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I have several friends that have been very successful with the Slim 4 life plan as well as other plans that are availble. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I lost my Mom to complications of Diabetes 10 yrs. Rebecca has also done Pilates for about eight years to keep her looking good naked. We aim to provide consumers with helpful, in-depth information about nutrition and weight-loss products. Not only are the recipes innovative, but so is the service at 22 Days Nutrition. You can skip or cancel Auto Ship whenever you want as well, you just have to do it 10 days before the next order.

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Place hornworms in a sock or stocking leg. Place sock in watering can. Smoosh contents of sock. Let stand for an hour or two. Besides deterring the caterpillars, the birds stay hungry enough to hunt the bugs you might miss. I think they just crush those and recycle them anyway, but they are one solid piece of cardboard. We have a super hard time with long grass runners growing through garden bed fabric around here and boy are they persistent. I live in a duplex with no yard.

Should I maybe make it higher for a deeper garden? Hmmm… this is a tough one. Anyone else have any ideas for cement patios? The cinder blocks will have cracks where they abut. These cracks should be plenty to allow for drainage. Yep, definitely a container garden! They can also be so beautiful that no city-folks will complain!

How about some flowerpots, the long rectangle ones. Or even regular flowerpots. They did really well. I use the big plastic clear bins as big pots instead of a raised garden. Just drill some holes on the bottom to allow water to drain out.

Works well and just saw something about using the fibers inside of a diaper to mix with the soil so that it holds more water. My yard was full of trees.. I have had raised beds on my asphalt driveway for 14 years. I used landscape fabric under the dirt to help keep the dirt from washing away. I would think the cement will clean up fine!!! I hear Coke a Cola works well on car fluid stained drives!!! Last year was a first for me planting vegetables. Did not have a garden, so I did my garden in planters!

Just several pots with the plants I wanted, from beans to tomatoes to zucchini. Also lettuce and cucumbers. We are doing a raised bed this year, but I am still using my pots for my tomatoes! For years, out here in the sticks of Wyoming people have recycled old tires, stacked to whatever depth you need to grow tomatoes, potatoes and anything that has a deep root system.

It works great for hills of potatoes. If you don;t like the black of the tires you can spray paint them with different colors to liven up the look! I saw a fellow and his wife who stacked the tires to a depth of 5 feet or so, filling the interior space as they went, then drilling holes into the stack all around the tires and then planted tomatoes and even strawberries.

The result was amazing! I think you could even stack the same sizes of old bicycle tires for a bit more interior room. Just fill the inside with your favorite potting soil and there you go. One could even stack several tires high and, if you have a drainage problem or need extra drainage for some reason, you could put down a layer of rocks to your desired depth, add sand and then add the potting soil or whatever you want to use for your soil.

You can do a search on it…. Just beware of pesky Trees!!! I have a tree in my yard that keeps sending roots over to my garden beds….. I used the weed fabric and it caused fungus and mold to the roots and everything died after growing great till the roots hit the fabric. I myself will just let the bed drain naturally from now on. I love you website I have been looking for an idea about raised bed gardening now I finally found you thanks so much. We are planning one of these for next year.

I was wondering if you have trouble when you have a big rain with water pooling in garden or blocks. And if you do, what steps you take to control it. I was so thrilled to find your site and the raised cinder block beds. Then we spent every night in an Epson Salt bath and then slathering each others backs and arms with Tiger Balm. Talk about back breaking work! We will be putting another garden, in another location, next year and all of our beds will be made out of cinder blocks.

The cardboard in the bottom of the bed is a great idea. I wonder if it would keep out the Mountain Misery that we had in ours. It came up from below the bed. We also have a problem with moles, voles and gophers, so we always lay down hardware cloth under our beds.

No more problems with those critters. Now instead of digging out, we can just remove the cinder blocks at the end of the season and scoop the dirt into our sifter and yard cart to mix with steer manure and replant. We have also placed a row of cinder blocks around our chicken coop, and planted grape vines in several of the holes. They will grow up and over the coop providing an extra treat for the chicken and shade in our hot summers. You are very welcome!

I wished I could see photos of all of your work. I just found you as well, Jennifer. Thought I would mention that I also have cinder blocks laid out like this outside my chicken coop.

I have it separated down the middle and use it to compost the chicken manure. One section is for the older litter that is ready to be put on the garden and of course the other is for the newer. Just made it this season and am liking the convenience of a close spot to dump the manure. I am doing a cinder block raised bed around my patio extension. This is so my dogs can stop trying to dig up my garden, and my 2 sons can help plant. I have three areas mapped for them.

If so, what kind of paint should I use? I wanted to paint them dark and stencil on the outside. I am building my first raised garden. To keep weeds and stuff out? I would use a weed blocker or boxes. I have used several sheets of newspaper randomly overlapping the edges with success when planting marigolds.

No weeds, great drainage, and no cost! Perennials can not reseed, but it beats weeding. I have been using this method for years for an herb garden. I live in the high mountain of Colorado so our summer is very short. Mine is located on the back corner of the house where the sun shines the most.

I love being able to put extra herbs in the holes. The only problem I have is the dogs love to run across it when they are taking a short cut! I have put wire over the top in the past, and will probably do so again this year. I tried putting in long sticks sticking up all through the garden, but they just took them out to chew on! If you put a piece of rebar in each of the corners in the hole letting it stick up 2 to 3 feet, then wrap it in wire, chicken or other.

This should keep the dogs or cats out of the bed. We have deer that love to eat our plants so we wire cage cover everything. So happy I found your page. Your cinder block raised bed is a great idea. I kept trying to think of some kind of stones or whatever that would work, and the cinder blocks hit the nail on the head! And the cinder blocks can be piled or expanded or the placement shaped however I need in a given area.

A real plus is that I can spray paint colors, or even paint flowers on the outside of the blocks. I paint on regular rocks and would love to do a nice border on the blocks.

I could probably smooth out the cinder grain with a gesso or something, and spray a sealant over the finished painting. Maybe a patchwork design like a quilt with designs on some blocks since you are talented in painting.

Also, the Square Foot Gardening book shows one up on saw horses so you can easily sit to garden. Happy Gardening; it is good for the soul!! They seem to show up out of nowhere and I know from experience that they will literally devour and destroy your tomato plants overnight!

I have had to resort to Sevin dust a time or two, but the best thing you can do is check very closely on pretty much a daily basis and pull the repulsive things off and squash them. You will notice that they sometimes have eggs all along their backs and I used to think that these were their own means of reproduction. Reading on the subject I have found that these are actually the eggs of a specific wasp that feeds on this particular worm.

The eggs will mature into wasps that I believe are not the stinging kind. They kill the host worm by devouring it as they grow. Since they have been such an aggravation to me in the past, I have done a good bit of research on them.

They are also called Tomato Horn Worms! I found you on Pinterest. I am getting ready to put two of these in my backyard. I was wondering how much potting soil you used? Joyce thanks for asking and Jennifer thanks for the answer. My daughter and I starts some seeds inside but we are ready to transplant. This is a great idea! I have done this for several years, one of my beds has an obelisk for cucumber vines.

I lined mine with layers of newspaper, works just as well as cardboard. I also made mine two blocks high, that way I can sit on the side to do the planting, weeding, picking … my knees preclude my kneeling. This is a great idea but be careful with children around the cinder blocks.

I have had snakes find them very nice homes since the blocks tend to stay cool. I has to get rid of mine when I found a best of copperheads.

Thanks for the warning. We fill the holes with more dirt and create individual spaces for flowers. I noticed when you put the cardboard down you went up the sides a little, this is great because it should help the dirt to NOT flow out between those blocks. I see extra blocks in the later picture. Do you need to go around the edges twice to keep it stable? Hi, thank you for the great and cheap idea!

I found you on Pinterest and I see this is an older page but I hope you can answer a question. It looks like you added more cinder blocks around the edges in the picture showing your grown herbs and veggies. Do the blocks become uneven over time?

Any other updated advice? No, the cinder blocks do not become uneven or unstable. We added more only because we had some left over from another project just sitting around. We decided to face them down so that we would have a place to kneel down when we harvested.

I plan to expand this garden in the spring and use those same cinder blocks to make it even bigger with one row around it and slightly away from the house. I hope that helps you. We had so much fun with this project! The box at the bottom of the dirt was amazing in blocking the weeds. This is a perfect solution for fall gardening. On a different note, this is kind of eerie because these pictures could be my house — everything from the deck on the right to the wood fence on the left, the brick and the large space for the foundation at the bottom.

I have been wanting to do some kind of a raised bed garden, and love the idea of using the cinderblocks for the walls, with the separate holes for planting containers. Thanks for the tutorial. Thanks so much for the tip about using cardboard boxes.

We were getting ready to cut chicken wire to keep out the moles, but this sounds like it might do the trick- and it looks like it kept out the weeds. Thank you so much for this incredible idea! Instead, the cement blocks will last a lifetime and the cost is MUCH less! Thank you for this easy idea. This is something that I can do. This will probably be my last garden since I am so ill.

But what a great one because of you. Oh Brandi, I hope and pray you get better real soon. Hugs to you my friend. I am going to try this type of raised bed this year. I have been doing regular flat land gardening for many years but last year I found out that my main problem was getting the soil to drain. So this year I will try raised beds. I will be experimenting with several beds but most will have a mixture of compost, vermiculite, perlite, cow manure in the bag so I hope to not have the weed probem.

I will also mix a small amount of garden soil out a the bag. You are absolutely beautiful and inspiring: I am really glad that I found your blog! Will definitely be trying out your recipes soon!

Just discovered your blog, and I just have to say it is absolutely beautiful! You really know how to grasp the reader in, and every picture you take of each recipe is gorgeous.

Your blog is so inspiring. You are a wonderful writer. My husband and I are starting the Hunger Challenge today. I really get inspiration and ideas from your postings.

Keep up the good work! I LOVE all your recipes and get so excited when you post a new one. I love how open and honest and hilarious you are on here and you are such an inspiration! Thank you thank you Meagan! Love your story— in the middle of my journey right now— eating healthier, exercising daily and finally seeing myself in the mirror with a smile: Not sure the topic will be helpful in my pursuit of healthy food though! So I found your blog last night after a friend on facebook posted one of your recipes it was the mini lasagnes, so cute!

Anyway, I was up all night, and first thing I did when I dropped the kids at school was come back and read some more! I am just wondering, do you have any before pictures?

I have committed to making at least one thing off your blog each week: I relate so much to your story. I will definitely be checking back! I was reading through your posts and wanted to comment on how wonderful your blog is…then I saw you live in Seattle! I moved to Seattle almost 2 years ago with my boyfriend, we should get together sometime: I might be your new biggest fan — so glad I found your blog. Keep up the great work! So you are not working in the entertainment industry anymore?

I came across your blog tonight and am sitting here on the verge of tears. But your words are wise and so full of inspiration and truth. I have to do that. That number is just a tool, albeit a powerful one.

Thank you so much for sharing this piece of light on the internet. So glad I found your blog. You lost pounds, that is amazing! A friend posted a picture of your coffee cake muffins on her facebook after making them. I asked her what they were and she gave me your link. You are truely amazing and I giggle everytime I start reading. I sent the link to a friend today and told her that your words move me like a well written novel. I found your blog on Pinterest and I am so psyched to make those buffalo chicken rolls, but more excited to have found your blog.

Congrats on your success finding happiness and gaining health. I look forward to interjecting some of your sage advice into my own life and trying some of your recipes!! Hey Andie I just want to say that I love your blog!

Your food always looks delicious and your photos are gorgeous! You are an inspiring woman: What a joy to read your blog. Thanks for sharing your journey and your recipes.

Your blog is so inspiring! You are an amazing writer. I look forward to more inspiring words. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I just found your blog.. I stumbled upon your website and see that you lost lbs. I am currently in the early stages of losing about that much myself. How did you do it? Any tips or suggestions you might want to share? I am really glad to have found your blog, I need inspiration!! Thanks so much for sharing! You inspire me to cook lighter for myself and my family!

Not only do you speak what I feel, but we went to the same college and I think around the same time … so I feel even more connected to you! Kick it up a notch! So here I am at work and sucked into your blog: What an awesome lady you are! The working yourself to death at the gym is nor was it ever my thing. So happy to have been connected you!

Oh my, I follow you on twitter and know you through foodista, yet now I realize I never knew you. I am so happy to discover your writing and your story. Congratulations on your book!

I have to say, your boyfriend is one heck of a lucky guy. I have some buddies coming over this weekend to watch football, and am planning on making the buffalo egg rolls. Buy her flowers, tell her she is beautiful, and appreciate what you have. Cheers, yah lucky dog! I came to look at the buffalo wraps recipe and found someone like my sisters and me. We have all suffered from emotionally eating, for reasons ranging from raising our younger siblings basicly on our own to sexual abuse to watching a another sister die slowly and painfully.

It is empowering to hear the voice of someone who has found the healthy end of weightloss and is willing to tell the story of the past and not discount it. You are an inspiration: I love your story and your beautiful smile.

Looking forward to browsing through more of your blog. By the way, good luck on your books! I am an Andi as well! And I too am 26yo. Thank you for your blog! I look forward to reading about your experience and getting your tips and maybe a few good recipes?!

I gained alot of weight my first year in college and I hated to work out, but I still did it twice a day. I think the stress of having to work out made it hard to lose weight so I gave up the gym and just started cutting portions and walking and the weight all came off. You have such and incredible story and are an absolutely amazing writer. For the first time, in a very long time, I feel inspired and hopeful. You are beautiful, then and now…. Happy to hear that you can enjoy a burger now and then, in moderation.

Oh, and then walk Green lake of corse! I just came across your blog and am amazed by your weight loss and dedication to staying true to yourself instead of being a slave to the scale and gym. And now that I read that you only live about 45 minutes north of me, I want you to come to my house and kick my butt into gear and cook me yummy healthy food: Wow, what a lucky day it was for me to happen upon your recipe on Pinterest, which lead me to your incredibly witty and thought provoking blog.

Nice to meet you, Andie. I look forward to more of your creativity, humor and wit. My good friend Lynsay shared it with me and this is what i just shared on my Facebook about you:. Thank you Lynsay Horton for sharing with me! It is incredible how we adapt as we learn about ourselves, our needs, what we can dissolve and what is worth the fight! Definitely check it out!

I stumbled across your awesome blog via Pinterest. I have a 3 year old and gained close to 90 pounds while I was pregnant. Reading your blog has given me new hope! Someone pinned your blog on Pinterest today, so I followed the link. May I ask what it is you are writing? Do you have a publisher? I always dream of writing for a living — but the process is difficult. BTW, just found your blog and read your exercise history…and cried so hard.

I can more than relate. Too much to say…but not the strength to say it now. I give you a lot of Kudos. I myself have gone on the weight loss journey. I have lost pounds but still have around to lose. I was so proud of myself and what I was able to achieve with a healthy dose of exercise and eating right.

I find though the last bit of weight to be very discouraging to lose. It comes off slower, I find it harder to see the end of the tunnel now but about half way through I could see it clearly. I saw your blog posted somewhere…. I can not wait to read more and see what advice I can gain from you! Right now i feel like you back when you joined the YMCA..

Thank you for sharing your story.. I love your blog, your perspective, your word choices, your recipes. Thanks so much for sharing. I just discovered it today. I really appreciate your inspiration! I am so glad I stumbled upon this.

Much like you, I grew up in the kitchen. Much like you, I adore good! Much like you, I also have sciatica although I have that nagging pain in my right buttock- not my left. And much like you, I never really enjoyed the gym, although I love being active if that makes sense. I also just recently moved to Seattle, and I sold my car. I walk to work now 2 mi round trip and everywhere else I can.

I hope that my lifestyle change can help me succeed like it has for you. You have inspired me to stay positive and keep trying. I have to ask… in your exercise history, where were those hiking pictures taken? I thought to myself they looked like Mt. Then again, every hiking picture makes me think of Mt. I love this blog…found it just now on pintrest. Your blog is incredible — so beautifully-crafted and organized… I simply want to gobble it up!

You are definitely being book-marked: I love that you are so real! I love this blog, and I hate blogs — I tend to find them boring: I also adore that you have a firm grasp on the English language and grammar weird, I know, but verbiage really bothers me! I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now after stumbling across it on Pinterest, and I just had to tell you how much I adore you and your site. As a college student, you make weight loss and maintenance seem attainable—not an easy feat.

Thank you for sharing your story. You really are an inspiration… And quite witty, I might add! This is such a cool blog. There are so many blogs yet so few that really get a person. Bookmarking for many futures. I just found your blog while searching Pinterest for yummy recipes… you are an inspiration! Thank you for writing everyday and telling your story the good and bad. I love your heartfelt writing, your candor and your honesty. I resolve to plan ahead with lunch this year.

I do pretty well on dinners but love the prepare salad veges ahead of time idea. I am also loving the fluffy oatmeal recipe, off to try it now although here in Australia is it 30 degrees celcius here, our summer and may be a little hot! I love the plan ahead nature of breakfast too. If I was to make a massive pot for five days would I just times all the ingredients by 5? I am so excited to find this site.

Thank you for sharing your story with everyone, I am happy to know that there is someone out there that did look like me and successfully changed there life, I have been up and down on my weight since I can remember, I have started eating right and exercising more, but I do enjoy the good things but in moderation. Thank you and good luck on your ventures. I love your site. I am so glad I found it. I was at my heaviest recently lbs and I am now down to and my first goal is to reach lbs. Thank you for sharing your very inspirational and motivating story.

I am so excited to hear that you are writing 2 books. Thank you so much Amy! Yes, the first book to be released Spring will be a weight loss memoir. The second is a cookbook: I just happened upon your blog and love, love, love it! I came across your blog through Pinterest.

I am so inspired by your story and your journey! I also struggled and continue to sturggle with my weight. Hearing your story is def great motivation and inspirational. I cant wait to try some of your recipes and i also cant belive you lost weight in Italy!! So excited to start my journey. First of I am from Walpole so this is exciting and am currently in the whole weightloss stage, I have more to loose than you and you are inspiring. It makes me feel so good to read this blog and encourages me.

I just need to make changes and move more. Thank you for this. So I have finally decided to leave a comment. I come and check on your blog about twice a week for the past year or so. Can You Say for Dinner? I literally had to come to this post to find that your name is Andie. So hello Andie Mitchell, my name is Kyle. I just wanted to thank you for the many amazing recipes and stories.

I have been a pescetarian for the past 4 years and your blog gave me that love for food again. Seeing your pictures of the beauty of food has made me appreciate it again. It has really grown into a passion for me, thanks to you. So I just wanted to thank you. His all time favorite is the Roasted Broccoli. He can never have enough!!

I have tried 2 of the recipes already and am doing another tonight. I am diabetic and trying to lose 35lbs and you have recipes in here that I can eat and not feel guilty.

I love Your blog. The recipes are a blast and fun! And thanks for sharing your journey. So appreciate What You Do! You are a great writer and your story of weight loss is one that I share. I will be back for more. I found your blog from a recipe posted on Pinterest by one my favorite authors Laurie Notaro. I have been eating better and living a generally better lifestyle for a few months now, and all the good ideas I can find, the better! Thanks for the help!!! I have struggled with my weight for most of my 39 years.

Thank you for sharing…. What a wonderful, inspiring blog!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us— and continuing to do so: I am so excited to have found you! You are honest with yourself and here on your blog. You have given me inspiration to be a better person for me. The candy store by my house makes a jalapeno stuffed with peanut butter, dipped in chocolate. They ship too, but I think that you should make them and then make a blog post about how to make them, so I can make them too!

I love your website. I have been overweight all my life, like you I reached a point not long ago where it was scary… so far I am 20lbs lighter and still moving. The sad thing is I actually work in fitness, I help other people get healthy but for a long time I had a false perception of myself.

Your blog has added a whole new outlook to some of the ideals I have been looking into. I just wanted to say thank you! I will recommend this to many of my clients. I am embarking on this journey myself. Your blog is my new favorite website! You are a gem and an absolute inspiration! I look forward to your books.

I am officially your new fan: So hello, my name is Michelle and I am now an official Andie follower: I just spent the last several minutes reading through your weight loss journey. I am now hoping to keep coming back and checking in on you and your blog. I have to tell you, that your story was so impressional not only because of the success, but also because in the one photo of you with a friend uncovering a grill, you look so much like my own 20 year old daughter!

We have both been eating healthier for the past few months and we have both taken off over 15 pounds, but we have a long ways to go. You are a real cutie! Great choices of food and recipes. Absolutely great food photography. Hello beautiful lady and lover of food, A friend of mine who follows my blog shared a link with me, your fab blog and I am so glad to meet you. Please come to my blog and we will have a cup of musings together. We have much in common.

I am also hoping to publish a book which would be the ultimate achievent for a whimsical dyslexic but quietly determined chocolate lover like me. Just another thing, how do you even go about being published? I have a great idea and almost manuscript for a book but I dont know what to do now? I found the buffalo chix wraps on Pinterest, then read more of your blog. Interesting story, great writing. Funny I have been a runner from high school. But I do think geez…do I have to work out the rest of my life?

It feels great to be healthy and strong, but sometimes it feels like an endless chore! I cried all the way through your bio posts… Everything you said, from the injury to the semester in Italy, resonated with me.

I am rethinking my goals as I begin my get-healthy journey. I am going to stay tuned for whatever else you have in store! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You can find the picture at http: Rules for the Sunshine Award: Link the award to the person who gave it to you.

Answer the questions that come with it. Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it. Hi Andy I love your travel adventures, my boyfriend and I are planning on going to Cancun this summer, coud you tell me how did you transport from Cancun to Belize and CostaRica at a low cost?

You are hilarious, gorgeous, real, fantastic, and addictive. Maintaining is my biggest fear looming somewhere in the future — thanks for calming me down. I just love your website! The more I find in it, the more I love it.

I found you on Pinterest and am so glad I did! Thank you for sharing your journey…and you recipes! I found your website looking for a whipped frosting.

I look forward to reading about your weight loss and how to keep it off. I stumbled across this page thanks to pinterest! I have been trying to get into a more healthy habits like eating and exercising, but the food I always see looks horrible and I am not a big fan of exercising either!

After reading a few of your blogs so far, I am truly inspired to lose some weight and even become Paula Deen along the way. Your recipes look amazing and you are truly an inspiration for many! I will definitely be purchasing both of your books once they are on the market!

A beautiful story from a beautiful person. You are where I dream to be one day. P and now I am on the path at 7 or so lbs. Interestingly I have found through journaling that my eating habits though not the best were not the main problem. I need to constantly remind myself to just get up and move every day and things will happen.

Your bit about the green field being the same whether you are lying and crying or spinning and laughing… well something to that effect have touched me! Andie, I just came across your site today, and just spent the past two hours reading as much as I could!

You are an extremely good writer, and I feel as if I know you by just reading your words. Your journey amazes me and inspires me, and I guess I just want to say thank you. I look forward to trying some of your recipes, and because of you I now have a strong sudden urge to go on a nice relaxing walk.

I love your site and thanks for the granola bar recipe yesterday! Looking forward to knowing more about you and your recipes. I am really looking forward to trying out your recipes they all look so delicious and healthy!

I think your recipes will be a great help over the next year!! Accidentally found your blog while searching for can tuna recipes and loved your blog! Your story is so inspirational and so true! Thanks for sharing your story and keep me motivated: Thanks for sharing your story and keep me motivated! I have no words except WOW! You are an amazing person, and an inspiration for so many!

I was searching for dinner ideas on Google and your site came up. I clicked on it and began reading, and was teary-eyed when I finished!

Thank you, thank you for sharing your life story. I am going to read every single post on your site! Reading about your exercise history and what you miss from pounds ago help to put a lot of things into perspective. Thank you for your experience and your honesty.

Thanks for taking the time to share! Happened to find your blog by chance on pinterest! And never too late to write about it either-thanks for the inspiration! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I just finished reading your entire blog. All the stories and scanned a few recipes. I laughed and cried. But mostly just gave myself time to chew on the truths presented and how they mirrored many of my own struggles.

Thank you for sharing you life, heart, struggles and triumphs! I have been blessed by you and your blog this morning. And, have taken away many nurturing offerings that I will continue to chew on and apply to my life. I am currently in the midst of my weight lost journey and when I started, I tried to find other success stories from women of my same height and weight… which is incredibly close to yours… and also I love food… good food… and travel. After reading all of your post I found a kindred spirit.

Someone who loved the feel of good fashion and cheap junk food: Your blog has been an inspiration and above that I adore really good writing, which you master in a wonderful, simple, enthralling way.