does not correct the problem, remove the plug, spring, and plunger and check the condition of the plunger seat in the case. Below are two images: If you are not flying yet, inspect this area of your case and ensure you have the correctly machined plunger seat. A few AeroVee 2. Perform the check shown in the picture above. Remove the bearing and chamfer the edge facing the counterweight.

This can either be accomplished using a fine, half-round file or a Scotch Brite Wheel shown in the attached image. Thoroughly clean the bearing before final installation. Only a small amount of chamfer is required to eliminate this issue.

Ideally, there should be Qty 3 end shims used to reach the required 0. A part exchange of the new part is available to AeroVee Customers at no charge. If you find that you do not have sufficient end play, please contact the Sonex Tech Department for an RMA number and to arrange for this part exchange at: Secondary Ignition Trigger Magnet Size.

This check does not apply to the black trigger magnet caps. General AeroVee Assembly Practice: Do NOT place a chore-boy, steel-wool, or any other metal object into the Breather plate assembly.

Over time, this can break down and metal particles can work their way into the engine case. DO put a larger hump in your oil breather tube so any oil that bubbles out of your case will drain back into the case rather than flow out the bottom of your airplane. We also understand some engine builders have needed additional barrel shims for their engines depending on what compression ratio they chose to set their AeroVee Engine at.

It's difficult to get all of the combinations covered in one standard package without being wasteful. Sonex furnishes and has only charged the customer for one set of 0.

Additional shims are available for purchase from Sonex with the following part numbers to suit your particular needs: Aeroconversions does not recommend installing the Prop Hub or any other shrink-fit components with a press without first cooling the crankshaft in a freezer and heating the installed components in an oven.

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