15 Acidic Foods to Avoid + Healthier Alternatives

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The healthiest alternatives to sugar
If feeding with any of these cats foods, you have to feed them less amount since these foods are highly concentrated in meat proteins. It looks like Acana is better for more active cats, which Jess is not. I know wet food is better so now he is on Tikicat. There are many effective ways in which you can actually make your diet plan do things right for you. What is a family emergency? Hello Signe, my suggestion is trying to get a good canned wet food for your cats and mix it with dry food. Which of these brands are flatter than Wellness?

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Are the BPA-Free Alternatives Safe?

Dairy products, or products produced from animal milk, include popular foods like cheese, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, butter, cream Juicing is a fantastic way of adding vegetables and fruits to your diet, but of course, not all vegetables and Laughter is one of the most relaxing, mood-enhancing activities on the planet, Gym memberships, trainers, dietitians, doctors, supplements, prescriptions and even Purchase Premium and experience a quick single-click food and activity shortcut.

Add foods and activities to your journal faster so you can spend less time logging and more time living. It works just like the online version of FitDay but you do not need an Internet connection.

Search for foods based on fiber, protein or carboyhydrate content. You will experience an ad-free interface. Stay on top of your weight loss and keep motivated. Don't remember what you ate for lunch? Log it right after you eat it with our easy-to-use mobile application. Download at App Store. Sometimes, Foodgawker will hate something, but Tastespotting will love it.

Fortunately, the success of Foodgawker and Tastespotting have spawned dozens of clones, who may be a little more eager to view and publish your photo submission.

Some are just getting off the ground, and are happy to have your photos filling out their websites. No matter what, they all represent opportunities to get traffic coming back to your site, and should be a part of your arsenal if you are serious about getting the word out about your website. Do you have a favorite food porn site, not listed above? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This is fabulous — loving this site and all of you and your hard work!

RecipeGraze is another good one: Thank you for the list of alternatives to Foodgawker and Tastespotting. However — I now have even more rabbit holes to travel down!

Working your way through this whole list would take the better part of a morning. Looks like you need to visit the tumblr version bakeolicious.

So it appears Foodgawker and Tastespotting still reign supreme. Every link back to a page on your site is like a vote for your site, and the more links from social media and other websites especially sites on related topics back to your own, can help push your site to greater prominence for the search results your site already places in. Thanks for compiling this. All the photos look like they were taken by the same person.

Like tying up a stack of cookies or whatever with pretty string. The captions all seem to be written by the same person too, and that person is not a particularly interesting or imaginative writer.

And if you click through to one of the posts they feature, 9 times out of 10 it will be an extravaganza of, like, a dozen photos that are nearly identical to the one you just clicked on, because they all came out technically perfect and the person has no other concept of editing their work.

That kind of perfection is democratic, in a way, because anyone with a good camera and some spare time can achieve it. But it does not make for interesting reading. You are so right!!! All the pictures look quite the same. I have some accepted, some declined. But even if you fix the reason they gave you most often they decline it again. I have some ordinary recipes and as they have tons of the same recipe I can understand that they only take the best ones.

Another site that offers food bloggers that ability to share their food posts is Food Frenzy. By registering with Food Frenzy, you instantly become an author and you can post as many of your food blog posts as you like. You can also manage your profile and display links to your social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Only two key rules at Food Frenzy: Neither has Refrigerator Soup.

I know because I owned the site then sold it. Appreciate if you can include http: We invite you to join Food Frenzy http: Thanks for posting this! Still, will give it a go, thank you! I had a website I started in which I let go, regretfully, after 3 years and I remember Foodgawker launched a few months after I did , I believe.

The chief editor was plugging it all over the place and actually would comment on other blogs. That was when Foodgawker stepped in. You are right Malcolm. It was far, far, far easy to get your photos approved to Foodgawker then. Just look at this crappy photo of mine from my old site http: How in the heck did that pass? Per Foodgawker, it is underexposed. I agree it is not the best picture but it sure is an improvement from my old salmon picture that got in.

All the photos I submitted to Foodgawker aside from one got accepted in other food porn sites. Hehehehe Beauty, afterall, is in the eye of the beholder. Foodgawker is starting to be an increasingly tough nut to crack. The amount of traffic they send seems to have gone down, as well.

I get most of my traffic from sites that accept all photographs. In particular from RecipeNewz. I now realize that their requirements are a bit ridiculous. Thanks for the compiled list of sites. I wasnt aware of these. Getting into Tastespotting is very difficult as they are very picky about the images… Your posts have really proved helpful for a new blogger like me.

The number of referrals from them might not be as significant as Foodgawker but far from shabby. I average a day from them with less than 10 photos in my gallery. Recently 2 photos were excepted and they received less than 50 hits each.

Less interest in food porn? Hello, Appreciate if you can include http: All you need to do is to just register your blog with us. For more details visit http: They dont provide feedback though to my pictures …. The problem is that I write my blog in Spanish, and I find it quite difficult to translate the titles for food porn pages. Thank you very much from Madrid. Your posts are great. My favorite one is feastie. I even started to post my own cooking on Facebook and got tremendous response from friends!

I love Fridgg http: I have most of my traffic from fridgg. Do you know if these are nofollow sites? More exposure is always good, but I could also use those backlinks…. I am a big fan of The Feasting Eye http: Love this post and the discussion it has generated. I was starting to feel quite discouraged with Foodgawker.

I agree the acceptance is terribly unpredictable. Usually when I am certain they will accept my work they do not.

Another site to check out if you are blogging about healthy foods is healthyaperture. This is just the list I was looking for! I am an avid home cook and also just starting out with photography so I am a little wet behind the ears when it comes to pictures. My ultimate goal with starting my own food blog was as an outlet to share with others what I like to make and to also get featured on Foodgawker.

I have submitted several things to Foodgawker and all have been rejected for various reasons , and this makes me feel rejected. I have shown the pictures to some photography buddies and they all love the pictures. It seems as though they have went to being a photography site first and a food site second. So I just posted something on Desert Stalker so here is to hoping I can get something featured on some of these other sites.

Any kind of feedback is well received. I have to agree with Patty that Chowstalker. Not all of my recipes are Paleo, but whenever they are I post them to Chowstalker and get an excellent response! I also agree that recipenews. A fairly new one is foodieportal. We accept all pictures, as we care about food and not picture perfection. One I really like is http: It has the advantage of highlighting both the cookbook you cooked from as well as your picture — a great way to find new to you food bloggers and new cookbooks!

What a great list! I have used Recipe Newz and have had pretty good luck with it. I will try some of the others, my photography is pretty hit or miss at this point in my blogging career!

So excited to find you! A visual showcase of recipes submitted by our users featuring recipes from top food and recipe websites including original recipes that are exclusive to Pantreze. Yes, very disappointed recipenewz. Please check my website http: You can put in ingredients that you have at home, and it will make recommendations to you.

The navigation is quick and beautiful. I have had tremendous luck with http: Plus they calculate nutrition information for every submitted recipe.

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